Will Shawn Ryan's 'Last Resort' Air More Episodes Than His 'Terriers' Did? (Poll)

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September 27th, 2012

Shawn Ryan's Terriers ran for 13 episodes on FX during the Fall of 2010. Despite hopes for a Christmas Miracle, its low ratings doomed it to cancellation. However, in a lemons to lemonade transformation, FX chief John Landgraf turned the ill informed rage of the TV critic media into hugs all around in a masterful exhibition of PR jiu jitsu.

Shawn Ryan is also the executive producer of ABC's Last Resort, which premieres Thursday at 8pm in what many of our commenters term ABC's "death slot".

The roster of recent failed ABC dramas from that Thursday 8pm timeslot is long, but the number of their aired episodes is short: Missing (10 episodes), Charlie's Angels (8 episodes), My Generation (2 episodes), Flash Forward (22 episodes).

Since 2009, only one ABC drama in that timeslot has aired more than 13 episodes, and none has survived into a second season.

Will Last Resort break the trend?

You make the call.


  • John F.

    Keep in mind that CBS used to run Survivor at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday. The competition now is much weeker, IMHO.

  • Wondering

    The pilot was very good. Hoping it continues.

  • bk

    The pilot was good (I deducted ‘points’ from great,because of some major plot holes). Still,I don’t see how they can stretch this premise for more than a full 22 episode season.

  • Anon

    Perhaps if they found a way somehow to make Sheldon Cooper the submarine captain… or maybe the show lives on if it makes harbor on another day of the week… otherwise, I say “no.” I will watch the premiere encore on Friday night, however.

    The premise reminds me of the old Mordecai Roshwald book “A Small Arrmageddon,” but without the strippers.

  • J.G.

    I think what might help it is the possibility of an old skew. If it premieres with a 2.1 but it’s audience is 8-12 million, that could buy it more time.

  • Greg

    @Bill Gorman

    But a 1.5 would be better than what Wipeout did recently in its summer run. I only mentioned Winter Wipeout because it was the best ratings ABC has got on that slot (apart from series premieres).

  • John P

    Was a cracker of a pilot really looking forward to Last Resort

  • rob60990

    “Keep in mind that CBS used to run Survivor at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday. The competition now is much weeker, IMHO.”

    Are you serious? Survivor hasn’t pulled similar ratings to TBBT in YEARS.

  • John A

    Flashforward started huge so i dont understand how the slot is cursed?

  • Tom

    Urrgh, this is a rough question, as I loved the hell out of Terriers and, having seen how “CBS procedural” Vegas is, Last Resort is probably the only new fall show I will watch on a regular basis.

    Honestly, I think it airs the same number- the show won’t be enough of a hit that ABC has to order more to fill time, and ABC won’t need more of it, as they probably go with the usual Winter Wipeout to, say, Red Widow.

  • matthew

    @ John A
    But it ended poorly

  • DW

    its not going to do TBBT numbers. it could do better than x factor and should blow 30 rock and up all night away.

  • Heradite

    Wouldn’t a better comparison beThe Chicago Code?

  • Gregg

    Yeah, if it can’t beat 30 Rock and Up All Night, it doesn’t DESERVE to stay on the air.

    Although, it already appears to have more laughs than 30 Rock (then again, what show doesn’t?!?)

  • teamo

    Since ABC is fully aware that Thursdays @ 8 is a death slot they either need to keep some type of reality show in that timeslot..or really push a series they believe in and give it a fighting chance. Although I don’t plan on watching Last Resort..I hope its the series that could break the curse.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I’m being optimistic and saying that it’ll last 13 episodes. It’s a goddamned shame that THAT’S optimistic, but there you go. While I haven’t seen the pilot yet, reviewers and regular viewers both seem to agree that it’s the best pilot this year, so I’m hoping for the best, but I just can’t see it lasting in that timeslot. Wish they had given it a different one.

  • Elian

    I hope soo, the premiere was soo damn good, best of the season

  • Gamma626

    Maybe ABC will move Greys to 8 next year. THAT would shake things up!

  • Mark

    SNL – 1.5
    Up All Night – 1.2
    The Office – 2.0
    Parks and Recreation – 1.7
    Rock Center – 1.0

    The Big Bang Theory – 5.8
    Two and a Half Men – 5.0
    Person of Interest – 3.8
    Elementary – 3.1

    Last Resort – 2.8
    Grey’s Anatomy – 4.3
    Scandal – 2.6

    The X Factor – 2.8
    Glee – 2.5

  • Juan

    I think it will do good and last a while, I’ve heard nothing but great thing about the pilot and it has great buzz, I know that doesn’t translate into ratings but I think it will, I think it might surprise a lot like OUAT did last year not Manu expected it to survive more than a few episodes and then it was the highest pilot. ABC has promoted this well and I hope it paid off, anyway can’t wait to watch all ABC today, Last Resort, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal.

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