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September 27th, 2012


Tonight, ABC is premiering Last Resort at 8PM, which has been playfully coined as ABC's "death slot" (No shows in that timeslot have gone on to a second season since 2009). However, Last Resort has been receiving some pretty aggressive promotion since the end of the fall season, which may have at least put it on some viewers' radar. We've already asked how many episodes you think Last Resort will air, but do you think Last Resort will at least get some eyeballs for its debut? Keep in mind it is going up directly against The Big Bang Theory and The X Factor...

  • Martin

    Also my predictions:

    Last Resort – 3.8
    Greys’ Anatomy – 4.4
    Scandal – 2.6

    TBBT – 5.3
    TAAHM – 4.1
    Person Of Interest – 3.4
    Elementary – 2.9

    The X Factor – 3.1
    Glee – 2.5

    SNL – 1.5
    Up All Night – 1.3
    The Office – 2.0
    Parks And Recreation – 1.7

  • SJ

    2.5 is my realistic prediction, although I hope it premieres higher than that. The pilot was amazing!

    Other premieres: Grey’s: 3.8, Scandal: 2.2, Big Bang: 5.7, Men: 4.7, Person of Interest: 3.5, Elementary: 3.1.

    Glee goes down to about a 2.3.

  • Joe

    I will be shocked tomorrow morning if it scored a 2.0 or more.

  • Nick

    Last Resort- 3.0
    Grey’s Anatomy- 4.0
    Scandal- 2.4

    The Big Bang Theory- 5.7
    Two and a Half Men- 4.1
    Person of Interest- 3.6
    Elementary- 3.3

    The Next- 0.1

    The X Factor Results- 3.0
    Glee- 3.0

    Saturday Night Live special- 1.9
    Up All Night- 1.1
    The Office- 1.9
    Parks & Recreation- 1.6
    Rock Center with Brian Williams- 0.8

    Last Resort will get 3.0, and it will hold up next week because a) all the critics who’ve seen it love it, so a most people will come back, and b) whoever saw it online will come starting at the second ep.

    PoI and Elementary will score. 2.5 Men will do better retention of TBBT than anything else has done, but will not do great. 2BG should’ve been put there.

    The CW, NBC, and Fox will all be down from last week.

  • SarahL

    I don’t know where to begin. The pilot was horrible.

  • Nick

    Network averages-

    1. CBS: 3.9
    2. ABC: 3.1
    3. Fox: 3.0
    4. NBC: 1.4
    5. CW: 0.2

  • Gen Krug

    Finally, a very different show!!! I enjoyed it greatly! But I am mad. Big Bang Theory is also a big favorite! DVR!

  • Josh

    The pilot of Last Resort was really, really good. Hope it does well in the ratings – ABC could have a sleeper hit on its hands.

  • Kevin

    How to kill a TV series before it even begins…

    Step one: Identify your target audience.
    Step two: Identify a successful show your target audience watches.
    Step Three: Schedule your show in the same time slot as the successful show your target audience currently watches.

    Cases in point:
    Revolution…scheduled to compete and lose to Castle (sci-fi fans love Nathan Fillion.)
    Last Resort…scheduled to compete and lose to Big Bang Theory

    2 shows I wanted to watch…what’s the point! One season only…if that

  • KarenM

    I wasn’t sold on Last Resort as a weekly TV show. I probably won’t be tuning in again. How did ABC think this show was going to last more than a few weeks? Too bad because the potential looked great.

  • RS

    Ok, it’s too intelligent. Not from this perspective. High-normal I.Q. and professional degree here. I say that only when I am about to defend my love for the low-brow Monday (now also Thursday) night comedies. I have absolutely no desire to watch Last Resort. Of the new shows, I love Revolution, like The New Normal, and like Neighbors. The latter is, as they say, so bad it’s good.

  • Nick


    Cases in point:
    Revolution…scheduled to compete and lose to Castle (sci-fi fans love Nathan Fillion.)

    I’m a Castle fan, and I can whole-heartedly say that Revolution is beating the $#&% out of it.

  • Hugh

    I’m positive. 3.8!

  • senor chang

    Maybe the high end of a 2?

    Elementary will be a smash hit tonight, no doubt about it.

  • Jo

    love it, hope it stays this good.

  • KarenM

    As for Elementary…mediocre. It’s worthy of another look.

  • Ryan

    Elementary is okay thus part.. I feels like the Mentalist. Hopefully it can distance itself.

  • Chris

    I thought Last Resort was great.

  • JD

    Awesome, awesome pilot. I hope it doesn’t totally crash and burn, but America seems to love mindless, easily-consumed entertainment, so it wouldn’t be a surprise. Two and a Half Men should’ve been off the air years ago.

  • lol

    I think it is a hit!!

    Good story line!!

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