'Major Crimes' Renewed by TNT for Second Season

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September 27th, 2012

via press release:

TNT Books Second Season of Cable's #1 New Drama,
Major Crimes

 has renewed its hit original series Major Crimes, the year's #1 new cable drama. TNT has ordered 15 episodes of the Warner Bros. Television crime drama, which features two-time Oscar® nominee Mary McDonnell leading an outstanding ensemble cast. Major Crimes currently airs Mondays at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT, with the first season finale slated for mid-October and the second season scheduled to roll out in summer 2013.

"With Major Crimes, James Duff and his amazing production team have crafted an incredibly entertaining show that not only honors the spirit of The Closer, but also stands alone with its own voice and spirit," said Michael Wrig ht, president, head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). "Week after week, Major Crimes has drawn millions of fans with its combination of sharp writing and engaging characters brought to life by what can only be described as one of the best acting ensembles on television. We look forward to another season of this remarkable new drama."

With an audience of nearly 7 million viewers, Major Crimes ranks as cable's #1 new series for the year-to-date. It also holds position as one of basic cable's Top 3 new dramas with key adult demos, averaging 1.6 million adults 18-49 and 2.1 million adults 25-54. Among all original series on cable, Major Crimes ranks third behind TNT's The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles for the quarter-to-date. In addition, the series' Aug. 13 premiere audience of 9.5 million viewers set a new record as basic cable's most-watched series launch ever.

With the renewal of Major Crimes, TNT has now gone three-for-three when it comes to ordering second seasons of its new scripted dramas. The network previously renewed its hit primetime drama Dallas, which brought together iconic stars from the original series with a new generation of cast members. More recently, TNT renewed the crime drama Perception, starring Eric McCormack.

  • AZBob

    I think Major Crimes will do well for TNT and ratings will stabilize and might increase once the first season is over and the repeats going into rotation. I think it took awhile for The Closer to catch on. Assuming there is a summer season, I would bet on better ratings.

  • Lilith

    Major Crimes is not half the show The Closer was and Perception is too much unrealistic. In my opinion, they can’t keep up the numbers much longer. The best show on TNT now is Leverage. It will be a pity if TNT doesn’t manage to renew it. I’d have no interest in watching any of their others shows in a weekly basis. I just love Leverage.

  • Carmen

    They need to get rid of the sullen kid (Rusty) if this show is going to survive.

  • The End

    @The best show on TNT now is Leverage

    I assume you made an error there and actually meant to say Falling Skies. Which will have Houses’ very own Wilson appearing for a few episodes next season.

    Can’t get much more awesome than that.

  • Brian

    Major Crimes is a MAJOR Bore!
    Not going to watch it..EVER!

  • Ray

    The main difference between The Closer and Major Crimes is that the peak moment in the Closer was when Brenda pulled the confession out of the perp using one of her many weapons, all with her very expressive face and voice right in front of us, and in Major Crimes it’s when Raydor explains to the perp that they’ll reduce the charge in order to get a signed confession so they can all avoid the expense and effort of a trial. Brenda sounds like a crusader and a lot of the tension in the show was about whether she was going too far. Raydor sounds like a bureaucrat.

    Which do you think is more compelling? And I say this being a big fan of both McConnell the actor and Raydor in a supporting role

  • Daniel

    Lori, I’m right there with you. I watched the first few episodes of Major Crimes but I was completely bored. A major character change in Provenza also has turned me off. He was more likable in The Closer and I enjoyed him being a goofball. I hate the teenager storyline crap too with Sharon’s runaway. This isn’t Desperate Housewives! I’m tuning in to see a cop show! I haven’t bothered to watch the remaining episodes and unless I hear something amazing about the episodes I won’t be bothering to watch the rest of the series

  • Dave

    Leverage is already in syndication (and heavy rotation) on ION.

  • jessica

    Nice to see Major Crimes renewed but it was to be expected. While i enjoyed the ‘getting a confession’ part of The Closer i think i am in the minority for not really caring so much about Brenda. It was always more about the rest of the team for me. As for Rusty, i don’t think he is wanting to have sex with Captain Raydor. But from the ending of ep 7 i think he might have had sex with his father back in the days when he was hustling on the streets. The way he had this shocking blank stare at his father when he meets him and then ran from him tells me there is almost certainly something big there. And that his father didn’t chase after him tells me his father probably knows why Rusty reacted as he did.

  • simsalabim

    They have only one unique show left, Soutland.
    F & B was good in the beginning, but it went downhill with season 2.
    All other shows are booooooring, even Leverage is just a cheap “Hustle”.

  • WV

    Great news. I like Major Crimes more than The Closer, which was mostly about Brenda’s quirks. She was so smart while interrogations, but so stupid in many other situations, that is was not believable for me.
    Plots of both shows are more or less the same (which is not a surprise, as writers are the same), but Major Crimes is a true ensemble, and with emotional Rusty+Raydor storyline it all becomes really engaging.

  • Tina

    Major Crimes earned this renewal through hard work by Cast, Writers and crew!
    It is THE best show on TV now. It has compelling stories, drama, action…and heart!
    It has allowed wonderful actors to come out of the shadows and shine in their own right!
    I know it will have many more seasons to entertain us!
    Kudos to Mary McDonnell and this amazing ensemble cast!

  • Joey

    I like Leverage too but I do not think it is TNT best show. I think that Falling Skies and Rizzoli and Isles just to name two are better in the ratings then Leverage.

  • Lisa

    I have absolutely no doubt Leverage will be renewed for season 6. Leverage has a huge fan base.

  • Lisa

    I only watch Leverage and Perception. As far as repeats go on TNT, I watch Bones, Castle, Supernatural, Charmed

  • Jerry

    I have really enjoyeed Major Crimes and hope it has a long tenure on TNT. The subplot with Rusty is working for me as the thread between episodes, and they have done a great job keeping the characters true to their established storylines. The Closer had some incredible and powerful episodes. I think Major Crimes has the potential to the same with its own unique spin.

  • kenny1949

    I am glad that Major Crimes got renewed as I like it much better than The Closer. Raydor is a calm, mature person who is socially adept. The way she handled the school priest was superb. The show is less frantic as Raydor does not alienate people like Johnson would have. But she still gets her way. There is no way Johnson could have work with Taylor as her new boss. She humiliated him more than she ever helped him. However Raydor shows she can befuddle him until she hands him a fait accompli that makes Taylor look good.

  • Jackie

    Terrible show! The Closer totally outdid it! Would watch if Mary McDonnel were not on it loved the Closers squad but ruined a good thing putting McDonnel on the show. LOved, loved the Closer! Very entertaining, why do they always have to redo shows with lesser people like McDonnell. Nobody I know watches anymore, guess it doesn’t take much to be a #1 show on TNT, shame!

  • Ron

    Major Crimes has inarguably jumped the shark. Good grief, what a mess! Simply another preposterous cop-show drama following the formulaic ‘guys are too stupid to figure things out so we gotta have a woman to cut through the crap and solve this thing.’

    Frankly, I’m quite tired of the prevailing opinion that successful detectives must be seriously flawed somehow so that they don’t appear greater-than-human and we poor mortals can identify with the characters. It seemed to start with Ironsides, who was wheelchair bound. Then came Columbo, who played the anal-retentive oaf/inveigler. Next was Matlock, the good ol’ boy backwoods country lawyer who tripped up the sophisticated evildoers with down-home metaphors, jury-pleasing fables, exempla, and homilies.

    Law & Order, the original with Sorvino and Noth, had normal guys going through the normal motions of normal detectives solving normal felonies. But then came the spinoffs, with ever-gruesomer evils and ever-freakier personalities, such as Goren, a paranoid photographic-memory Sherlock Holmes type who had to be counterbalanced by his female Watson. Of course we also had Logan, back from obscurity in Queens and paired with a procession of females without whose insights he’d never have solved a damned thing.

    Also there was the superintellectual, oversophisticated, condescending Goldblum character who tried desperately to be the 3rd millennium Poirot but overdid the intensity without the equilibrium that a modicum of charm would have brought to the role and who also had to have a female partner to make up for his AWOL people skills.

    Then there’s Meloni, the completely non-credible, over-sensitive, hyper-cynical, explosively moody, browbeating, scowling Stabler on SVU who would have never lasted more than a year or two in a decent big-city police department and would likely have been jailed before season two ended if not for his female partner.

    NCIS, of course, works well because of the TYPES of quirks the characters have. Ducky is a pedant who’s good at his job and has earned the right to pontificate; Gibbs is Gunny Hardass with almost oracular instincts; DiNozzo is the free kid with well-developed skills and insights; McGee is the technogeek who performs magic on computers; and the women provide both foils and targets for the DiNozzo teenage testosterone spills. Abby provides a limitless array of forensic data results at the speed of light, demonstrating skills and abilities far beyond those of any male. Like most of today’s cop shows, though, the plots and the solutions are entirely preposterous.

    Bones also has an engaging array of characters: Dr. Brennan, a Spockian genius devoid of social skills; Dr. Hodgins, an engaging entymologist/chemist/physicist with prodigious talent; Dr. Saroyan, a professional ME who disdains tomfoolery and encourages normalcy from the brainiac squints; Angela, a lusty, bawdy, down-to-earth artist adept at social interactions; and the FBI agent Booth whose Captain Kirkian composite personality keeps the delicate mechanism functioning at remarkable proficiency.

    Rizzoli & Isles works exclusively because of Angie Harmon’s almost humanlike portrayal of a female detective, but Sasha Alexander’s ME character seems like a clone of NCIS’s Dr. Mallard. Together the two females consistently and unremittingly demonstrate the ineptitudes of their male partners and counterparts. The series may as well have been titled The Angie Harmon Detective Show.

    Now, The Closer worked because of the denouements, the closures, that Brenda engineered, however unlikely and chancey they often were. It was, however, overtly a condemnation of male managers and detectives, showing regularly and repeatedly how inept Pope and Taylor and Provenza and Flinn could be. The only males allowed any measure of success were a Chinese American and a Latino, probably more of a bow to political correctness than reality.

    Why on earth we need a continuing degradation of the Provenza, Flinn, and Taylor characters for McDonnell to get a starring role is a mystery. The Raydor character has all the charm of a menopausal water buffalo and the warmth of a puff adder. Each of those three male actors can do very fine work in just about any role, but someone has decided that they must die slowly, ignominiously, and stupidly on the altar of “I am woman; hear me roar” as Raydor muddles through her association with a completely meaningless teenager who adds nothing but misdirection and obfuscation to the plotlines.

    Major Crimes is a major disaster, worse than a rebound romance in a dive on the wrong side of St. Louis. Although it took a while, Kyra Sedgwick’s unlikely character grew on me. The only growth that Mary McDonnel promotes seems to be mold in the frontal lobes of the writers. Despite the flashy promos and cast interviews, it appears that the major mystery she’ll wind up solving is how much longer the trend of women-in-charge cop shows will continue in their campaign to insult, emasculate, and ridicule every male detective on the tube.

  • T C Pullman

    Major Crimes in my opinion is a hit & I thought Rusty brings out the softer side of Sharon.( Great job Mary) I love it & as far as the show itself is presented very well on it’s own agenda NOT coping The Closer. That is what makes the program so good. Can hardly wait for season 2. Great Work!!

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