If There Was a "Bubble Watch" Today, Would 'Revolution' Be On It?

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September 30th, 2012

Update: Live+3 ratings for Revolution's second episode are in.

Some version of the weekly Sunday table of shows called Bubble Watch will show up within the next few weeks, I haven’t seen Sunday’s ratings yet (because the show’s haven’t aired yet!) and I’m not worried about not formally having a table up with Mob Doctor, Made in Jersey and Partners listed just so I can say I didn't miss out on predicting them. It's already obvious that none of them will be back next season, and the Renew/Cancel Index will handle that well enough.

But enough about those shows, what about Revolution? If there was a Bubble Watch this week how would I designate Revolution? The obvious reasonable choices are likely renewal or that it’s “on the bubble” because it’s too soon to say.  Of those two options I’d have gone with “likely renewal.”

Some fans might say it should be certain renewal already. Those fans certainly can  feel good about the show’s ratings performance so far. I don’t think it’s reasonable to call it an absolute lock yet with only two data points, but I might feel differently with another week or two.

  • Dan S

    I feel Certain Renewal is the only choice. I don’t see it coming down not by much & this is the kind of hit NBC will definitely keep. It has the viewers & high demo coveted by advertisers & the show is actually fun to watch. It’s there answer to Once Upon A Time & I don’t think it’s another Flash Forward or Event. They would be fools to give it an extended hiatus so no long breaks IMO.

  • Brian J

    @John A:

    Possibly. The problem with “Parenthood” is that NBC took it off the air last February and, from what I could tell, never ran it once during its very, very long break and did little to no promotion for its new season. It’s a very good show, and as I keep saying, it’s unique among shows on the air right now, since it’s a pure family drama. It can’t run as long as “Law & Order,” but it could easily run for a few more seasons. I don’t expect it to suddenly match the ratings for “NCIS,” but there’s no reason it couldn’t grow with the proper help.

    Where, exactly, on NBC’s schedule it should go is an open question, however.

  • melissa

    By the way, Bill, will you be posting last night’s (Sat) ratings? Thanks.

  • Ricky

    Almost certain full season pick up, and likely renewal. I expect it to go down in the next few weeks though. And hopefully H50 will go up some, and whatever ratings imbalance between the two will correct itself over time (preferably with RVN having a slight lead.)

  • Fake Me Out


    With only 2 airings that’s still less than the (assumed) full season order of ~22 eps … renewal time is still a loooong way away and so much could go south especially with a show like this. How long before viewers find the young lady so annoying and stupid they begin cheering for her demise at the hands of the milita or even bad canned foods? (btw, I’m already at that point) I say the verdict is still out on a season 2 although by Hallowe’en we will have a better idea about this and many other shows (minus the early crash ‘n burns who’s fate already seem sealed).


    RIP Michael O’Hare (B5: Cmdr Jeffrey Sinclair)

  • Fake Me Out


    With only 2 airings that’s still less than the (assumed) full season order of ~22 eps …

    should read

    With only 2 airings that’s still less than 10% of the (assumed) full season order of ~22 eps …

  • thesnowleopard

    Yeah, I’m with Fake Me Out. It’s had two great ratings, with a drop between the first and second, but the buzz in some quarters has been poor. And people really hate the female lead. It reminds me of Camelot, which started out very well for Starz and sank like a stone by the end of the season, probably in large part because nobody could stand the guy they cast as Arthur. It’s never a good sign when the audience hates your lead.

    Sure, it could see a full season or even more, but with the odds against any new show making it even to 13 episodes, I think it’s far too early to tell how long the show will last.

  • ogla sungutay

    Revolution will go under 3.0 next few weeks and then will be on Cancellation Bear’s radar.

  • Kissan

    Revolution is doin well right now. But when The Voice finishes their blind auditions, they’re gonna go down and take Revolution with them.

  • The End

    The only problem really with Revolution is that you could count on one hand(At most) the reasons why you should tune in every week.

    It’s not a bad show, just a very slow burner. You have to invest for a long period of time to really know who is who, what’s going on, why they’re in that situation and mostly importantly the reason why you should tune in every week.

    At least with say Falling Skies, you knew the group were headed for Charleston, stuff about the Aliens was revealed, and the rebelleon plotline was thrown in there for good measure. Giving you a reason to tune in every week to pick up new tidbits and follow the group on their journey.

    Revolution just doesn’t have this initially.

  • Nick

    New show chances:

    Likely Renewal-
    Go On
    The New Normal

    Last Resort
    Ben & Kate
    The Mindy Project

    Likely Cancellation-
    Animal Practice
    Guys With Kids
    The Neighbors

    Certain Cancellation-
    Made in Jersey
    The Mob Doctor

  • Danak

    At the moment, it’s falling like Smash did, so I voted for too soon to tell. However, as with Smash, if it can arrest its fall and stabilize in the next episode or 2, I think it will be a lock for renewal, especially if its season average is above 2.0

  • Justin121

    It’s on the bubble.

    Coud easily crater.

    I did vote Certain Renewal, though.

  • KS

    I can see this show going for about 3 seasons and 4th season with a lot of struggle.

    We need not worry about the rating drops much, because, NBC itself is in a pathetic state and hence unlikely this show would be cancelled, unless it falls below 2.0. And the budget also doesn’t seem to be as high as Terra Nova.

    Regarding the quality, yes, Revolution is not in its glory days yet. It can better. Supernatural wasn’t that great only with its first two episodes.

    I think this show is perfectly fine for regular TV viewer, who doesn’t criticize every minute detail on the show.

  • Feedback

    Revolution will probably be renewed, but by God, is it a HORRIBLE SHOW. Worst premiere of the season I must say.

  • Tom

    @ The End You make a good point. For what it’s worth, Terra Nova had some of the same scripting issues as Revolution. Until the last couple of episodes, very little ever seemed to be happening. On the other hand, “Lost” was more unpredictable. I wonder, however, if Falling Skies would be successful on network television. It seems that anything smacking too much of science fiction is at a real disadvantage on the networks. I’ve always felt that programs like FlashForward and Alcatraz would have found an audience on cable. This assumes that the production costs were manageable.

  • KS

    @Fake Me Out and @thesnowleopard

    So, according to you both, two episodes are not enough to decide how the future episodes are going to be rated, but two episodes are enough to decide the quality of the show?

    Sorry, I don’t agree with this. I personally find a lot of improvement in the actress in the second episode.

    @Fake Me Out

    with a show like this

    Which other shows are you comparing this show with?

  • Liam

    I’d put it ‘On the Bubble/Too Soon’.

  • a p garcia

    I would say “NO”, but anything is possible in TV. Beverly Hillbillies was in the top 10 and it was cancelled.


    @ a p garcia

    ONO, it wasn’t the ratings that killed the Beverly Hillbillies, it was the advertisers who pulled it because its audience was too heavily concentrated in rural areas to suit the Madison Avenue suits.

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