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September 28th, 2012

Friday is generally a quiet night on television, unless you are a genre fan (Grimm & Fringe have carved out a nice niche on Fridays) but now the legal drama genre is looking to get in on the action. Made in Jersey has received some seriously negative reviews thus far, but as we've seen with The Neighbors premiere, negative buzz does not always equal bad ratings. So what do you think? Can a legal drama survive on a Friday? Cast your vote and let us know why in the comments!


  • Ricky

    No more than 2.0 – this’ll be the Gifted Man of this year.

  • flashmlj

    it this year’s version of close to home from a few years ago on cbs?i really enjoyed that show.

  • Tyson

    1.6, placing it between CSI: NY and Blue Bloods is a good idea. I still don’t think it’ll last.

  • Duncey

    Janet Montgomery is hot but this is dead.

    CSI: NY is on way too early and will move back to 9pm by November.

  • Nick

    Shark Tank- 1.7
    Last Resort (Repeat)- 1.3

    CSI: New York: 1.8
    Made in Jersey: 1.6
    Blue Bloods: 2.2

    America’s Next top Model- 0.5
    Nikita (Repeat)- 0.2

    The X Factor (repeat)- 1.1
    Fringe- 1.2

    Grimm (repeat)- 0.9
    Grimm- 1.7
    Dateline NBC- 1.2

    1. CBS: 1.9
    2. ABC: 1.5
    3. NBC: 1.3
    4. Fox: 1.2
    5. the CW: 0.4

    I want this to survive, it looks OK, but it will do poorly.

  • luisl


  • forg


  • Matt

    1.8 and 10 million

  • Hugh

    I’m confident. I think she’s attractive, that might help.

  • Deion

    It think it deserves a good 1.9

  • Greg


    This show just seems like a waste of space to me. I don’t understand why CBS simply didn’t stood with their spring line-up of Undercover Boss-CSI: NY-Blue Bloods.

  • EatMorePez

    Jordana Spiro’s looks didn’t help the Mob Doctor.

    1.5 for Made in Jersey

  • Blake Williams

    @ A P Garcia

    Ghost Whisperer and Medium can be seen online on Netflix…..I liked Made in Jersey and still miss A Gifted Man

  • Norman

    CSI: NY – 1.6
    Made in Jersey – 1.4
    Blue Bloods – 1.8

    Made in Jersey will last till the end of the year but will be switching timeslots with CSI: NY by November.

  • Ben

    I am not going to try and guess what ratings it got in the demo (18 – 49) or total viewers, but, the show I saw was very average, by the numbers, nothing special, and probably not the best show in it’s time slot. It’s not a bad show, but, with all the other programs, (from basic cable on up), the viewer could probably do a lot better.

  • sarah nz

    1.7 on the poll to be very optimistic
    1.4 most likely to get in reality

  • r0ckmypants

    @Bob – Considering A Gifted Man premiered below 2.0 and managed to survive for 16 episodes with an average somewhere around 1.2-1.4, this one would have to bomb pretty terribly (like, 0.8 or lower) to be in contention for first cancellation.

  • KJ Styles

    1.7, it will beat Fringe but lose to Grimm.

  • KJ Styles

    If this show fails, then CBS should just quit airing new shows on Friday nights for good.

  • OMG

    I am wondering why no one mentioned the absolutely wasted post-Superbowl slot for CBS on Undercover Boss? Sure it gave Desperate Housewives a good fight during its first year, but then it gets relegated to Fridays?

    Just seems like a wasted opportunity than on a show like The Big Bang Theory, or even Survivor at that time.

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