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September 27th, 2012


Tonight, ABC is premiering Last Resort at 8PM, which has been playfully coined as ABC's "death slot" (No shows in that timeslot have gone on to a second season since 2009). However, Last Resort has been receiving some pretty aggressive promotion since the end of the fall season, which may have at least put it on some viewers' radar. We've already asked how many episodes you think Last Resort will air, but do you think Last Resort will at least get some eyeballs for its debut? Keep in mind it is going up directly against The Big Bang Theory and The X Factor...

  • fra

    Last Resort 3.3
    Grey’s 3.7
    Scandal 2.4

    TBBT 4.7
    TAHM 4.5
    PoI 3.5
    Elementary 3.1

    XF 3.0
    Glee 2.7

    SNL 1.5
    UPN 1.2
    TO 2.0
    P&R 1.6
    rc 1.0

    Bad night for NBC

  • Samunto

    I was suprised at how good the pilot was. But to start with, this is more like a 10pm drama and not one at 8. And it seems out of place on the ABC line-up anyway, this would have fit so perfectly Tuesdays at 10 on CBS.

    That said, it’ll do around a 2.4.

  • Mark

    Last Resort – 2.8
    Grey’s Anatomy – 4.3
    Scandal – 2.6

    The Big Bang Theory – 5.8
    Two and A Half Men – 5.0
    Person of Interest – 3.8
    Elementary – 3.1

    The X Factor – 3.0
    Glee – 2.5

    SNL – 1.5
    Up All Night – 1.2
    The Office – 2.0
    Parks and Recreation – 1.7
    Rock Center – 1.0

  • SmG

    It may get around 3.0 and make a surprise…


    I’m thinking 2.1-2.6 at NBC’s loss

  • Lisa

    I liked the pilot, and it’s getting really good reviews. OTOH, the timeslot is tough. Maybe a 2.6.

  • luisl


  • Josie

    I really wish for it to become a big hit I loved the pilot so I am crossing my fingers… on the other hand it is not really ABC style so I am wondering are there any chance that if it flops on ABC that CBS could maybe pick it up next year like with JAG or is that completly impossible?

  • Colt


    POI & Last resort could form a partnership here. I can see the two sharing the same type of audience or at least some POI fans tuning in to check out this action packed show. It could be the start of a Thursday great 2 hour ride.

  • Colt

    Oh I forgot Elementary

    Last resort – Person Of Interest – Elementary

    The Great Thursday Night!!

  • Jason50

    Interesting, Last Resort’s pilot IMO was much more promising than Elementary’s pilot yet no one seems too worried about Elementarys ratings or how many episodes it will get. I think Elementary will get lost in the shuffle of similar type shows like Castle, The Mentalist, Bones, Unforgettable, Perception. I think ratings will drop once people realize it’s more of the same thing they have been watching. Also interesting is that Revolution getting strong numbers with competion this week despite the good amount of negative reviews/comments of the show, yet Last Resort has been getting mostly positive reviews but it’s not expected to get high ratings or last that long. Strange.

  • RMH

    @Adrian- I agree. It should have been a cable show. It looks good so far so I’ll be watching.

  • Eddy

    This is going to be a huge night for CBS and Last Resort is in the Mork & Mindy curse hour.

  • Michael

    I would say 3.0-3.2 just to be fair. I hope it will be higher, but like others say, I am worried as well. It is going up BBT and Two and a Half Men. I guess we will see tomorrow. It is said that this show (and Revolution) were this season’s most anticipated shows.

  • NEK5552

    I was tempted to watch it, but then I remember what ABC did do AMC and OLTL and I could not bring myself to it. I am still holding that grudge I will not be watching anything on the network this season.

  • Victor Hugo

    I think will doing fine 9 million and 3.0 ratings

  • KJ Styles

    This show has Fan Excuse Bingo written all over it probably more than any in TVBTN history, and it hasn’t even premiered yet!

    I’m predicting a 2.5, which honestly if it remains steady at would probably get it renewed. Last year, ABC’s scripted average was about a 2.9 and I predict it to drop this year. The only ratings juggernaut on the network is Modern Family.

  • Kyle7

    @Jason50: Revolution’s competition is not nearly as onerous as LR’s. Even at 10 pm, I’d take going up against a 2.1 and a 1.8 over two comedies that can break a 4 and a singing show that can at least crack a 3.

    I think with Elementary there’s a rather large procedural ho-hum factor to it. CBS sticks to their procedurals and sitcoms, and while it makes them money and some of their shows are great entries in those genres, it doesn’t seem like they’ve greenlit a show in a while that really wowed anyone off the bat. You can usually sum up their new dramas as “yet another crime procedural,” and that doesn’t make for a lot of intense scrutiny or passion from the internet community.

    Never underestimate people’s desire to watch more of the same thing, as it’s made CBS rather rich.

  • joel

    It would be best as a 9pm show, but ABC has nothing available in that slot because they’re too invested/committed to DWTS.

  • Martin

    I think ABC did the right decision putting it where they did, putting one of their most hyped and critically praised shows in their arguably hardest hour might help fix the problem slot in which if i’m right, nothing has gotten to a second season in that slot since Ugly Betty.


    I think I remember reading, either last year or the year before, that something like only 46% of the live+sd viewers watched TBBT live ad the rest watched before 3 a.m.

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