Fabulous Fall 'Fringe' Friday, Finally!

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September 28th, 2012

Fringe returns tonight to begin its final short fifth season.  Like Fringe's Warner Bros' sibling Chuck last fall, these final marches are bittersweet. We celebrate all Fringe has meant to the site and how it's proved us wrong (Bill once, me twice -- Bill's  more reasonably"once bitten, twice shy!"). Since ratings don't matter to Fringe's fate, people are less interested in them - plus it's just a weekly reminder that the show will be off the air soon. Sadness. Let their be no doubt, TV by the Numbers will miss it!

There will inevitably be rumors of a Fringe movie -- that's not really in our wheelhouse-- but if there are "could Netflix resurrect Fringe shenanigans' we'll be all over that...

Enjoy the final season.

  • Kris

    I am the head of the “Save Fringe” campaign on Facebook, and am immensely excited for this final season (which was a blessing), but I really do not think there is any chance of Netflix (or anyone for that matter) resurrecting Fringe…But we’ll have a final season! That I’m happy of!!!

  • byefringe:(

    The ratings don’t matter. Looking forward for the final season and a awesome ending to a great show.

  • Dan S

    I’m optimistic it’ll do well tonight & score 1.5 beating the new CBS show MIJ. I understand the whole final season is set in 2036 which is really shaking things up. Lets hope for a feature film after Fringe finishes its run.

  • carigis

    3.5 guaranteed…

    hey.. I can hope right?

  • a p garcia

    MIJ 1.5, FRINGE1.4,GRIMM 1.9 are my predictions (fingers crossed)

  • tim

    92.1 renewed for 70 more seasons and a movie

  • John A

    X Factor repeat as a lead in and people expect a 1.5? Look it will be lucky to get a 1.1

  • IceCreamWithHilda79

    I’m predicting 0.012 and 14 viewers.

  • Nick

    Shark Tank- 1.7
    Last Resort (Repeat)- 1.3

    CSI: New York: 1.8
    Made in Jersey: 1.6
    Blue Bloods: 2.2

    America’s Next top Model- 0.5
    Nikita (Repeat)- 0.2

    The X Factor (repeat)- 1.1
    Fringe- 1.2

    Grimm (repeat)- 0.9
    Grimm- 1.7
    Dateline NBC- 1.2

    1. CBS: 1.9
    2. ABC: 1.5
    3. NBC: 1.3
    4. Fox: 1.2
    5. the CW: 0.4

    Fringe will get a 1.2, but that will be the last time it’s over 1.0 until 2013.

  • DTravel


  • Hugh


  • Eric_Philly

    Welcome back, Fringe!

  • Samunto

    Looking back at shows whose final seasons were announced, they all fell in their ratings in that final season. Look at Chuck, Desperate Housewives, even LOST had low ratings in the final season. I guess viewers just switch off knowing a show’s fate is sealed. Hardcore fans catch up online anyway.

    Fringe will hover at around a 0.8! And am a huge fan,

  • Simon

    Between 0.9 – 1.3 in the demo. Loved the premire, VERY different from previous seasons and there’s no more ‘Case of The Week’ stories this season.

    To those wishig that the Save Fringe campagine will work, it won’t. The producers THEMSELVES have made it quite clear that this will be the FINAL SEASON.

  • TimTebow

    @KJ Styles

    Pretty sure Tebow was 8-2 as a starter. LOL

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