Guess the Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Premiere

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September 30th, 2012

The magic is back tonight for Once Upon a Time's second season premiere. Last year's series premiere earned a 4.0 among adults 18-49 and the finale ended with a 3.3 rating. Will fans return to see the continuing saga of Storybrooke, or will the recent fairytale overload of movies and other media turn some viewers away? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments!

  • obisgirl

    I would hope it would be >4.0. It’s been a long summer without OUAT.

  • Danak

    Man, if this show does premiere in the high 3s after such a terrific first season, I’ll be really unhappy.

  • guss

    Football tonight too so……….I say 3.3-3.5
    Without football 3.8-3.9 would be possible

  • Raykov

    3.8-4.1 is my guess.

    Is there gonna be a Guess the Ratings for 666 Park Ave and Revenge?

  • Danak

    does should be doesn’t

  • omabin

    Slighly down from last yeart, but still ery strong. In the upper 3s would be my guess.

  • Victor Hugo

    I Thinl will come back strong – 4.0 ratings and 12 million
    Revenge and 666 Park Avenue – 3.5

  • anas

    Can’t wait for the episode *_*

  • Greg

    Once Upon a Time: 3.2.
    Revenge: 2.8.
    666 Park Avenue: 2.5.

  • omabin

    @Victor Hugo,

    I love Revenge but I think people are overly optimistic about this. I am predicting a 2.8/2.9, and I think that if it does that it’s a sucess. 3.5 sounds wayy too much for me. But maybe I am completely wrong, who knows, would love for that to be the case.

  • Tom

    ONCE UPON A TIME – around 4.0
    REVENGE – 3.3
    666 PARK AV.- 3.5

  • guss

    I know many people has started to watch OUAT this summer, so I think ratings will be great.

  • John A

    Hope Revenge gets a 3.2. I dont watch OUAT but want it to do well to give Revenge a great lead in.

  • guss

    I doubt Revenge gets more than 2.7

  • CrimTV

    What about Revenge and 666, will there be polls for them too?

  • Baqinardo

    OUAT 3.8-4.2
    Revenge 2.9
    666 3.2

  • Marcos

    OUAT – 3.7
    Revenge – 2.8
    666 – 3

  • MoHasanie

    OUAT – 3.5
    Revenge – 2.7
    666 Park Avenue – 2.3

    I’ll watch ABC tonight, and watch The Simpsons, Family Guy and The Amazing Race later.
    Excited for Revenge season 2 but not as excited as I was after the finale last year.
    666 Park Avenue’s story looks boring, but I’ll give it a try anyway.

  • Hubert

    3.5, let’s say. Very good. I am more interested to see revenge numbers (the show had quite strong but not great dvr numbers; I think a lot of them viewers will watch it live.)

  • rob60990

    “Without football 3.8-3.9 would be possible”

    It pulled those ratings when football was on. It did better when football was on than it did in the spring.

    3.8 is my guess.

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