It's That TV Ratings "Wait and See" Time of Year (and We Love It!)

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September 28th, 2012

Yesterday CBS's chief of scheduling Kelly Kahl tweeted: "tv hack musing #3: hard to see anything very clearly right now. in 3 weeks, things will be much easier to sort out."

It's sage advice. Much like the NFL, it's hard to get a good read on things until there have been three or four games. The same is true for the new TV season. Sure, we don't need to figure out that once again for the most part ratings are down for the big broadcasters (except at NBC). But when it comes to new shows, except those that bomb out of the gate (like Mob Doctor) you generally have to take the "wait and see" approach.

There was much spinning of the Last Resort numbers this morning. ABC, like fans of the show, no doubt wished it had premiered higher. But calling a spade a spade "A Little Better than Charlie's Angel's" is way better than "a little worse than 'Charlies Angels'" when it comes to be PR! It's not laughable to think thatABC will keep Last Resort around a while if it keeps pulling 2.2's in the weeks ahead.  It's not likely it stabilizes --new series usually don't hold their premiere numbers the following week-- but it's not impossible.

And like it or not, we have to wait.

But speculating is fun and  this is the best time of year to do it. Other than the tail end of the season, right before the fall schedules are announced at the upfronts, this is my favorite time of year.

We'll know a lot more about Elementary in a few weeks than we do now, too, but I speculate that Mr. Kahl's friends in marketing & promotion at CBS will absolutely not wait three weeks (or perhaps even 3 minutes!) to get some variant of "Elementary, the new hit show everyone is talking about!" on the air.


  • Richard Steven Hack

    Last Resort had better spend the next two or three episodes explaining the TON of plot holes they dumped on the viewer last night…or they’re doomed. This show’s premise – and premiere – makes less sense than The Event’s finale…so I shudder to think what the finale will be like – maybe as bad as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles finale.

  • Karin

    Sounds more like CA than FF…but same result at the end..and skewing old also..
    Military on ABC’s is curious..

  • DW

    we can say that the mob doctor isnt going to be around for november sweeps.

  • Derrick

    Richard you keep talking about plot holes but dont mention any specifics, I think you just dont like the show, that OR you mean to say issues not resolved in the plot itself.

    there is a HUGE difference between a plot hole and something simply not being explained in the plot that will be explained latter on.

  • CrimTV


    It’s a good thing that he doesn’t talk about specifics otherwise people who have yet to watch the episode will be annoyed with the spoilers!

  • ruudisss

    I love the picture <3

  • Casey

    I love Kelly Kahl’s twitter.

    I also love this time of year, where for te first time after summer reruns and unscripted reality shows we finally see new numbers for new and returning favorite shows.

    I only wish we didn’t have to wait even 2 or 3 minutes for Partners to be yanked in favor of Rules.

  • Tom

    “hard to see anything very clearly right now”

    Ehh, we can’t see things very clearly, but we certainly have a good idea.

    You can sort shows into, say, five categories: DOA, Bubble, Solid, Hit, & Mega-Hit. We may not be able to narrow the new shows into the one specific category yet, but we can certainly narrow them down to two.

    We may not know if Elementary is Solid or Hit yet, but we do know Partners is either DOA or Bubble.

  • Matthew

    To Tom, just because the ratings say MEGA HIT, doesn’t mean the show won’t flop.

  • Emily

    I think really the biggest win for TV has been the 10pm hour, I mean last year it was declining like crazy, and this year arguably the two best premieres were in the 10pm hour (of course other 10pm hour shows weren’t that fantastic) but still, it feels like the bad timeslot logic, 10pm may be death, until the right show comes along

  • battye

    ruudisss, me too. Awesome picture!

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