Fabulous Fall 'Fringe' Friday, Finally!

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September 28th, 2012

Fringe returns tonight to begin its final short fifth season.  Like Fringe's Warner Bros' sibling Chuck last fall, these final marches are bittersweet. We celebrate all Fringe has meant to the site and how it's proved us wrong (Bill once, me twice -- Bill's  more reasonably"once bitten, twice shy!"). Since ratings don't matter to Fringe's fate, people are less interested in them - plus it's just a weekly reminder that the show will be off the air soon. Sadness. Let their be no doubt, TV by the Numbers will miss it!

There will inevitably be rumors of a Fringe movie -- that's not really in our wheelhouse-- but if there are "could Netflix resurrect Fringe shenanigans' we'll be all over that...

Enjoy the final season.

  • John A

    Fringe really isnt that complicated. Lost was a hell lot more confusing and had great ratings.

  • eridapo

    I like Fringe, but last season it did jump the shark (yes tired tv saying). The whole Orange universe did not work for me, and they now do this time jump with the Observers come in. I’m out.

  • KJ Styles

    Yawn, this is the most overrated show on TV (by viewers and critics). It sucks IMO. Even if it aired from Sunday-Thursday it wouldn’t get much higher than a 2.0.

  • KJ Styles

    (1) New show with marginal ratings from the start that somehow makes it to season two. Chuck was more like this, but not exactly. (2) Sophomore (or later) show that had OK ratings prior to this season, but has a ratings plunge this season. Fringe was definitely in that category.

    I predict Last Resort to be #1 and Mentalist to be #2.

  • JD

    Since KJ doesn’t like it, it’s TOTALLY over-rated, y’all. Anyways, this show couldn’t be killed, dammit! Hope they close it out with a great season, and it really should’ve had 13 episode seasons anyways.

  • KS

    @KJ Styles

    How funny? I feel the same about LOST.

  • KS


    I wasn’t talking about THIS season. Revolution would be in Bill’s category 2 during its 2nd or 3rd season.

    I think, people posting negative comments, should drop their cynical attitude towards the show and also stop prejudice against this show, based on a few old shows like THE EVENT.

  • KJ Styles

    @JD- Since KJ doesn’t like it, it’s TOTALLY over-rated, y’all. Anyways, this show couldn’t be killed, dammit! Hope they close it out with a great season, and it really should’ve had 13 episode seasons anyways.

    Just my opinion dude, got an issue? Grab a tissue. And the show couldn’t be killed because it’s on a horrific network like Fox who’s track record with dramas has been terrible the last several years. Fringe’s ratings are bad even by NBC standards.

    @KS- I wasn’t a Lost fan either. The only Abrams show I’ve ever liked was Person Of Interest.

  • (A)

    I totally forgot that Fringe have the most hardcore haters ever. Still, you’re like the fly banging against the window: we already got what you denied a whole year, a final rush of 13 episodes to enjoy, without giving a damn about rating or you morons yelling how incredibly unfair is that Fringe is still on air, so get a life and deal with it ;)

  • KS

    @KJ Styles

    Comeon dude! How on Earth is Fringe an Abrams show? Just because he worked for a few initial episodes? I would rather give the credit to other writers on the show. He was just a “poster boy”.

  • KJ Styles

    Fringe is the Tim Tebow of network shows. Overhyped, overrated, and puts up crappy numbers. Fortunately it’s done after this season.

  • KS

    @KJ Styles

    We all came to know what your valuable opinion on Fringe is. We need not hear it again and again.

  • KJ Styles

    @KS- Just felt like messing with y’all. Don’t take it personal. I get ragged on for liking WWE but I don’t care.

  • (A)

    he obviously don’t know what he is talking about, in fact POI is 100% a Nolan show and everybody know that Abrams never ever wrote a single line on that show (thank god).

  • The Old Woman

    Now that Fringe is almost done, I am going to start worrying about Grimm ratings! Aaaargh! Will the worrying never end?! Hope Grimm does well tonight!

  • Dean-W

    1.1-1.2 because there’s no longer Supernatural or CSI: NY at 9 !

  • KJ Styles

    @(A)- Nolan creared POI, but Abrams is the executive producer.

  • KJ Styles


    This site seriously needs an edit button.

  • Julie

    Sadness indeed.
    I’ve predicted over 1.5, just for fun. I know that’s dreaming, but stranger things have happened lol.

    Now I just have to decide whether I watch Fringe live at 9pm and record Grimm to watch at 10pm, or the other way around. Or record both of them – Haven starts here in Canada tonight at the same time…and I adore that too! Thank God Supernatural moved to Wednesday.

  • IceCreamWithHilda79

    It’s almost over! The world will soon be free of this truly loathsome and pretentious program once and for all. It’s the start of a new era in TV!

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