Will Shawn Ryan's 'Last Resort' Air More Episodes Than His 'Terriers' Did? (Poll)

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September 27th, 2012

Shawn Ryan's Terriers ran for 13 episodes on FX during the Fall of 2010. Despite hopes for a Christmas Miracle, its low ratings doomed it to cancellation. However, in a lemons to lemonade transformation, FX chief John Landgraf turned the ill informed rage of the TV critic media into hugs all around in a masterful exhibition of PR jiu jitsu.

Shawn Ryan is also the executive producer of ABC's Last Resort, which premieres Thursday at 8pm in what many of our commenters term ABC's "death slot".

The roster of recent failed ABC dramas from that Thursday 8pm timeslot is long, but the number of their aired episodes is short: Missing (10 episodes), Charlie's Angels (8 episodes), My Generation (2 episodes), Flash Forward (22 episodes).

Since 2009, only one ABC drama in that timeslot has aired more than 13 episodes, and none has survived into a second season.

Will Last Resort break the trend?

You make the call.


  • omabin

    I thought the pilot was extraordinary. It really blew me away and this is one of the few exceptions which I think it’s worth to break my rule and watch it even though I think it will be canceled. Problem is… I don’t think it will break the damn cursed timeslot. I say it lasts the full season there though, a la flashforward, but maybe that’s just me being hopeul. Don’t see it geting a full season either way. It sucks… Massively!

  • Mark

    You better watch it. “YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!!”

  • Dan

    The deep end also aired there in 2010 I believe

  • Greg

    Wow, you guys are mean! :(

    But probably not. But I guess if it does a 1.5 regularly, ABC should keep it.

  • Kyle

    I watched the SP online and thought it was great. Great acting, great scenery and good writing. But ABC Thursday’s at 8 are death sloths since Ugly Betty. I am hoping it survives this season and grows next. I also wish it becomes the new lost because it has the feel to it.

  • omabin


    That’s actually a fairly interesting question. I mean, with the ratings going so much down, what is acceptable anymore? Fox’s incapability of understanding that their ratings floor had lowered last season was, in my opinion, what led them to cancel Terra Nova prematurely. Its ratings looked not very good during last fall when the floow was still the floor from previous season, but they looked quite acceptable at the end of the season when the floor had lowered. So it will be an interesting thing to figure out what Last Resort has to do to stay alive.

  • Greg

    Read somewhere that with the exception of Ugly Betty, the last show to survive on ABC on Thursdays at 8 was Mork and Mindy.

  • Greg


    Exactly. ABC has to know by now that NOTHING has worked for them in that timeslot. So if Last Resort does only a 1.5 (which I think is what Wipeout use to do during winter), they should renew it.

  • psychic

    What the heck is Terriers?
    And, by the way… Realistically, how long can a TV show about a rogue submarine be expected to last?

  • KarenM

    I’m giving this show a shot but can the premise hold up for multiple seasons?

  • Dan C.

    I hope Last Resort can make it. It’s the best pilot out there, and it looks like it could be a heck of a thrill ride. So, I say it could last more than Terriers and get a back 9. Whether or not a second season, way too early to tell.

  • S.

    Expect it to do at least as well as Flash Forward. The real question is will it beat Flash Forward, and actually get renewed for a 2nd season.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    @Greg, why should ABC renew an expensive scripted show if it does no better than Wipeout?

  • rob60990

    I think it will be decently sampled with mid to high 2s but I can’t see it lasting past 13 episodes.

  • brimur

    Obv the answer to the poll is < 13 since the answer to "How Many 'Last Resort' Episodes Will Air Thursday at 8pm?" is 1, possible 2 if its a two hour premier! ;)

  • KarenM

    Last Resort/PoI/Elementary – yep, my night’s full!

    I think ABC could come in a strong second place tonight after CBS of course.

  • Jo

    I might be the only one but I loved Terriers, compared to some of the crap on now it was Emmy material.

  • Aeiouy

    Andre braugher is enough reason to watch for me

  • Mike

    So excited for tv tonight!
    My night consists of Last Resort/POI/Scandal- which by the way scandal is the best tv show on right now ????

  • suza271


    You and I were probably the only two that watched that show. It was SO GOOD. At least it got a proper ending. Or, at least a satisfying ending. Most people attribute the failure to the title but good lord, I think it aired during the summer (?), and I feel it should have been given a better chance. Also, I’m glad that awful show The Fighter tanked right after it. Because, it had about 10x the promotion Terriers did.

    Shawn Ryan has made some good shows IMO (Chicago Code, Terriers, now this), I just don’t know if they have been unlucky, getting the wrong time slots, poorly promoted, or I have a different taste than most.

    But, there is ONE thing you can’t argue with…He did make a masterpiece out of The Shield.

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