'Last Resort' More 'Charlie's Angels' Than 'Flash Forward;' Nice Start for 'Elementary'

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September 28th, 2012

Amanda will have the full ratings  table up shortly now up here - but the debut of ABC's Last Resort did not make a huge impact drawing a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating (up a tenth from the 2.1 Charlie's Angels drew a year ago) and 9.1 million viewers.

CBS freshman Elementary debuted well with a 3.1 adults 18-49 rating and 13.3 million viewers, building on the 2.9 CBS's Person of Interest drew at 9pm.


  • FOXkid

    Glee fell on the ratings?? NOOOO!

  • Oliver

    LR not quite DoA but weak premiere. Unlikely to get a back 9.

  • rob60990

    4.3 for Grey’s :D

  • darius

    person of interest. 3.0 and 14.2 mil viewers!Big Bang Theory-4.8

  • Leaveit2me

    More of Nielsen’s bogus numbers. Increase the sample size and I’ll trust the data.

  • Cameron

    Glee has no power left without the old cast. It was so boring and hard to watch last night. Last Resort was kinda easy to predict.

  • The Old Woman

    Damn. Last Resort was the one new show I was looking forward to the most. Why do people not watch the interesting shows out there. Elementary is just another Mentalist or House. Nothing new or unique about it. Americans seem to want the same dull stuff all the time.

    I hope Last Resort improves on it’s ratings.

  • Anthony

    Up All Night numbers??? How much further did it drop? Enough to be pulled?

  • Kim

    I recorded Last Resort. Is it worth watching? I’m kind of afraid to get into it now.

  • DW

    sounds like people did watch last night just not 18-34 year olds. i watched it but im 39. not in the demo.

  • Greg

    Is it just me, or are we FINALLY starting to see some significant procedural erosion on CBS? H50 tanked on Monday, Vegas didnt have much of an impact on Tuesday, Criminal Minds and CSI took some significant dives on Wednesday, and Elementary opened to kind of a lackluster number on Thursday(for CBS that is), with the buzzy Person of Interest not even getting a 3. The only bright spots were the two NCIS shows. This probably doesnt bode well for Blue Bloods, CSI:NY and The Mentalist. YAY!

  • FOXkid

    Where’s the full ratings??? The critics loved the Last Resort! What happen?

  • DW

    oops im in there. i keep thinking its 18-34 for some reason.

  • CrimTV


    Ratings are falling every season!

  • Minnie

    That is okay for Last Resort. I think the real test will be in the coming weeks with new episodes. I hope ABC keeps this show around and moves it next season to a better a time-slot. Last Resort has a lot of potential especially if ABC wants a show that would be compatible with the potential Joss Whedon’s SHIELD series that ABC is looking a picking up.

  • darius

    Y assume y m not going to have to hear agains about every new cbs show being the next ncis.The entire industry is falling in the ratings!Ncis Grey Big bang and M family are miracles from this point of view!Tough times ahead

  • alim

    not bad for last resort. what were you guys expecting its against tbbt and xf.

  • O

    Last Resort was the best pilot I have seen in a long time, reminded me of Lost.

  • HeS

    I LOVED Last Resort. Give it a chance please. One of the best pilots ever, coming from someone who watches pretty much everything on TV. My prediction, it will gain ratings next week. I hope it will

  • Pam

    DVR was in overtime last night. BBT, POI. Watched Last Resort and was on edge of seat through show. Loved it and hope the story line can keep it up. Watced Elementary and reminded me very much of The Mentalist, will not be a must see for us.

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