Will Shawn Ryan's 'Last Resort' Air More Episodes Than His 'Terriers' Did? (Poll)

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September 27th, 2012

Shawn Ryan's Terriers ran for 13 episodes on FX during the Fall of 2010. Despite hopes for a Christmas Miracle, its low ratings doomed it to cancellation. However, in a lemons to lemonade transformation, FX chief John Landgraf turned the ill informed rage of the TV critic media into hugs all around in a masterful exhibition of PR jiu jitsu.

Shawn Ryan is also the executive producer of ABC's Last Resort, which premieres Thursday at 8pm in what many of our commenters term ABC's "death slot".

The roster of recent failed ABC dramas from that Thursday 8pm timeslot is long, but the number of their aired episodes is short: Missing (10 episodes), Charlie's Angels (8 episodes), My Generation (2 episodes), Flash Forward (22 episodes).

Since 2009, only one ABC drama in that timeslot has aired more than 13 episodes, and none has survived into a second season.

Will Last Resort break the trend?

You make the call.


  • Sean

    Sucked! Looked like a cheesy parody skit of a cheesy soap opera. Embarrassing…

  • jessica

    I am thinking Last Resort will be low due to having been on Hulu, iTunes, et.al. for a fortnight now. People who were interested could watch it at their leisure and without commercials long before it was on tv. So why watch it again WITH commercials. And if a person saw it on Hulu 13 days ago and was uncertain about it will they remember the show when episode 2 comes on TV a whole 20 days after they watched episode 1? An early release can generate buzz but it doesn’t get people into the habit of tuning in for the revenue-generating broadcast on ABC.

    As i write this there is in the recent posts a press release about The CW doing just this with Emily Owens MD. I picked up the i think 4 minute preview on iTunes and well … if people hate Saving Hope and The Mob Doctor then they will probably wonder how it is that Emily Owens MD ever got picked up, even by The CW.

    Missing was ever only to be 10 episodes. Calling it a failure because it only had 10 is misleading. It is rare for a US show to be not looking for a full-season commissioning but there are a few of them. The forthcoming Hannibal is 13 episodes and should it get a 2nd season it is to be 13 episodes and likewise if a 3rd, etc. Which means it would be in the January schedule not the September schedule. It is a bit of a foreign concept for US broadcast tv but is basically what is done on cable.

    And ABC only showed 7/8 of Charlie’s Angels. All 8 were shown in the UK.

  • Rich

    I miss Terriers :(

  • Ryan

    I watched just about every pilot so far (either live, on DVR or online) and although I had low expectations for this one I WAS WRONG!

    This was by far the best pilot of the season and I’m hoping for it to succeed.

  • DanOregon

    One, it is a great show. Two, since it was highly talked about, I’m sure many people watched in online before the premiere and Three – ABC HAS to be smart enough to move the one male-skewing show it has off of a night with NFL football. Right?

  • Anon

    I watched this tonight. I really wanted to like it, but there are some pretty glaring issues re: the range and trajectory of that Trident II missile, and missing MIRV warheads. Center a Great Circle map on Washington and you will see what I mean: most of the US is safely out of reach of the sub’s missiles, no matter where in the Indian Ocean you place the fictional island. SLBMs just don’t have the same range as ICBMs.

    Perhaps this will escape the scrutiny of most TV viewers, but I expect it will also serve to alienate a segment of the audience.

    I really wanted to like this…

    I don’t see this lasting past 13 eps.

  • Rooks

    They really should just stick a cheap reality show here and hope for a 1.5. Putting anything that costs money here is just throwing away whatever cash you spend on it, because everything is going to get destroyed by BBT and XF. I liked this show but wont get attached to it, because it has little chance of surviving even until Xmas.

  • mort

    i need to see a few more. first one did not make me sit up straight. going to give it two more then either stop or go on. so far 50-50.

  • MikeInCanada

    Add me to the list of people who loved Terriers. Of course I watched it after it was cancelled. Better than what I have seen of the last resort.

  • Wayde

    Watched the premiere and i have to say i like it one of the few new shows so far that looks good.

    more then 13 seems about right not like ABC has much else going

  • Ashley

    Ok, I watched this show by accident. I didn’t think it looked good based on the previews, but I happened to be home when it was starting and I figured, why not? I was so impressed by this show. The acting was amazing and the premise is scary enough to be true. I found myself thinking that it would have made a great movie. I hope that the next episodes can live up to the pilot.

  • DonMedia

    I like the show. It’s like “The Event” – interesting premise but only enough story for a miniseries.

  • karin

    Shawn Ryan ‘s shows always for men > 50 or 60 probably with Last Resort.

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