'Revolution,' 'Elementary,' 'Go On' and 'Vegas' Lead New Show Premiere Week Rankings

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September 28th, 2012



Those keeping score on a daily basis already know that Revolution (with it's second episode) was the number one new show in premiere week with adults 18-49 followed by Elementary. But below there are two tables (one 18-49, one total viewers) with all the new Monday-Thursday broadcast series in one place.

Update: you'll note The Neighbors (which drew a 3.2) isn't on the list and would have been second with adults 18-49. It wasn't on this list because this report excluded special previews that didn't air in their normal time slot, but indeed it was still the #2  new show with adults 18-49 on the week.

by adults 18-49:

National Nielsen Rank for Demographic: A1849    for    9/24/2012  -  9/27/2012
Rank Program Network Rating
2 Elementary (P) CBS 3.1
3 Go On NBC 2.7
4 VEGAS (P) CBS 2.5
7 Last Resort (P) ABC 2.2
8 BEN & KATE (P) FOX 2.1
10 Guys With Kids (P) NBC 1.6
11 Animal Practice (P) NBC 1.4

by viewers:

National Nielsen Rank for Demographic: PER2+    for    9/24/2012  -  9/27/2012
Rank Program Network (000)
1 VEGAS (P) CBS 14,847
2 Elementary (P) CBS 13,409
3 Last Resort (P) ABC 9,311
5 Go On NBC 6,923
6 PARTNERS (P) CBS 6,557
7 Animal Practice (P) NBC 5,188
9 Guys With Kids (P) NBC 4,839
11 BEN & KATE (P) FOX 4,211
  • little_big_man

    Wow, Last Resort is the #3 new show in viewers (and way, way ahead of #5-12). Too bad most of them are too old to count for anything… :-(

    What is it with the old viewers at ABC in this slot? Missing also head more than enough viewers that were just too old. But normally ABC shows never skew so old outside of DWTS (and its lead-out).

  • jimy dean

    Two questions:

    How long until revolution is cancelled? Because it is BAD BAD BAD. An I ain’t talking about Michael Jackson here. I’d say by next week they freak out when they see the rating drop another whole point in the 18-49.

    How long until “Last Resort” gets a full season order? I would say right now everyone who saw “Last Resort” is telling all their friends how awesome it is. There will be a steady climb and full season order by about episode 6.

  • Chuck T

    Who would have thought that NBC might have two hits: REVOLUTION & GO ON! With THE VOICE & Sunday Football they might actually beat ABC this season.

  • Ewaut

    Not to be difficult, but doesn’t the week have 2 days left, especially Sunday?

  • SJ

    The freshman crop is really bad this season, hence the underwhelming ratings. The reason why nearly everything was up last fall is because people were actually excited to see a lot of the new offerings.

    Funny how Nielsen issued this before the week is actually over. We still have to see how Made in Jersey and 666 Park Avenue did to get the full picture.

    The saddest part? I can’t see any of these shows holding a 3+ rating long-term, or hell, even next week! It’s the 2010-2011 season all over again.

  • Ellen

    This has been a tough season for CBS. Elementary might make it, but the other new shows are goners — while some veterans are bombing (H50 below a 2!)

    If Revolution and Go On maintain decent ratings NBC will be thrilled — their first two bona fide hits (outside Voice) in some time. I could be wrong but I think Chicago Fire has a good chance too.

  • Melanie

    Very interesting. Looks like Revolution, Vegas, Elementary & Go On have promise. Not so much the rest of them.

  • Ashley

    @jimy dean Is today opposite day?

    If you like LR that’s fine, but RVN is more likely to get a full season pick up when you compare their demo numbers.

  • fra

    I think it’s not right to compare premierè ratings with second or third episode ratings. Otherwise Nbc will be on top of the list: Revolution 4.1, Go on 3.4, Elementary 2.1, New normal 2.5 and then Vegas 2.5.
    This year will be tough for new series

  • KJ Styles

    The Neighbors will nose dive next week without the Modern Family lead in. I’m glad Suburgatory is getting that slot instead. It’s the most underrated sitcom on TV.

  • KJ Styles

    I watched Last Resort last night via DVR, and I feel that it’s hands down the best new show of the season. I think I’ll DVR Big Bang Theory and watch Last Resort live from here on out this season since BBT doesn’t need the ratings help.

  • Justin121

    I didn’t realize how bad this year’s corp was until I saw this.

    2009 and 2011 were much better.

    That said, there’s still Nashville, 666 Park, Emily Owens, and Arrow.

    For midseason, there’s The Following, The Goodwin Games, Infamous, Do No Harm, Hannibal, Cult.

    NBC this fall is last spring’s NBC. The only difference is Revolution and Go On. It remains to be seen if those two can maintain +2.5 ratings and if one of NBC midseason shows hits.

  • Karin

    So The Neighbors is N2…

  • Brian

    NBC reminds me of a 15-67 basketball team. They got two high draft picks and used them on Revolution and Go On. Thus, they’ll probably end up 22-60. They’d had done better if they hadn’t kicked off the best player last season, though.

    CBS has a couple of keepers as well with Vegas and Elementary. ABC had better hope 666 Park Avenue hits or it might be in real trouble. Fox has a couple of duds (Mob Doctor, Ben and Kate) already. CW could use a new hit (Arrow?, Emily Owens?) or the whole network is toast.

  • Bruce Blitz vs. Da Truth

    Brian good analogy there but Go On will end up being a draft pick that isn’t a bust but anything special either.

  • tv#1

    I really hope that Revolution turns out to be a success. I am loving the show right now, and I really want it to stick around.

    I also hope Go On and The New Normal become hits too. Both comedies are very good.

  • Theoacme

    Last Resort – will be cancelled, perhaps the nets should do designed limited series runs of shows like this (13 to 18 weeks – sort of like a maxi-miniseries). The fact that the writers failed Geopolitics 101, Geography 101, and What Second-Rate Military Powers Can Do To a Superpower 101 does not help – what a waste of Andre Braugher.

    Revolution – how did NBC get 30 something million viewers in their ads, unless they counted non-Nielsen estimates such as Hulu and the like?

    Mob Doctor – I expected better numbers, and FOX is praying for a 7 game World Series with the Yankees and the White Sox.

    The Neighbors – watched it, preferred “Car 54, Where Are You?” (Actually preferred the Indian head test pattern to The Neighbors.)

  • Networkman

    Outside of The Voice, NBC still does not have a scripted show that can pull in over 10 million viewers. Revolution is close but I hate to see what ratings it would garner if it were not following The Voice. Would it even see a 3.0 demo?

    CBS now has Vegas and Elementary garnering over 10 million viewers. And they are added to the list which includes NCIS, NCIS:LA, Criminal Minds, CSI, The Big Bang Theory, Two and A Half Men, Person of Interest and Blue Bloods. If I’m not mistaken 2 Broke Girls also cracked 10 million viewers.

    ABC has Castle, Grey’s Anatomy and of course Modern Family.

    Of course the network’s main concern is the demo. But it helps to have large numbers of viewers as well and then the show could hopefully see more of the desire demographic amongst the large viewership. This is the case for NCIS.

  • seasic

    The only good thing Vegas has going for it is, it didn’t premiere last yr with Pan-Am & Playboy Club, and it’s on CBS where half the people watching it can relate cause they where in there 20s/30s in the 60’s…
    Read the Vegas spec, felt like a movie…watched the 1st ep–felt like simple network TV…

    Let’s see what these ratings look like come November.

  • Brian

    Elementary, Revolution, Go On & Vegas are all safe for full orders if they don’t already have them and it isn’t strategic advantage not to go 22 eps (Rev.)

    The other shows can go either way depending on what the networks think they got. I think Last Resort will get enough attention to warrant a full season but no second season, it will receive alot of attention due to it’s provocative plotline.

    Right now if I had to predict the show safest to be back next year it would be Go On. That is because it is on NBC and only requires a 1.9+ to be renewed. It has big name actors and a plotline that would syndicate very well. — The other option would be Elementary.

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