'Last Resort' More 'Charlie's Angels' Than 'Flash Forward;' Nice Start for 'Elementary'

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September 28th, 2012

Amanda will have the full ratings  table up shortly now up here - but the debut of ABC's Last Resort did not make a huge impact drawing a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating (up a tenth from the 2.1 Charlie's Angels drew a year ago) and 9.1 million viewers.

CBS freshman Elementary debuted well with a 3.1 adults 18-49 rating and 13.3 million viewers, building on the 2.9 CBS's Person of Interest drew at 9pm.


  • SG

    The Last Resort was great!

  • ABCFanatic2012

    It was nice meeting you, Last Resort.

  • nonhoneyboopageantmom

    Im n the 18-34 demographic but how is the ratings tallied. we dvr everything, nothing is watched live. we absolutely loved LR. So, just curious as to does it count in ratings if u dvr instead of watch live….

  • Ekras

    Well there were NUMEROUS things going against last resort. It’s premier has been available online for weeks (longer in pirated form), and it was running against major competition. Plus it wasn’t advertised ANYWHERE that I could find, so less people knew about it than shows that they bombard people with ads about. I think it’ll maintain most of its audience, and maybe even pick up some viewers once word of mouth and reviews get out there.

  • richard

    i will watch last resort even if it gets cancelled. i understand why someone wouldnt want to watch a show thats getting cancelled, thats fine. but i will, (if its good, i have yet to watch the pilot, b ecause if i didnt watch a show because it was cancelled, or likely to get cancelled, i would have never seen 2 of the greatest tv series evr made!


  • badman

    @ nonhoneyboopageantmom

    not really.. just watch it live!


  • PreciousCat

    Last Resort was good.. I’m gonna be mad if the cancelled it before the end of the season. So far, word of mouth been decent.. hopefully it will go up next week

  • Paul

    Didn’t watch Last Resort but a show that goes up against The Big Bang Theory and X Factor and can still draw 9 million viewers should not be frowned upon.

  • AniMatsuri

    A good chunk of us predicted LR would get the ratings it did.

    Not going to be sorry to see this ultra liberal show get eaten by the bear.

  • Derrick

    Last resort was a good show, sad that it rated so low, same for scandal.

    Elementary is very surprising. It looked so cheesy to me( the commercials for it i mean, i havent seen the show yet)

  • Derrick

    ” AniMatsuri

    A good chunk of us predicted LR would get the ratings it did.

    Not going to be sorry to see this ultra liberal show get eaten by the bear. ”

    How exactly is Last Resort ultra liberal ?

    assuming this show took place in the current reality, its President Obama who is facing impeachment and just started a false war with Pakistan ( well,they nuked Islamabad, so Pakistan’s allies)

    How is that liberal ?

  • Jeff

    Last Resort is the best new show I’ve seen…bummer on the low ratings

  • SmG

    I’ve seen the pilot of Last Resort online a week ago and it was great. Disappointing start :(

  • AniMatsuri

    @Derrick The idea that US sub crew would refuse orders to launch missiles on a nation that’s more terrist leaning than anyway is a laugh.

  • Andrea

    Is there nothing that can be done by rob60990’s trolling? He’s taking the fun out of enjoying this site, which I’ve come to for years.

  • Sara

    Last Resort..well well well, i freaking LOVE Andre Braugher, this guy should be a star a la Denzel Washinghton but this last resort now show..not my cup of tea..and the problem for me actually it is his ‘procedurial, all american’ vibe..and i agree with you Derrick it is not at all liberal, and that is my problem..targeting Pakistani..well America and Hollywood doesn’t know this country AT ALL so this ‘portray’ doesn’t sit well with me at all ! However it was only the pilot therefore i will give them a break for now and if they can give layers and flesh out characters and storytelling i will eat crow..but being on an American tv network i am afraid, very afraid..and navy seals doesn’t really work like that either..i know it is fiction but still i will not watch and will be not ‘entertained’ if it stays one-note like that..and Andre Braugher would deserve FAR BETTER ! So let’s hope they have some decent ratings if only to see if they can imrpove themselves and my dear Andre needs a show who works (although i would prefer him to success in movies or smart cable shows)

  • Psac

    Way too overloaded pilot. Won’t do well next week, people won’t return.

  • Pfw51

    I might have been able to enjoy Elementary but I couldn’t understand half of the dialogue, even though I had the volume turned way up. Johnny Lee Miller talks so fast and Lucy Liu mumbled a lot. Slow down and speak up, people!

  • Eddy

    Mork & Mindy curse

  • Bill Page

    I enjoyed to show and would like to see more. This should be a mini-series, not a year long series. Hope you give it a chance to attrack viewers.

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