Guess the Ratings: 'The Neighbors'

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September 26th, 2012


Broadcast TV is being invaded tonight...and yes there are little green men. The Neighbors has received some negative buzz on the critic circuit despite being compared to 90s cult hit (and similarly-themed) 3rd Rock From the Sun, but its Modern Family lead-in may still give the premiere the eyeballs it needs tonight. What do you think? Will you be watching?


  • Babygate

    Horrid, horrid little thing. It amazes me how out of touch ABC is. They also tried ‘Work It’ when it was soooo obvious that it was a horrible, horrible idea. They really need a new programming director before the only network they can be is the CW.

  • Matt

    My Guesses:

    The Middle 8.5M – 9.5M / 2.4-2.8
    Modern Family 11M – 14M / 5.0-6.0
    The Neighbors 6.5M – 9.5M / 2.3-2.9

  • ABC hater


  • Hugh

    Modern Family 5.4
    Neighbors 3.6

  • Jo

    I give it 10 out of 100, this is soooo stupid, hate,hate,hate it.It will be gone with the wind, gawd awful.

  • Tony JJ

    It was bad. Didn’t laugh once. It should’ve been on Disney Channel, but heck even kids who watch the Disney Channel wouldn’t even think it was funny. I cannot believe a human being watched this pilot and said yes! Pick this show up and add it to our successfully funny comedy block and slot it behind Modern Family, an emmy winning comedy. But luckily they realized they made a mistake and switched it over to 8:30, but this is going to do bad there. Suburgatory which was a good bridge between the two got swapped with a show that will make people leave the channel.

    The Middle – 3.2
    Modern Family – 6.4
    The Neighbors – 2.9
    Revenge: The First Chapter – 1.6

  • Brian

    1.8…it will have a big drop off between the first and last halves of the show. But I can’t see anybody saying…sorry can’t go out tonight…The Neighbors are on.

  • MoHasanie

    @Tony JJ

    haha, I was thinking the exact same thing. I decided to give it a chance and it was so lame, and even if it was on Disney it would not be liked by any kids. Worst new show this season by far.

  • Jason

    It was funny. Best new comedy this year. All the other stupid ones. I have not thought new normal, go on, or partners were at all funny

  • senor chang

    The Middle: 3.0
    Modern Family: 5.5
    The Neighbors: 3.3
    Revenge Recap: 2.6

    Probably really optimistic for everything (save The Middle), but I think the post-Emmy buzz might held Modern Family at least hold last year’s numbers. Neighbors will get an afterglow almost by default–the question is whether it can hold that number when it airs at 8:30.

    Animal Practice: 2.2
    Guys With Kids: 1.8
    SVU: 2.1
    Might be hurt a bit by the Middle, but Guys With Kids should see a reprieve once it faces the Neighbors next week. I don’t think either show will bomb, to be honest–NBC is really pushing their new comedy slate this year, and Wednesdays at 8 was a decent slot for Up All Night and Whitney. There’s an audience here if they can tap into it.
    SVU will probably be above its finale, but dramas are doing wonky numbers this year, so I dunno.

    X-Factor: 3.2
    This has not been a good week for FOX at all, and facing a full slate of competition is not going to do X-Factor any favors. 3.2 might be too optimistic.

    Survivor: 2.9
    Criminal Minds: 3.2
    CSI: 2.8
    Fudging numbers here because I honestly have no idea.

  • tomsman

    “Pilots are never good for high-concept shows like this”

    OMG, I literally laughed out loud when I read this. The Neighbors is high-concept? Seriously?

  • Joseph A

    I do not always make time to watch Modern Family but did tonight , and thought what the heck let me check this out.
    The show was great , and reminded me of Mork & Mindy , its obvious camp which in this case makes it work.

  • sarah nz

    The Neigbours – 2.2 (random guess)

  • Ultima

    Pilots are never good for high-concept shows like this

    This is not a “high-concept” show. That phrase has a meaning and you obviously have no clue what it is – perhaps you should look it up.

  • MJDB

    This show really looks awful, proabably a 2.1 with many people tuning out in the middle of it. Last night I watched The X Factor live, and DVRd Animal Practice and Guys With Kids.

    Predictions for the night:

    Criminal Minds-3.4
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation-3.0


    Animal Practice-2.3
    Guys With Kids-1.9
    Law and Order: SVU-2.5


    The X Factor-3.1


    The Middle-2.8 + 3.0
    Modern Family-5.2
    The Neighbors-2.1

  • psychic

    >3.1. It looks absolutely terrible, but lots of people will surely tune in to see how terrible it really is.

  • jamandas

    Probably will be about 2.5 or a little less. Next week it will bottom to close to nothing. Can’t believe I watched the whole episode last night was horrible.

  • Kyle

    Based on TV Media Insights, it actually got a positive sampling. Also CBS is seeing some BIG double digit declines. What is going on?! NBC’s comedies did not hold up well at all tonight though.

    Here are some overnights:

    CBS: (All Y/Y)
    Survivor: 6.9
    Criminal Minds: 7.7 (Down 13%)
    CSI: 6.9 (Down 15%)

    The Middle: 6.2 (Down 7%)
    Modern Family: 10.2 (UP 4%)
    The Neighbors: 6.5 (UP from HE 5.2)

    The X Factor: 7.0 (Down 12%)

    Animal Practice: 3.9
    Guys with Kids: 3.6
    L&O: SVU: 5.4 (Down 1%)

  • Kyle

    Also 18-49 from 25 Markets via SpoilerTV

    The Middle 2.9
    Modern Family 3.6
    The Neighbour 3.4
    Revenge 1.6

    Survivor 3.4
    Criminal Minds 2.6
    CSI 2.0

    ANIMAL Practice 1.6
    Guys With Kids 1.7
    SVU 2.3

    XFACTOR 4.1

    NBC again looking like a mess on Wednesday nights. Going to be tough for them. ABC Comedies still going VERY strong.

  • MoHasanie

    Are you sure MF only got a 3.6?!? That seems way too low, especially since the lead out performed similarly.

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