Fabulous Fall 'Fringe' Friday, Finally!

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September 28th, 2012

Fringe returns tonight to begin its final short fifth season.  Like Fringe's Warner Bros' sibling Chuck last fall, these final marches are bittersweet. We celebrate all Fringe has meant to the site and how it's proved us wrong (Bill once, me twice -- Bill's  more reasonably"once bitten, twice shy!"). Since ratings don't matter to Fringe's fate, people are less interested in them - plus it's just a weekly reminder that the show will be off the air soon. Sadness. Let their be no doubt, TV by the Numbers will miss it!

There will inevitably be rumors of a Fringe movie -- that's not really in our wheelhouse-- but if there are "could Netflix resurrect Fringe shenanigans' we'll be all over that...

Enjoy the final season.

  • Victor Hugo

    Maybe 1.2

  • Sam

    1.1 should be this last season’s sweet spot.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Probably 1.3

  • Johnnnnny

    2.6 9.2 mil viewers. Renewed automatically for 3 more seasons + movie deal.

  • brentpo

    1.3 or 1.2. Season high.

  • Shikady


  • Tony ^_^

    I say a 1.1! I will miss “Fringe”!! :o

  • JEAN

    0.3, will be beaten by Univision and Telemundo

  • KS

    1.3 to 1.5. I hope and prefer this would be the last season of Fringe. I do believe that 13 episodes are enough, so that entire show is gonna be about main plot rather than filler episodes.

    I really hope there would be a movie, but strongly NO to any more seasons. Let the 5 seasons remain a masterpiece and something for viewers to remember for the rest of their lives, unlike Supernatural’s 6 and 7 seasons.

    Dying to see you, Dr. Walter Bishop!

  • Greg


    Expecting something like what Chuck used to do last year…

  • Lisa

    A 1.0 and dipping to as low as .7 in later weeks. This is not a show with a strong following.

  • John A

    1.0 since it has x factor repeat as a lead in. Pity Fox didnt air Kitchen Nightmares for 1 week to boast the premiere. Id have guessed a 1.3 if KN had have aired.

  • KS


    This is not a show with a strong following

    Are you kidding me? Not the number, strength of the following matters!

  • DKD

    Whatever it gets, it will rise more than 60% in the Live + 7 day ratings.

  • Wright

    1.5 I’m going out on a limb here and saying that the fans will rally the last season. I’m really going to miss it. One of my favorite shows.


    With that XFAC rerun before it, how could it not pull at least that 1.1 (my vote)

    Go Grimm!

    @ Robert

    “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” was an awesome song by Vesta–thanks for the earworm

  • johncarter

    .5 Fringe has become an absolute mess of a show, no wonder the show runner left in the final season

  • Melanie

    I said 0.9 it was at a 1.1 last season and almost everything so far has premiered lower than last season.

  • were123

    1.3 to 1.5, I think, but ratings don’t matter (luckily). I’ll miss you Fringe! I’ll be enjoying your final season!

  • rob60990


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