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September 27th, 2012


Tonight, ABC is premiering Last Resort at 8PM, which has been playfully coined as ABC's "death slot" (No shows in that timeslot have gone on to a second season since 2009). However, Last Resort has been receiving some pretty aggressive promotion since the end of the fall season, which may have at least put it on some viewers' radar. We've already asked how many episodes you think Last Resort will air, but do you think Last Resort will at least get some eyeballs for its debut? Keep in mind it is going up directly against The Big Bang Theory and The X Factor...

  • Tony JJ

    Last Resort had an amazing pilot. Watched it online last week, and can’t wait to rewatch it on the DVR. Grey’s Anatomy. which I can’t believe I’m going to say this. Had an AMAZING season premiere. I used to be a Grey’s addict and then it went up and down and kind of lost track with the show last spring, but watched the last few episodes of the season and this premiere didn’t disappoint. At the beginning of the premiere, I said this is awful, and by the end I was almost in tears. Not to mention a bombshell shocker! A great grey’s episode! And next week’s should be even better! I am watching Scandal now and man ABC has a killer Thursday night. I just hope the ratings can stay high! because the quality is there.

    Last Resort – I’m praying for over a 4.0, but to be realistic I’m thinking more of a 3.0-3.4. (I think this has a different audience than TBBT and XFactor)
    Grey’s – 4.2 (Wishful thinking especially since everything this week has been down). More realistic 3.9
    Scandal – Hoping and Praying this show booms in it’s second season. This is Shonda Rhimes at her best! Praying it caught on over the summer with it being on DVD since June and just recently added on instant netflix. Plus a season finale as a series high isn’t a bad thing! Hoping for a 3.0+. More realistic 2.4

    The Big Bang Theory – 6.2 and 17 million. I think the summer in syndication is really going to get this show to new heights.
    Two and a Half Men – Really depends on how big TBBT does. If TBBT does like I predict then a 5.0 and 15 million viewers. More realistically 4.6 and 12 million viewers.
    POI – 3.4
    Elementary – 3.1

  • Sam

    I’m hoping for 3.4-3.9 cuz you never know. It really as everything to succeed and I really loved it.

    But as some people said, this show is probably too intelligent for the general public so I don’t know. Might get a 3.1 and dip from there. Critics where pretty enthusiast about it looks like there was a lot of money in that pilot. We’ll see.

    Hopeful here…

  • SarahL

    Last Resort is “too intelligent for the general public?” It must be the new network version of Mad Men. LOL! Some of you act as if these shows are Shakespearean in their greatness. Snobbishness over a television show has got to be lowest form of classism in our society.

  • KarenM

    Last Resort isn’t exactly the most “intelligent” show. (insert eyeroll) If I want intelligent programming I won’t watch network TV or even cable TV I’m going to PBS.

    Anyway, after sleeping on it I’ll probably give it another shot next week because there’s nothing else on in that timeslot. ;)

  • Angie

    I tivoed it and intend to give it a look. Everyone is talking about competition in time slot but I don’t recall seeing anyone mentioning football which is what I was watching live. Won’t watch football live every week because some teams I just don’t care but still why does no one ever seem to mention football as competition for all these shows. I mean I have tivo so I can watch all this non time sensitive stuff later.

  • zapbob

    Overnights….top 25

    Last Resort 2.4
    Greys 4.4
    Scandal 2.2

    FOX X-Factor 3.8
    Big Bang Theory 5.1
    Two and a Half Men 3.3
    Persons of Interest 2.6
    Elementary 2.8

    Saturday Night Live 1.9
    Up All Night 1.5
    The Office 2.6
    Parks 2.0
    Rock 0.9

  • gerry

    @karenm – its more intelligent than alot of what’s on, likely because half of what is on are singing competitions, kardashians and honey boo boo – so our society as a whole has been dumbed down alot regarding television viewing. and i nocited sarahl making a point about snobbishness, but if appreciating a show like this over dancing with the stars or x factor makes me a snob, then so be it.

    as far as this show succeeding, i really hope it does. i mean, there were a few edits i would have made in the premiere but overall i thought it was pretty tight. it is by far the best new show i’ve seen this season. (which means it will probably be cancelled. but i hope not.)

  • gerry

    also, i don’t think its on the right night. it doesn’t gel with the rest of abc’s thursday. i think they should throw private practice on thursday, make thursday ‘shonda rhimes day’ and shuffle around maybe their tuesday schedule with this involved somewhere.

  • Ryan

    @zapbob- those overnights are going to change; especially since on Wednesday the overnight for Modern Family was only a 3.6. Saw that Elementary had a 96% retention out of POI; which is pretty darn good. No Glee numbers anywhere.

  • Flare

    @Ryan Modern Family’s top 25 overnight was 6.6 not 3.6 that was a typo

  • a p garcia

    I predict a 2 to 2.2 b/c it is on BBT and 2.5 Men. It certainly has a great storyline, but on at a bad time is my only problem.

  • KarenM

    @Ryan, I hope these translate into good numbers for CBS with the retention that high!

  • KarenM

    @gerry, Last Resort needed quite a bit of retooling. There were some cheesy aspects to it. It was different and it’s not just another CBS procedural. I’m more disappointed that ABC didn’t rework the script more before the first airing. I’m very anxious for last night’s numbers because there was a lot of good shows returning and new ones. I say ABC came in a solid second place, maybe. We’ll see…

  • Ryan

    @Flare- didn’t know that, thanks!

    @KarenM- hopefully we’ll see POI and Elementary end up somewhere around a 3.0. Personally I’m kinda shocked at that 3.3 for 2.5 Men.. but we don’t have the full table yet so who knows.

  • MoHasanie

    Those overnights for POI and TAAHM are too low, especially for TAAHM. I’m sure it will get low 4’s at least.

  • Minnie

    Last Resort was great. Anyone who says that show is unpatriotic has no idea what it means to be a patriot in the United States. A true patriot in the United States is loyal to people of the United States and not a tyrannical government, which the US government clearly is the Last Resort timeline. I am really excited to see were this show goes.

  • Terry

    My predictions:

    TBBT 5.5
    2HM 4.0
    POI 3.2
    SH 2.8

    LR 2.5
    GR 3.7
    SC 2.1

    XF 3.1
    GLee 2.4

  • seasic

    Last Resort was a little far-fetched, but it’s tv drama so I’ll give it a pass…not a bad pilot at all compared to other new network dramas— In my minds eye The Shield and Terriers did no wrong so I’ll stick around for a few more ep’s, but when I think of Chicago Code, it makes me want to abandon ship quick!

  • Josh

    Person on twitter posted that Last Resort will likely be a 2.5 rating with about 10.6 million viewers. The half hours actually improved from 8pm to 8:30pm so there is a chance that it could be adjusted up to a 2.6 or so.

    Just posting what I saw on twitter from someone who looked to be in the know.

    I personally am hoping for a 2.7-2.9 for the show… think it has a strong chance not to lose too many viewers going forward.

  • Josh

    Guy on twitter was wrong… Last Resort got a 2.2 rating – not good for renewal chances. May be a 13 episode series. Timeslot doesn’t help but it is what it is.

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