'Fringe' Premiere Rating Down From Last Year

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September 29th, 2012

In its fifth season premiere  Fringe was down from last year, earning a 1.1 18-49 rating vs. last season's 1.5 adults 18-49 premiere rating. Last year's season finale earned a 1.0 18-49 rating. Your predictions were about right

Via @MaskedScheduler:

1.1 rating in 18-49 with 3,176 viewers

The night's full ratings will be posted soon.

  • coolioni

    It was nice having the show back, but I thought the episode as a whole was a bit slow.
    I dont really love the idea of the whole “Oberservers taking over the world” story arc. But I guess they needed a new idea for this last season.
    I still love the show and will definatly keep watching this last season.

    I am really looking forward to Supernatural though this Wednesday !

  • marc

    Great episode though. Couldn’t care less about the ratings

  • Mr.Spain

    No sabéis lo que tenéis americanos para apreciarlo y valorarlo… Estáis abducidos por CSI, NCIS y sus derivados y no véis más allá… Vaya panda de Garrulos VIVA FRINGE!!

  • Raykov

    It’s the final season so good, bad or burned off we’ll see how it ends!

  • CrimTV

    @NBC is awesome

    Wow you really can’t just let us Fringe fans have a relaxed and great time watching the 13-episode final season can you?

  • Dennis

    I couldn’t care less!!

    FANTASTIC EPISODE and it will rate very low until the finale where it will get s slight spike upwards!!


  • senor chang

    I’m just glad Fringe fans can enjoy their final season in peace. Not a fandom you see everyday.

  • CrimTV

    I don’t see it falling very far (no more than 2 tenths) for this season, why would you start watching Fringe’s final season and then leave when there is only 13 episodes!

  • halloween

    why did fox renew this again, Gordon Ramsey repeats do better…stupid Fox

  • Dennis

    I was actually spot on with the 1.1 rating…

    Wonder where that guy is that said the premiere would get like a .5 or .6 at the end of last season??

    Richattack or something :)

  • were123

    Still higher than what Touch did on Friday and pretty much what it did avarage last season. I wish it had been higher, but who cares? It is the final season :D

  • Dennis


    Because they got the episodes dirt cheap and needed them for syndication?

  • senor chang

    numbers from an insider at NeoGAF:

    CSI: NY – 1.3
    Made in Jersey – 1.1
    Blue Bloods – 1.5

    Fringe – 1.1

    Grimm – 1.6

  • Dennis

    @senor chang

    if true, GRIMM did very well and won the slot :)

  • Observer

    I voted 1.0 so pretty close! Even though I don’t watch Fringe I’m happy the fans who are are getting a closure season they can enjoy without fretting about ratings and renewal. Hope they have a fun ride! (I wonder if the writers feel like they can go wild and indulge their fantasies without the worry of cancelation, it must be freeing)

  • John A

    Fringe half hours 3.42 and 2.93 viewers. Big drop in viewers Made In Jersey really flopped for CBS with a 1.1 demo.

  • Shelley

    I think the majority of viewers are like me, they have to watch via the DVR. I still have not had a chance to watch it. But ratings really do not matter at this point do they?

  • Oliver

    Made in Jersey DOA with 1.1.

    Grimm supposedly 1.6, which is great for Friday on NBC.

  • KS

    It was obviously an amazing episode, but I wish, I didn’t read the spoilers. TV-based websites have to take care, that they don’t spoil everything for the viewers.

  • Observer

    Yay for Grimm if above numbers accurate! Welcome back to Fridays little show!

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