'GMA' is #1 for the Week and Continues to Post Historic Margins Over NBC’s 'Today'

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September 27th, 2012

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“GMA” is #1 for the Week and Continues to Post Historic Margins Over NBC’s “Today”

884,000 Total Viewers and 237,000 Adults 25-54 


“GMA” is #1 for 28 Days Straight in Total Viewers


“GMA” is #1 in Total Viewers in All 6 Weeks After Olympics End - Marking Longest Stretch at the Top

in More Than 18 Years


“GMA” is #1 for 3rd Quarter in Total Viewers:

First Time in 17 Years During a Quarter



For the week of September 17, 2012, ABC News’ “Good Morning America” won the final week of the 2011-12 season in both Total Viewers (4.969 million) and Adults 25-54 (1.913 million), according to Nielsen Media Research.  In fact, “Good Morning America” stood as the No. 1 morning newscast in the final 4 weeks of the season in both overall viewers and the key adult news demo.  Further, “GMA” has been No. 1 in Total Viewers in all 6 weeks after the end of the Olympics, marking its longest stretch at the top in more than 18 years – since an 8-week streak from w/o 4/25/94 – w/o 6/13/94.


“GMA” led “Today” (4.085 million and 1.676 million, respectively) by +884,000 Total Viewers and +237,000 Adults 25-54.  In the final week of the season, “GMA” scored its largest Total Viewer and Adults 25-54 advantages over the “Today “ in more than 18 years – since w/o 5/16/94 and w/o 8/8/94, respectively.  


For the 5th week running, “GMA” outdrew “Today” in every head-to-head telecast of the week in Total Viewers (Mon: +1.159 million, Tues: +814,000, Wed: +718,000, Thurs: +888,000 and Fri: +832,000)In fact, “GMA” has beaten “Today” in all but one telecast since the end of the Olympics (the first Monday after the Games), representing a string of 28 straight single-day victories (regular telecasts).


In addition, for the 3rd time in the last 4 weeks, “GMA” outdelivered “Today” in all 5 telecasts of the week in Adults 25-54 (Mon: +305,000, Tues: +15,000, Wed: +238,000, Thurs: +433,000 and Fri: +184,000).   “GMA” concluded the 2011-12 season by beating the “Today Show” in the final 11 telecasts of the season in the demo and in 25 of 29 days overall (regular telecasts) since the end of the Olympics.


Compared to the final week of the 2010-11 season (4.576 million and 1.792 million, respectively, on w/o 9/12/11), “GMA” grew in both Total Viewers (+9%) and Adults 25-54 (+7%).  “GMA” improved the most among the morning programs as “CBS This Morning” (+1%/flat) was mixed, while NBC’s “Today” (-25%/-33%) dropped by double-digits.


“GMA” nearly doubled the performance of “CBS This Morning” Total Viewers (+97%), while more than doubling in Adults 25-54 (+102%).


3Q 2012:


“Good Morning America” won the 3rd Quarter 2012, ranking as the No. 1 morning newscast in Total Viewers (4.757 million) during a quarter for the first time in more than 17 years (since 2Q95), according to Nielsen Media ResearchImpressively, “GMA” outperformed NBC’s Olympics-fuel “Today Show” (4.588 million) by +169,000 viewers during 3Q12, finishing No. 1 in all 11 non-Olympic weeks of the 13-week 3rd quarter.     


In Adults 25-54, “GMA” narrowed its quarter-to-quarter margin with “Today” (-51% - 117,000 vs. 241,000 – 2Q12) for the 7th straight quarter, to turn in its smallest news demo gap with the NBC program in more than 17 years – since 2Q95.  Notably, “Good Morning America” ranked No. 1 in the key adult news demo in 6 of 13 weeks of 3Q12, finishing strong by beating “Today” in the final 4 weeks of the quarter.   


For the 2nd quarter in a row, “GMA” improved on the year-ago 3rd quarter in both Total Viewers (+6%) and Adults 25-54 (+4%) – 4.484 million and 1.701 million, respectively, for 3Q11.  In fact, “GMA” saw its most-watched 3rd quarter in 7 years and strongest news demo performance during a 3rd quarter in 5 years – since 3Q05 and 3Q07, respectively.


“GMA” more than doubled the performance of “CBS This Morning” during 3Q12 in both Total Viewers (+106%) and Adults 25-54 (+104%).  “GMA” delivered its largest 3rd quarter advantage (+2.450 million) over CBS’ morning program in 7 years and largest 3rd quarter lead in Adults 25-54 (+902,000) in 5 years – since 3Q05 and 3Q06, respectively.


2011-12 Season:  


“Good Morning America” averaged 4.870 million Total Viewers and a 1.6/12/1.897 million in Adults 25-54 during the 2011-12 television season.  “GMA” improved on the previous season in both Total Viewers (+4%) and Adults 25-54 (+6%), standing as the only morning program to grow over the prior season (NBC’s “Today:” -6%/-11%, respectively; CBS’ “This Morning:” -6%/-8%, respectively).  Further, “GMA” attracted its largest overall television season audience in 6 years – since the 2005-2006 season.


During the 2011-12 season, “GMA” slashed cut its gaps with “Today” by more than half in both Total Viewers (-67%) and Adults 25-54 (-55%) versus its 2010-11 season gaps. “GMA” posted its smallest margins with “Today” in 17 years in Total Viewers (242,000) and Adult 25-54 (315,000) – since the 1994-95 Season.


Further, “Good Morning America” had a historic year in hitting major milestones versus “Today” during the 2011-12 season.  During the week of April 9, 2012, “GMA” snapped “Today’s” 852-week winning streak in Total Viewers and has ranked No. 1 in 15 of the final 24 weeks of the season.  In Adults 25-54, on the week of July 23, 2012, “GMA” shattered “Today’s” even longer 879-week winning streak in the key adult news demo.  “GMA” ranked No. 1 in Adults 25-54 in 6 of the final 10 weeks.


“GMA” beat CBS’ “Early Show” during the season by +2.424 million Total Viewers and by +923,000 Adults 25-54, turning in its largest Total Viewer lead over the CBS program in 7 years and biggest advantage in Adults 25-54 in 5 years – since the 2004-05 and 2006-07 seasons, respectively. 


Finally, in August, Goodmorningamerica.com reached 24M users and served over 99 million page views.  It is the #1 morning news website and beats MSNBC’s Today by millions of users every month. This summer, visitors spent +16% more time on Goodmorningamerica.com compared to Today.



WEEK OF 9/17/12      TOTAL VIEWERS    ADULTS 25-54         HOUSEHOLDS

ABC                    4,969,000      1.6/12; 1,913,000     3.8/14

NBC                    4,085,000      1.4/11; 1,676,000     3.2/12

CBS                    2,527,000      0.8/ 6;   946,000     2.0/ 7


3rd Quarter, 2012

ABC                    4,757,000      1.5/12; 1,772,000     3.6/14

NBC                    4,588,000      1.6/12; 1,889,000     3.5/14

CBS                    2,307,000      0.7/ 6;   870,000     1.8/ 7


2011-12 Season 

ABC                    4,870,000      1.6/12; 1,897,000     3.6/14

NBC                    5,112,000      1.8/14; 2,212,000     3.9/14

CBS                    2,446,000      0.8/ 6;   974,000     1.8/ 7


Source: The Nielsen Company, NTI Total Viewers and Adults 25-54 Live + SD weeks of 9/17/12, 9/10/12 & 9/12/11, or as dated.  3Q11: 6/25 – 9/23/12.  2Q12: 3/26 – 6/24/12. 3Q11: 6/27 – 9/18/11.  Television Season 2011-12 (9/19/11 – 9/23/12) and 2010-2011 (9/20/10 – 9/18/11).

  • Bob

    I am so glad after the way they screwed Ann Curey. This is justice!!!!

  • Sean

    The way they treated Ann Curry didn’t do them any good, but I also think that Savannah Guthrie is not a really good host. She even anchored the NBC Nightly News this week or last week, not sure, and it was terrible. I switched to Diane Sawyer after 10 minutes.

  • Jake

    Yes, it is poetic justice that it seems it is not Ann Curry who was the problem! Could it be Matt? His backstabbing is catching up with him. Ann Curry was and is a class act-she is too good to sit with him at any desk. Matt’s behavior is why I don’t watch anymore, and I was a loyal today viewer since I was very young.

  • Travis

    I am a today fan long before…….but after what happened to ann I switched to gma.

  • terry

    Nbc is so boring, instead of getting rid of Anna they should have gotten rid of Matt, hudda,and Kathy.They are really boring I fall asleep when they are on.

  • Pherrel

    Glad to see Karma working on NBC. Their treatment of Ann Curry is coming back to roost with them – Good for GMA. Today should get rid of Matt and Al and their executives that think they know what’s best. The entire NBC networks should take a good look at themselves: They can’t compete with CBS in Primetime and MSNBC has half the ratings of Fox. I’ll bet Comcast is sick that they bought NBC.

  • Jeff

    From 1979 thru early this year I never turned away from Today or Nightly News, but the left leaning bent of MSNBC seems to be dragging down the entire network. Now I watch Scott Pelley in the evening amd flipping between all three in the morning. Ann Curry brought some serious news to a show which seemed stagnant and more interested in concerts on plaza than important news of the day. Leaning more to CBS This Morning for that aspect.

  • traci

    I watched the Today show everyday for decades. I watched when Bryant Gumble was on, and when Debra Norville came dancing onto the seen replacing Jane. Each and everytime NBC replaces the woman… but leaves the old crickety man.
    Well this time it didnt work. The way they ran Ann out of town was ruthless. If nn was the reason for low ratings, then the eay you treated her departure is the the reason GMA will keep kicking their butts.

  • Papergirl

    I too hated what they did to Ann Curry. So, I now watch GMA or CBS. I’m glad to see Charlie Rose – he is one of my favorite interviewers!

  • ? Good Morning America

    Was a loyal Today Show watcher since waaaaaaaay back. Then, I watched in disbelief as they hung Ann out to dry. I was so appalled that I simply could not watch any longer. (not kidding, I literally got nauseous at the sight of Matt)

    Have since enjoyed getting to know the Good Morning America family. I love their ‘you’re a part of the family’ environment. And I pray for Robin as she is enduring what she is enduring.

    Good Morning America – awesome, AWESOME group!!

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