Tuesday Final Ratings: 'The Voice', 'New Girl', 'Dancing With the Stars', & 'Ben & Kate' Adjusted Up

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September 26th, 2012

The Voice was adjusted up two tenths and Dancing With the Stars, Ben & Kate, and  New Girl (both at 8 & 9) were adjusted up a single tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.

Update: 15 minute 18-49 detail for Mindy Project, Ben & Kate and Vegas is below the table.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice 4.2 13 11.57
CBS NCIS 4.1 12 20.48
FOX New Girl 2.8 9 5.35
ABC Dancing With the Stars: All Stars 2.1 6 11.79
CW Hart of Dixie -R 0.2 1 0.52
8:30PM FOX Ben and Kate -P 2.1 6 4.21
9:00PM CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 3.4 9 16.74
FOX New Girl 2.8 7 5.18
NBC Go On 2.7 7 6.90
CW the Next -R 0.2 0 0.49
9:30PM FOX The Mindy Project -P 2.4 6 4.67
NBC The New Normal 2.0 5 5.09
10:00PM CBS Vegas -P 2.5 7 14.85
ABC Private Practice 1.9 5 6.45
NBC Parenthood 1.8 5 4.85


for those interested in the 15 minute 18-49 detail, here it is for last night's new series debuts (via @TVBill):

Vegas: 2.9, 2.6, 2.3, 2.2 (the last 15 minutes of NCIS: LA was a 3.0)

Ben & Kate: 2.1, 2.1

Mindy Project: 2.5, 2.3
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  • joss

    The only good comedies on FOX are:

    New Girl(kinda)

    wait New girl is a comedy ? it looks like a soapy to me FOX has only one comedy and that is Family guy and American dad but i count it as a bundle

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    @Nick, almost no broadcast primetime dramas have more male 18-49 viewers than female, including Vegas last night.

  • jane


    Naked fireman I love it :D

  • Hugh

    Go On nearly matching New Girl is a HUGE deal for NBC. Hope it continues.

    A 2.5 for Vegas has gotta keep it ahead of H-50s 1.9.

  • MJDB

    Tuesday Final Averages

    Million Viewers = 7.94 Million Viewers
    18-49 Demo Average = 2.3 Average

  • Nick


    A 2.5 for Vegas has gotta keep it ahead of H-50s 1.9.

    No, because Hawai’i 5-0 needs another season to put the syndication deal it has into effect.

  • Nick


    I know. What I’m trying to say is that Vegas probably has very little audience overlap with Private Practice or Parenthood.

  • CJ

    People stop making it seem like the voice is doing decent because of christina. that is NOT I repeat NOT why the show is only doing DECENT. because newsflash….shes called FLOPTINA for a reason. she has not been all that relevant to music for a few years now. her last album did bad an her tour was cancelled. Most people I talked to didnt even know she had another album out after 2002’s STRIPPED LMAOOO.

  • LOL

    The guy above me sounds like a bitter phag. You realize that only queeny gays on the internet call her that name right? You’re probably one of the people who thought the Flop factor would destroy the Voice but that didn’t happen so now you’re mad about it. And yeah Christina made the Voice a hit. She’s the most successful and most credible person on the panel and gives the show its’ credibility. Mark Burnett had Christina in mind for the show since its conception and from the very beginning because she embodies “the voice.”

  • Aaron

    Lets remember , Hawaii five 0 was pulling low threes and high 2s for most of season 1 and 2 and wont the timeslot 2 years in a row , if you put vegas into that slot it would have no chance , yes the Hawaii five o premiere did bad , most likely it was a combination of things , also including revolution , CBS will give it a few more episodes in that slot before they shift it somewhere else , to see if it levels out after the revolution hype has slowed down and there ratings drop more which they will, 4.1 to 3.5 , im expecting 2.9-3.2 for its third episode and if that happens the trend will continue , of course if Hawaii five 0 continues to pull 1.8`s and 1.9`s 2.0`s even they will move it to either Tuesday , Friday or Sunday , and most likely the show will get cancelled after its 4th or 5th season`s if it doesn’t do well in those slots. And that would be a shame , I know many people don’t like it as it is very different from the original , and the original is better , But H50 is a good show , and it is also one of the only successful reboots of a old show that was cancelled many years ago most reboots of tv shows never make it pasts its first season. I hope CBS can rebound its Monday slot and keep the shows they have cause i like there lineup. And also NCIS is gonna bitch slap the voice next week

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    ” CBS will give it [H50} a few more episodes in that slot before they shift it somewhere else”

    Hawaii Five-0 isn’t going anywhere else *this* season.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it moved to either the Friday or Sunday night CBS syndication warehouses for ratings losers *next* season if its ratings don’t pick up though.

  • @scl2

    NCIS is a BEAST!. They can easily eat the Cancel Bear haha

    Good for New Girl. Sooo bad for Ben And Kate (really good pilot)

    I’m worried about Go On numbers:
    1×01 – 16.10m – 5.6
    1×02 – 9.73m – 3.4
    1×03 – 9.28m – 3.4
    1×04 – 6.90m – 2.7

  • @scl2

    @Bill Gorman

    I think the H50 numbers will go up. The people are just giving chances to the first Revolution episodes.

  • Ultima
  • Danny

    parenthood is an extremely steady show 1.8’s were basically what it got for the latter half of its last season

  • CJ

    to the guy who said I probably thought X factor would do better your dead wrong. I hate X factor. Nor do I really care for any of the judges (I know your obviuosly hinting towards Britney spears). But if you want to get techniqual Britney spears is way more successful the christina. While Christina does have a stronger voice the britney no question…she is nowhere as near successful as her. Also, again NO. Chrisntina did not make the voice of what you can call a hit by NBC standards. If anything the Superbowl did.

  • Slam

    Go On is not a huge deal. It deteriorates creatively. The numbers will decline. And NBC undoubtedly paid Perry a lot more money than FOX probably did on the second season of the entire New Girl cast.

  • Slam

    Hawaii will go to Tue at 10. Their Monday night has never been so fragmented. Their 8pm show never older, their 9pm show never weaker. They can let 5-0 bleed out on Tues. and get something more vital on Monday. Even the very female Made in Jersey would be a better fit.

  • Slam

    It doesn’t matter that Castle is produced by ABC, Bill. It’s already sold into syndication.

    PR doesn’t make money for networks. I don’t read press releases. I base my comments on what networks have been doing for decades. The PR has nothing to do with what is literally mentioned in upfronts, which now are basically available to the public. You tell Leslie Moonves it’s not important to win, Bill. Laughable.

  • steven m. burton

    Poor Matthew Perry, well actually filthy, dirty rich Matthew Perry, his new show seemed to have some kick to it. Then the Tuesday night CBS death star returned and reality set in. Not that NCIS and NCIS:LA are the greatest of shows, but they wipe the floor with the competition. Strange thing is the older one gets more viewers and performs better in the demo than NCIS:LA; even though the spin-off seems to have all the pretty younger people on it. Once the competition shows wrap up, then the destruction will really become apparent, when the CBS warhorses demolish the other network’s original comedic and dramatic offerings.

    Vegas kind of stunk. Love to watch Dennis Quaid as a cowboy. Michael Chiklis is fun to watch in just about any part. Something about the show just didn’t click for me. The mob crap thrown in doesn’t help matters. Hasn’t that particular dramatic device just about run its course? The Sopranos is off the air. Boardwalk Empire seems to have fizzled artistically. The mafia trope has at times turned daytime TV’s once mighty General Hospital into unwatchable dreck more than once. The Godfather movies were interesting. Even the Sopranos was pretty decent. But enough already. Is there another form of societal deviance that can be dramatized effectively? And I’m sure “the boys” will really like for da Hollywooders to shaddup already about da bizness.

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