Thursday Final Ratings: 'Big Bang Theory', 'Grey's Anatomy', Adjusted Up; 'Parks & Rec', 'Up All Night', 'SNL: Weekend Update', 'The Office', 'Glee', 'Scandal', 'Rock Center' Adjusted Down

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September 28th, 2012

The Big Bang Theory was adjusted up two tenths, Grey's Anatomy was adjusted up a single tenth, Parks & Recreation was adjusted down half a ratings point,Up All Night and Rock Center were adjusted down four tenths, The Office, was adjusted down three tenths, Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update was adjusted down two tenths and Glee and Scandal were adjusted down a single tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, September 27, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 5.0 15 15.66
FOX The X Factor 3.2 10 9.39
ABC Last Resort -P 2.2 7 9.31
NBC Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update 1.5 6 4.67
CW The Vampire Diaries -R 0.3 1 0.72
8:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men 3.5 10 12.54
NBC Up All Night 1.4 4 3.26
9:00PM ABC Grey's Anatomy 4.4 12 11.73
CBS Person of Interest 2.9 8 14.28
FOX Glee 2.4 7 5.79
NBC The Office 2.1 6 4.13
CW The Next 0.3 1 0.69
9:30PM NBC Parks and Recreation 1.6 4 3.27
10:00 PM CBS Elementary -P 3.1 9 13.41
ABC Scandal 2.1 6 6.74
NBC Rock Center With Brian Williams 0.8 2 3.13

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  • Jason Paul

    So glad Glee is falling! Hate that show!

  • Dinaminjo

    NBC has some nice pilots, they need to think.

    1. cancel UAN
    1.1 Office thursday 20.30

    2. cancel AP
    2.1 guys with kids thu 21:00

    3. launch sth new wed 20:00

  • EatMorePez

    Wasn’t Scandal adjusted down nearly every episode last Spring too?

  • jT

    New girl fox’s highest rated scripted show by a lot.

    Glee has to die quickly so fox doesn’t get the idea to give it the post superbowl again in 2014 instead of new girl.

  • bigbrotherfan

    LL2-just wondering what would you change about SCANDAL? I mean, other than the awful ‘twist’ at the end? The faster they close up shop with this Quinn thing the better. The red head is more of a annoyance than anything on her team, too.

  • Matt

    Wow. Just wow at Greys. Its in its 9th season and is doing a 4.4 and 11.7M… Thats really amazing. For a show to manage above a 4 and 11M after 9 seasons is just really great. Also, way above from Season8. I think this season will do much better than last season ratings-wise and story-wise. I also think Greys will last at least till Season 12, considering the actors signed a 2 year contract till S10, and also considering its considered as royalty over at ABC. Ditto to Shonda.

    I think that Scandal just needs time. As long as it manages above 6M and above a 1.8 its safe. And again, its from Shonda Rhimes. Exactly.

    Last Resort also did very well in viewers with 9.3M. Not so good with a 2.2, but since Ive seen alot of polls taken by viewers, alot of viewers seemed to think ti was pretty awesome. So did the critics. It recieved a 74/100 on Metacritic, which is pretty impressive for an ABC drama and for an ABC drama at the Thursday 8PM slot as Missing only recieved a 56/100 and Charlies Angels only got a 38/100

  • Bookworm

    Shrug at Scandal—don’t see much of a problem right now. Unsure if people are being overly pesstimistic. I thought it was expected.

    Happy for Grey–still a power house but I cried like a baby. Too many things happened to my heart.

    Meh for Last Resort–A 2.2 isn’t bad, so to speak, but I was still hoping for a higher rating. I feel the same way about POI- I was expecting it to premier in the 3.5 range, it didn’t crack 3 yet.

    Good for Elementary–wonder how long it will last;I didn’t watch because I’m not open to two Sherlock shows at one time, makes me feel confused.

    Sad for Glee–they are going to get eaten up by Grey and POI from now on.

    Just for the record, someone explain the retention rate and its logic. Scandal and Grey are two different shows and I don’t see how they can grab the same audience. Private Practice is very much a Grey spin off with some of the same cast members and overall, the same sort of feel and Shonda medical drama. Scandal is no where near that and I don’t expect people who like Grey to like Scandal. That doesn’t make much sense to me at all.

  • Sarah

    I wonder if Glee will continue to fall next week. And if so, how much.8

  • Oliver

    GWK was its timeslot premiere. It won’t hold those numbers. Stop comparing inflated premieres with veterans, it’s not a sensible comparison.

  • The End

    Predicting we’l sadly see some series lows with Two and a Half Men over the course of the season.

  • Casey

    Nice number for BBT in the finals, makes me wonder what it could do if it were an hour later when the TV viewership is higher? Looks like we’ll never know.

  • The End

    Happy with Person of Interests numbers, hopefully we’l get a Season 3 announcement in due course.

    Its as close as we’l get to a James Bond esq TV show in almost everyway.

  • omabin

    Grey’s is a monster in ratings, there is o doubt about that, and I am thrilled about that. Also happy about the big bang theory being adjusted up, even though I still prefer Modern Family to beat it (at least judging by this week’s respective episodes). Elsewhere, I am worried about Scandal. I know that being behind GA is what got the show renewed last season, but the truth is that the shows have nothing in common I think. I love and watch both, but weren’t for the fact that Shonda is such a known personality in these TV media areas, I would not associate the shows at all. It’s no wonder PP had a beter retention (I also love PP btw). I don’t see where else it could go though, so I won’t criticize ABC too much on that.

    As for Last Resort, I think ABC should have given it Tuesdays at 8. I love PP but it’s clear that its the last season, so ABC should just stop being stubborn and give it Thursdays at 8. I actually think since ABC does so well on Fridays and is not able to use it as graveyard for its shows as the other networks do, it should officially declare Thursdays at 8 as the graveyard. I think PP has an audience loyal enough to get a 1.5/6 there and I suspect it will be doing just that in a few weeks on Tuesday. Besides, being close to Grey’s might have done it some favours. Now it’s too late for that and Last Resort is probably doomed, but I would definitely move Castle there next year for a possible final season. Their Monday nights need to be completely revamped (starting by letting go of DWTS), and again I think Castle a following strong enough to pull 1.6s there (a la Bones on Monday against all the fierce competition, although Bones is quite stronger everything considered). There will always be shows to give final seasons to, for one reason or the other (syndication being the most common), so why not do it in a timeslot where nothing else seems to stick instead of sacrificing good dramas with no chance of suceeding in the timeslot?

  • KJ Styles

    I don’t know what I love more, BBT adjusted up 2 tenths or no up adjustment for XF.

    I also don’t know what I hate more, Grey’s adjusted up, or no up adjustments for POI and Last Resort.

  • Anthony

    Up All Night increases week to week. It’ll be renewed for sure!

    Just kidding, still totally dead.

  • bigbrotherfan

    As much as I love to see GWK succeed I don’t think THURSDAY is the place for it. PAIR IT UP WITH WHITNEY!!!!!! Move Whitney to Wednesday and axe Animal Practice. I have a strong feeling that GWK actually attracts more female viewers than suspected and would fit well with WHITNEY. NOT THURSDAY.

  • Luke

    In all honesty, I really don’t find the fall for Glee that bad considering the competition…I mean it was never going to be able to battle it out with the heavyweights but I myself was expecting a much larger drop than that.

    Grey’s is a beast though, incredible for season 9. POI is rather so-so though, considering all the talk of it being on an upward trend.

  • KJ Styles

    @Omabin- “As for Last Resort, I think ABC should have given it Tuesdays at 8.”

    It would have gotten whooped by NCIS. I think Last Resort would have worked better as a 9 or 10pm show.


    GO CBS!!

    That downward adjustment for Scandal & Rock Centre made Elementary look even better.

    Not too much glee left in Glee as FOX keeps falling–how low will she go?

    Stay tooned…

  • GARY

    Commercial interruptions really killed the drama on Last Resort,
    it would have been better with commercials at the beginning and end

    Good chem on Elementary between Holmes and Watson.

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