If There Was a "Bubble Watch" Today, Would 'Revolution' Be On It?

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September 30th, 2012

Update: Live+3 ratings for Revolution's second episode are in.

Some version of the weekly Sunday table of shows called Bubble Watch will show up within the next few weeks, I haven’t seen Sunday’s ratings yet (because the show’s haven’t aired yet!) and I’m not worried about not formally having a table up with Mob Doctor, Made in Jersey and Partners listed just so I can say I didn't miss out on predicting them. It's already obvious that none of them will be back next season, and the Renew/Cancel Index will handle that well enough.

But enough about those shows, what about Revolution? If there was a Bubble Watch this week how would I designate Revolution? The obvious reasonable choices are likely renewal or that it’s “on the bubble” because it’s too soon to say.  Of those two options I’d have gone with “likely renewal.”

Some fans might say it should be certain renewal already. Those fans certainly can  feel good about the show’s ratings performance so far. I don’t think it’s reasonable to call it an absolute lock yet with only two data points, but I might feel differently with another week or two.

  • melissa

    I would certainly rather be in NBC’s shoes with Revolution than CBS with Hawaii Five-O’s dismal ratings on opposite Revolution.

  • halloween

    Its NBC, if Chuck can last 5 seasons….anything is possible

  • Polar Bear

    I don’t know why this is even being asked, considering NBC’s state right now.

  • julien

    Alcatraz looked good in the beginning too. I don’t want to be too pessimistic, but things can fall apart pretty quickly.


    Likely renewal, I must say

  • iggy

    It would have to fall 50% more to be in trouble, and that’s not likely to happen as long as it follows The Voice.

  • omabin

    On the bubble. I want it to suceed (although not at the expense of Five-0), but i think it’s too soon. The flashforward paradigma could still take place, so we really have to wait and get some more data points. Also, how they will handle the hiatus is fundamental. If they go off the air for 3 months a la flash forward it’s dead. If they manage to avoid long hiatus a la once upon a time in its first season (although that was due to the november late start) it would be much better.

  • Spencer

    I really can’t stand this show. i thought it would be good but it just isn’t good. But, it’s NBC, so even if it’s okay, it’s a hit on there. Sad. Though…is it expensive to produce?

  • Jon23812

    Likly Renewal, eventhough it’s too soon, we should wait and see if the ratings go down before we hit “on the bubble”

  • John

    Its gotta stabilize before making any determination, since it fell quite a bit in week 2. I mean it is NBC as long as it gets above a 2 in the demo I’d give it a solid shot for renewal.

  • John A

    The Voice lead in keeps it a hit. It would flop without it.

  • Anthony

    Alcatraz looked good in the beginning too. I don’t want to be too pessimistic, but things can fall apart pretty quickly.

    Not that I disagree with your sentiment but there is a difference between looking good (Alcatraz) and looking great (Revolution). Revolution is by far NBC’s highest rated scripted show right now (it could drop almost a full point and still be on top. Alcatraz wasn’t doing nearly that good. But yes it could continue to fall and end up cancelled (see: The Event).

  • were123

    Likely Renewal, its rating are the best NBC is getting (aside from The Voice), but we can’t be sure yet as it might bomb ala The Event, but for now it’s looking good, besides unlike The Event it has the best lead NBC has to offer

  • Brian J

    It’s too soon to be 100 percent sure, but if it’s not guaranteed to be renewed, it’s likely.

    It’s been on for all of two episodes, both of which have done well, both in general and certainly by NBC’s standards. The second episode dropped, yes, but the competition was stronger, so it’s not shocking. Let’s see how it does this week. If it stays about 8 million viewers at a 2.0 in the A18-49 demo for this week and next, it’s probably a shoe in for renewal.

    I’ll admit that I haven’t seen the show yet, but based on what I’ve read about it, the concept is elastic. It’s much easier to see how this show doesn’t run out of ideas faster than “Last Resort,” which wasn’t meant as a slam against that show, which was awesome. If it can become more solid creatively and take advantage of NBC’s scheduling strength, I could see it lasting for a few seasons.

    The only downside I see, as someone hinted above, is that “The Voice” won’t always be new, but that’s not the worst thing in the world, as long as the break in between the fall and spring seasons for that show aren’t huge. The time off could be used to simply rerun as many episodes as possible, in the hopes of bringing in new viewers.

  • Dan

    I agree with those saying things can fall apart fast, and compare it to similarly themed shows that started off strong but had their ratings fall a lot. I disagree about the point about Flashforward and its hiatus though. Flashforward’s ratings had already sunk a ton and it looked likethe it was done regardless of whether or not it went on a hiatus. If Revolution’s ratings fall as much as Flasgforward’s did before its hiatus it will be in trouble.

  • Observer

    I think it’s too soon to tell (unless NBC just takes a gamble), shows like this need more time to settle. My prediction would be that it would drop each week, but I could be very, very wrong.

  • CrimTV

    If it was renew/cancel it would be certain, but bubble watch, likely for now until we see the show stable out.

  • CrimTV

    @John A

    How do we know that Revolution only became a hit with The Voice, you have no evidence unless they air Revolution without a lead-in! Also The Voice is lower than last February and Smash was obviously not using The Voice lead-in because it was a 1.8 with a higher voice, The Voice is lower and Revolution is higher than Smash!

  • RJ

    Based off the ratings we already have, Certain Renewal. Any other guess would be just bizarre.

  • John A

    Ok move Revolution to Tuesday and see it get Parenthood ratings. Of Course The Voice is helping its ratings in the first few weeks.

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