'Oh Sit!' and 'Breaking Pointe' Renewed by The CW for New Seasons

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September 26th, 2012

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            September 26, 2012 (Burbank, California) — The CW Network has ordered new seasons for two of its new reality series, including the amped-up musical chairs competition OH SIT! and the compelling docu-series set in the world of ballet BREAKING POINTE, it was announced today by Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW.  Premiere dates will be announced at a later time.

OH SIT! pits 12 thrill-seeking daredevils head to head, racing through five physically demanding, obstacle course-style eliminations, as they compete to claim a chair, to the sounds of a live band and guest musical artists.  At the end of the hour, only one contestant will be left sitting triumphant to seize the cash prize.  OH SIT! is created and executive produced by Phil Gurin (“The Singing Bee,” “Shark Tank,” “Weakest Link”), Richard Joel and Deena Dill.  The series is from The Gurin Company and 405 Productions in association with Warner Horizon Television.

BREAKING POINTE goes behind the stage curtain for an intense, unfiltered look at one of the most competitive ballet companies in the country, Ballet West, in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Featuring beautiful and striking on-stage performances, and the arduous journey to the titles of Prima Ballerina and her male counterpart Premier Danseur, BREAKING POINTE leaves no bun undone.  Viewers follow these young women and men, as they navigate life, working to find a perfect balance between their personal relationships and their unrelenting desire to be the absolute best ballet dancers in the world.  Beneath the beauty and glamour of the dance and costumes is a gritty dog-eat-dog world of extreme athleticism, focus, dedication, passion, pressure and, of course, the hunt for the unattainable…perfection.  BREAKING POINTE is produced by BBC Worldwide Productions.  Executive producers for BBC Worldwide Productions are Izzie Pick Ashcroft (“Dancing with the Stars”) and Jane Tranter (“Top Gear," “Dancing with the Stars,” "Torchwood").

  • Max

    Yay – I thought Breaking Pointe was fun summer brainless TV. I didn’t think they would get that ballet company to agree to more shooting but I guess any non-profit can use the extra bucks.

  • Kaylie

    What about L.A. Complex?

  • >.>

    Breaking “Pointe” is spelled with an extra E because it refers to pointe shoes…as in the shoes dancers wear…it isn’t misspelled. Just FYI to those who thought so :)
    I’m excited! I watch the season 1 episodes on the CW app over and over again!

  • david

    I am not surprised about Oh Sit geting renewed it did ok. I am a little bit surprised about Breaking Pointe but i think it did good with the online viewing.

  • Tom

    “5/18 Update (Bill Gorman): As expected, The L.A. Complex was nowhere to be found on the CW 2012-13 schedule. It will never air during the US broadcast season again. It will live on in Canada, and wouldn’t stun me if it aired during the summer in the US, but we will have to wait and see.”

    LAC sunk to a pair of 0.2 demos on Monday. The second hour garnered a whopping 390k viewers. I’m no fan of the CW, but I doubt if Pedowitz would be unwise enough to inflict this atrocity on innocent Americans again regardless of the price. I’m confident that Showcase Canada or a similar television bargain bin has something in its junk vault that would serve as a substitute.

  • John

    Makes sense for both. Oh Sit is the CW’s best performing summer show; Breaking Pointe did well in general, ending the season with 870k viewers (I know total viewers don’t matter but for the CW, it does as it needs all that it can get.)

    The Catalina ended with 450k viewers. It won’t come back. I’m thinking the same for The Next.

    LA Complex should come back if it gets renewed in Canada.

  • getmilk

    I have mixed feelings about The CW picking up season 3 of The LA Complex. If they do, then the show won’t return until next summer, which would be a drag.

    If they don’t, I can see season 3 airing in late winter, early Spring in Canada.

    Seriously, 8+ months in between seasons?!?! That’s nuts. Maybe one of The CW show will flop and The LA Complex can replace it. I can see Emily Owens flopping hard…

  • Tom

    @ getmilk What’s nuts is continuing to broadcast a show that’s a proven bomb. It obvious that viewer tastes vary. However, it’s clear that this show appeals to very few viewers and that’s because of its ridiculous storyline. I understand that the CW picked up LAC on the cheap. What just baffles me why they would risk what’s left of their reputation by continuing to broadcast a show they know isn’t remotely successful. The only motive I can think of is that they’re more interested in turning a quick buck than in finding an alternative program that might gain wider acceptance. Personally, I’ll be fascinated to see how this turn out.

  • getmilk

    @Tom. I understand what you’re saying but it’s not like Breaking Pointe is performing that much better than TLAC. It averaged 0.27 in demos though their viewers are higher than TLAC.

    Perhaps TLAC does well online for The CW? I’d rather watch an original scripted show than any more crappy reality shows they have to offer.

  • John K.

    @Tom because in the summer, it was all re-peats anyway. Might as well throw on a cheap show.

  • Tom

    @ John K Reality shows like Breaking Pointe don’t draw viewers because they’re uninteresting. This doesn’t mean that such shows are necessarily without at least some merit. In contrast, when it comes to the LA Complex, we’re talking about the CW bringing back a video toothache. As its ratings indicate, the LA Complex has lowered the bar even for summer filler programming. Cheap or not, bringing it back would be equivalent to poking a thumb in the viewing public’s eye.

  • mol0m

    Oh Sit! No one cares!

  • herpderp

    ANTM should be moved to summer as well.

  • Deborah

    SJ, “pointe” IS the correct ballet spelling. The spelling was retained for use in the pun to make the POINT that the show is about stresses in the dance world.

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