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September 27th, 2012


Tonight, ABC is premiering Last Resort at 8PM, which has been playfully coined as ABC's "death slot" (No shows in that timeslot have gone on to a second season since 2009). However, Last Resort has been receiving some pretty aggressive promotion since the end of the fall season, which may have at least put it on some viewers' radar. We've already asked how many episodes you think Last Resort will air, but do you think Last Resort will at least get some eyeballs for its debut? Keep in mind it is going up directly against The Big Bang Theory and The X Factor...

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Well, I just saw the premiere a couple hours ago. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, but it DOES leave a RIDICULOUS number of questions unanswered. And those questions better not be ignored or the show will be dismissed as complete nonsense by anyone with a brain. The writers are going to really have to put out over the next few episodes to explain how HALF of what went done could possibly occur in the real world.

    One moderately pleasant surprise: Scott Speedman wasn’t QUITE as boring as I expected him to be. Maybe he’s improved since Underworld 2 and Triple X 2… But OTOH there weren’t too many good acting moments by anyone except perhaps old pro Bruce Davison and some decent work by Autumn Reeser.

    Until I see some future episodes, it’s hard to say whether this thing can fly, but they’ve got a hard row to hoe because the premise is simply whacked.

  • gerry

    @ karen – i’ll see your ‘quite a bit’ and raise you a ‘fair’ as far as the retool. i think alot of the cheese factor (and there was some, agreed) came from abc trying to attain a female demo, when they could do that anyway without said cheese. but as long as the show doesn’t really screw things up in the next few weeks, i’m still in.

    also i hope it can attract an audience. the numbers came in a bit lower than what i was hoping for..

  • Dan S

    Last Resort was outstanding last night & by far the best pilot of the new fall season. This show pulls no punches & reminds me of 24 back in its day. Hopefully those that checked it out last night will come back again & get their friends to watch tonight’s encore for those that missed it. Not the easiest timeslot but I think it can work on Thur & break the curse ABC has had at 8pm.

  • mike

    it stunk just like elementry

  • Fakeem

    I think the idea of the U.S. firing on it’s on people is not considered “entertainment” and is definately NOT an 8pm type show. Bad concept in a bad time slot.

    Show will fail before sweeps starts.

  • art

    i watch it and dvd big bank which was not that good.. Last resort was a good show.. I hope it get good rating or ABC will move it to another time slot..
    I wonder how does the rating work when you record two shows at the same time with you dvr?

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