If There Was a "Bubble Watch" Today, Would 'Revolution' Be On It?

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September 30th, 2012

Update: Live+3 ratings for Revolution's second episode are in.

Some version of the weekly Sunday table of shows called Bubble Watch will show up within the next few weeks, I haven’t seen Sunday’s ratings yet (because the show’s haven’t aired yet!) and I’m not worried about not formally having a table up with Mob Doctor, Made in Jersey and Partners listed just so I can say I didn't miss out on predicting them. It's already obvious that none of them will be back next season, and the Renew/Cancel Index will handle that well enough.

But enough about those shows, what about Revolution? If there was a Bubble Watch this week how would I designate Revolution? The obvious reasonable choices are likely renewal or that it’s “on the bubble” because it’s too soon to say.  Of those two options I’d have gone with “likely renewal.”

Some fans might say it should be certain renewal already. Those fans certainly can  feel good about the show’s ratings performance so far. I don’t think it’s reasonable to call it an absolute lock yet with only two data points, but I might feel differently with another week or two.


    Also, The Beverly Hillibillies placed #12 64-65, then again in 67-68, and #18 69-70, its final season (after finishing #10 for 68-69).

  • RJ

    Beverly Hillbillies could have been renewed, but that was the time of the “Rural Purge”.

  • rehabber

    I’m pulling for Kripke to have another long running show and I am liking it almost as much as Supernatural.

  • CrimTV

    @ogla sungutay

    If Revolution goes below 3.0, it’s still renewed in NBC’s standards! But with H50 and Castle not looking good and no new broadcast competition to come and with CBS’ failing comedy block, ABC’s weak monday and FOX’s weak dramas The Voice should rise and Revolution should stay stable! hopefully…..

  • Fake Me Out


    So, according to you both, two episodes are not enough to decide how the future episodes are going to be rated, but two episodes are enough to decide the quality of the show? Sorry, I don’t agree with this. I personally find a lot of improvement in the actress in the second episode.

    Yes, I can decide the quality of what I have seen so far, that can go up, down or remain the same but are you saying the first episodes have no quality? Are neutral? How many shows do I have to watch before I can “decide” if I’m seeing crap or quality or something in between? Besides, quality and ratings frequently are totally unrelated to each other … ie Jersey Shore, any singing show, anything on Faux News.

    Wait, you said you found the actress has greatly improved so you did indeed find fault with the first episode. I on the other hand gave her some slack in the first and found her character to be much worse in the second … I’m not even commenting on the wooden acting at this point just how this character is too stupid to have survived in this type of environment … a trait she probably inherited from her father who was too weak take out the man who threatened his family and was stealing their food … had to let the wife man-up and do it.

    @Fake Me Out

    “with a show like this”

    Which other shows are you comparing this show with?

    Any show with a developing mythology, long unresolved plot lines, and/or a soap opera-ishness to it as opposed to a monster/crime/situation of the week type show that pretty much are all stand alone works. Shows that require a long term commitment otherwise you get lost easily can shed viewers like mad if they don’t walk a fine line and keep the interest up without letting the cat out of the bag … never mind a writing misstep that makes the viewer groan, roll their eyes and decide life is too short so they switch the channel.


    RIP Michael O’Hare (B5: Cmdr Jeffrey Sinclair)

  • lotusguard

    I don’t see the show getting renewed at the end of the season. Of course the ratings look excellent now but they will finally plummet when it loses The Voice lead in. When will that happen?

    I would put it on the bubble because it’s too soon but definitely not better than that.

  • The End


    I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. And personally think Falling Skies would of been cancelled during its first season if it wasn’t on cable. Not because the show is bad, if anything everything about the show from the cast to the production is quality. Just as said I don’t believe it would have a place on one of the big networks like ABC, CBS, NBC etc.

    I would think the same of Star Trek and Stargate, just not enough of an audience on non cable platforms for shows like these to survive.

    Alcatraz would of fit well on cable as it was mostly filmed in Vancouver. Almost entirely an Canadian production there so the costs were lower than what you’d expect on Fox.


    In most cases you can decide if a show is worth watching and the general direction it will take after a few episodes. A show with a clear direction lasts longer than 1-2 seasons. A show without a direction/reason to watch will always end up cancelled quickly enough.

    I honestly believe Revolution lacks direction. I can’t say if the lack of direction as present will result in cancellation, that remains to be seen.

  • Patty

    Hawaii Five O is a far better show! Revolution is a piece of crap. Hopefully viewers will realize that! Move Hawaii Five O away from that lousy Revolution and you will definitely see the ratings for Hawaii Five O rise. Hawaii Five O is too good a show to be canceled because of a stupid show like Revolution!!!!!

  • alexjones

    at the MOMENT i’d say likely renewal, whether it stays that way though is another matter entirely.

  • The End

    @Fake Me Out

    Speaking of her father. I found his death to be quite ridiculus and badly handled. The whole thing was poorly done/badly written.

    Then you have Captain Tom Neville, Revolutions version of Judge Dredd(But less cool). Judge, jury and executioner. Willing to kill off anyone, for any reason really. No depth at all to his character beyond mindlessly killing anyone and everyone he deems worthy to feel his cold hard justice.

  • Moses

    I actually enjoy the show. Largely in part because of the presence of Tracy Spiridakos (Hubba, hubba)and Billy Burke. Both are new to me. But I’ve a growing concern that some mythical apparition, like a Smoke Monster, will soon appear.

    As long as the story line doesn’t “go stupid”, I’ll be watching.

  • Terry

    Don’t forget Revolution is on NBC, so even if it dropped to mid to low 2s, renewal is definitely in its future.

  • Rooks

    I just can’t see this holding an audience long term. Lots of shows premiere big, but don’t last. I still don’t think the audience is ready for another Lost-type event series, unless it takes them by surprise. Unfortunately, Revolution does a lot more hitting-over-the-head rather than sneaking-up-behind.

  • Gus

    Too soon to tell. What looks good now may not look good in December. Let us wait and see how the show’s ratings play out.

  • Dan

    The show will get a full season, and it would probably have gotten a full year if its numbers weren’t as spectacular. If it drops every week like The Event it will be cancelled. If NBC is smart and doesnt wait too long to return if after December than it might have a chance.

  • Bob

    Move Revolution away from The Voice and see what the real ratings are. If they can do the same on Tuesday or Thursday night then maybe they are successful.

  • Tyson

    LA Observed reported two hours that Nikki Finke’s Deadline may be on the bubble.

    According to the article, Deadline won’t cover breaking news for at least a week while attending to in-house business of an undisclosed nature. Finke posted the news at her site also.

  • NCJeff

    Too soon to say. It’s early in the season still and folks are still sampling shows. Seems that shows like this – serialized dramas high on the gimmick factor – start strong because of the gimmick but steadily lose viewers as the weeks turn into months.

    On the other hand, this is NBC. Standards are lower and as we all know, it doesn’t have to be the best to escape the bear, just better than others on the same network. The bar is set low for NBC in that regard.

  • Lucy

    I think it has a strong chance, this is NBC, where half its comedy’s are pulling 3-4 million. If it was on ABC, cancelled mid-season or one season wonder.

  • Emily

    I reckon 90% chance of renewal, yes there is a huge possibility for it to drop suddenly like so many before it, but even if that happens, honestly I reckon an NBC drama could hang around with a 1.8, a 10pm probably even a 1.5-1.4 (you should totally have a poll of prediticing the lowest rating for each network that shows can survive)

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