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September 27th, 2012


Tonight, ABC is premiering Last Resort at 8PM, which has been playfully coined as ABC's "death slot" (No shows in that timeslot have gone on to a second season since 2009). However, Last Resort has been receiving some pretty aggressive promotion since the end of the fall season, which may have at least put it on some viewers' radar. We've already asked how many episodes you think Last Resort will air, but do you think Last Resort will at least get some eyeballs for its debut? Keep in mind it is going up directly against The Big Bang Theory and The X Factor...

  • Californiadgd


    Last Resort – 3.0
    Grey’s Anatomy – 4.0
    Scandal – 2.5

    The Big Bang Theory – 5.2
    Two and a Half Men- 4.6
    Person of Interest – 3.6
    Elementary – 3.0

    Very optimistic for CBS at Thursday

    X Factor – 3.1
    Glee – 2.6

    and poor night for NBC

  • DW

    2.6 to 3.0 is enough to be happy about. there is also football to contend with even though its on nfl network. and just because TBBT had huge numbers doesn’t mean that they will this year. modern family fell last night. it has a chance to be 2nd. i think it has a strong chance against x factor.

  • Don Juan

    interesting concept. terrible time slot. BBT will destroy this show so I’m guessing a 2.5 at best. I love a good drama so i’m hoping the best for it.

  • Katie

    So people are just assuming it’s going to flop? Man everytime I come on here everyone is pretty saying each show is going to flop. What’s with all these experts? People have no hope for nothing anymore.

  • brentpo

    I’m pretty optimistic about Last Resort.

    Not a fan, but I liked the pilot. The show has everything it needs to become a hit. Viewers will be watching, thought it will be racing with TBBT and X Factor. So I’m going with a 3.5.

  • alim

    am soo excited for tonights ratings. cant wait to see glee crash. cant stand that show

  • danny94

    i think it will get around a 2.4. I have a feeling that it will be old skewing so its total viewership will be high

  • Kyle7

    @Katie: I imagine most people on this site have been burned on numerous occasions by new shows they like flopping, and thus have become cynical about the prospects of everything.

    On the flip side, haters love to hate. Not calling everyone a hater, but this site has its fair share of them. There are some people who appear to dislike everything on TV and revel in those shows’ failure.

    On the third side, many new shows do fail, so predicting failure isn’t that large of a gamble. And considering how unpredictable each TV season is, each show is bound to get a number of people saying it’ll never succeed. Throw in how even the networks’ heads of programming seem to have a tough time consistently identifying what series will succeed, and it’s a wonder anyone has correct predictions.

  • Ryan

    It will be interesting to see.

    ABC- Last Resort- 2.7; Grey’s- 4.0; Scandal- 2.4
    CBS- TBBT- 5.0; 2.5 Men- 4.0; Person of Interest-3.1; Elementary- 2.8
    NBC- all shows will be under 2.0
    FOX- XFactor- 2.9; Glee- 2.6

  • Jon23812

    This show might surprise us. It will probably get in the 4.0s.

  • s0303

    don’t know why abc is starting a new show in the toughest time slot of the week…2.4 :(

  • jt

    Mid 2s. A casual TV viewer might ask what to expect- is it a Sci-fi, a mystery, a soap, or what? What exactly is the premise…

  • Doug

    This is a hard call. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I’ve seen tonnes of promotion for Last Resort, including at the movies on the opening night of The Dark Knight Returns. So ABC has really put their ass into it.

    But still, the timeslot. And the diminishing ratings this week so far.


  • Riff Rafferty

    I generally don’t like to say anything nice about ABC if I can help it but the pilot of this show was brilliant. Easily one of the three best new shows of the fall.

    We bet on it. Not the farm, but we bet on it. I hope it will surprise. Unfortunately, military shows on broadcast TV have just tended to fail miserably ever since “M*A*S*H” went off the air. I learned this the hard way when I fell in love with “Call to Glory,” an ABC Air Force gem that viewers ran away from like it was contagious. It flew high for a brief moment… and then it crashed. And exploded. And burst into flames. And spit out body parts. And had its ashes scattered into the sea.

  • Steve

    I watched the Pilot on line and really loved the concept and the cast. It has such great casting. The Pilot felt a little choppy and a bit rushed. It definitely would have had more development in a 2 hour pilot just to get more of the story rolling but I am definitely planning on sticking around for a few episode. I enjoyed this far more than Revolution pilot. While Revolution has major potential it just hasn’t completely grabbed me yet. While I love Elizabeth Mitchell the casting to Last Resort is just all around great… I love TBBT myself but I never watch it live its just one of the shows i can come home to and turn on my DVR and relax and laugh at after work. Last Resort is going to be one of the shows I wont be able to wait till the next episode. So Im really hoping it does well but i fear it wont. Im gonna go with a 2.1 – 2.5 at most.

    When i see promotion for this show they never actually said when it would air only to check local listings for dates. They doesn’t seem like a great way to bring the audience in to me.

  • Trak

    I’m thinking a 2.5 on the high end. It’s going up against the X-Factor and the Big Bang Theory so I think it should change nights. I personally would move it to Tuesday Nights after Dancing with the Stars.

  • FlorianN

    @Katie I’m just being realistic, I don’t like to see this kind of ratings, it’s depressing, but it’s the way it will happen. Why do you say we have no hope for nothing anymore ? We’re just being REALISTIC.

  • Jon23812

    Last Resort: 3.8
    Gray’s Anatomy: 4.1
    The Big Bang Theory: 5.5
    Two and a Half Men: 4.9
    X-Factor: 3.4
    Glee: 2.9

  • Networkman

    I’m going with 2.6. I would be really happy to see it garner ratings that are higher than my expectations. This is a hard timeslot for ABC so I think they would be pleased with mid 2’s.

  • CD

    This needs to get at least 3.0, preferably 4.0 to be successful and ensure a 2nd season. Really hope that happens.

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