If There Was a "Bubble Watch" Today, Would 'Revolution' Be On It?

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September 30th, 2012

Update: Live+3 ratings for Revolution's second episode are in.

Some version of the weekly Sunday table of shows called Bubble Watch will show up within the next few weeks, I haven’t seen Sunday’s ratings yet (because the show’s haven’t aired yet!) and I’m not worried about not formally having a table up with Mob Doctor, Made in Jersey and Partners listed just so I can say I didn't miss out on predicting them. It's already obvious that none of them will be back next season, and the Renew/Cancel Index will handle that well enough.

But enough about those shows, what about Revolution? If there was a Bubble Watch this week how would I designate Revolution? The obvious reasonable choices are likely renewal or that it’s “on the bubble” because it’s too soon to say.  Of those two options I’d have gone with “likely renewal.”

Some fans might say it should be certain renewal already. Those fans certainly can  feel good about the show’s ratings performance so far. I don’t think it’s reasonable to call it an absolute lock yet with only two data points, but I might feel differently with another week or two.

  • Hugh

    Likely. If it does well in Week 3 I’d still say Likely but would be much more confident.

  • Oliver

    It’s still too early to tell. Plenty of shows launch well and collapse in the ratings, especially high-concept dramas, and it’s a long time until next spring. I think people underestimate how liable new shows are to fall vs veterans.

    Partners and Animal Practice are both certain cancellations and The New Normal is a bubble show. I’ll be generous and give Guys With Kids the benefit of the doubt.

    I regard Animal Practice as a huge flop, up there with Coupling and Emily’s Reasons Why Not, because of the sheer amount of resources NBC put into promoting it. There must be huge amount of awareness for the show, given the promotion and early preview, so America must have consciously avoided tuning in.

    I suspect NBC believed the monkey element was eminently promotable, in spite of the show’s other weaknesses, but I think the audience felt it insulted their intelligence. It was simply too stupid.

  • s0303

    on the bubble…the show isn’t very good and i’m sure a lot of people will be dropping it soon…

  • sarah nz

    On the bubble.

    Dislike the show and think that the ratings will continue to slide.
    It may be able to stay above 2.0 and stabilize, but don’t think it will.

    Or it could surprise me : kill off Bratniss and get smarter in how they write the charcters – stop making them seem so stupid. ymmv.

  • v

    The question is when will NBC order full season?
    NBC standards are pretty low.

  • Sam

    Likely renewal for now, but should be certain cancelation.

  • James

    Renewed: Go On, The New Normal and Revolution
    Cancelled: Guys with Kids, Animal Practice, and probably Chicago Fire

  • Nick


    I put The New Normal as likely to be renewed because it seems to be stabilizing. It dropped only .2 against much bigger competition when its lead-in dropped about .6. It’s also doing better than any other NBC comedy except Go On. I can see the case for making it on the bubble, but I think it will be renewed.
    I put Partners as likely to be canceled just to be safe. As for Animal Practice, it’s NBC. They have terrible standards.

  • Annie’sGotAGun

    Revolution might get renewed but I will certainly not be watching it, and I am the type of person who should like the show. I feel like this show had an interesting concept but has squandered it with its bland ideas of how society would work without electricity. The show also has a weak lead who looks like a model instead of a girl fighting for survival.

  • silvit

    The show also has a weak lead who looks like a model instead of a girl fighting for survival.

    Ain’t it the truth… Note to producers: If I have to believe she’s a badass character in such extreme conditions, I have to buy and not just being told (see: moving like a badass, talking like a badass, dressed like a badass, minimal or NO make-up -she’s just a girl, she would be fine even without it unlike a granny-, with unruly hair instead of perfectly styled hair etc. etc.)

  • Brian

    Likely Renewal. On any other network, Revolution would be on the bubble. But because NBC is in dire straits right now with only The Voice and SNF to prop it up, Revolution will at the very least get a full 22 episodes. I thought the competition of Castle and Hawaii 5-0 would have made it a goner, but pleasantly surprised to be wrong.

  • Brian

    Seems a bit soon to do this, but my NBC renewal predictions as of now…

    Practically Renewed: Go On
    Likely: Revolution
    Bubbly: The New Normal/Chicago Fire (hasn’t premiered)
    Likely Cancelled: Guys with Kids/Animal Practice

  • TheEmulator23

    Watch it’s Ratings fade just like “The Event” Did. It’s a terribly acted show, & the lead girl is awful. Just like others have said, take away it’s high rated lead-in & watch how quickly the Power gets turned off by our remote. It may get a 2nd year, but I doubt it. Of course NBC needs something, why would we watch crap on Networks when there are too many other good shows on Cable?

  • Gary A

    I must have missed the premise for this thread:

    I thought it meant if the season were ending and not just starting so I said yes, certain renewal. If we are talking about next spring, it is WAY too early to make that prediction. If the show survives the inevitable winter hiatus and doesn’t fall below a 2.0, then I would expect it to be renewed. But, the cost may be a factor at that rating too.

    For the record: The Beverly Hillbillies was the number 1 show in its’ first two seasons, dropped to #12 in its’ third season ( with a time period change ), remained in the top 10 and 20 thru its’ eight years. The ninth and final season the show was moved to Tuesdays and it fell out of the top 30 as did many other long time “rural” favorites. The “rural purge” at CBS in the spring of 1971 was actually a two year occurrence and was one of the first times that demographics became of importance ( who was watching as opposed to how many were watching ).

  • thesnowleopard


    Well, let’s see–people are predicting that it will be a success based on two good ratings out of a potential season’s worth of 22. I see no reason why one can’t say that it’s a piece of crap based on two absolutely terrible episodes out of 22, especially when they are the first two. It may improve, but the first two episodes stink and the reasons for their bad smell (lousy, characters, lazy worldbuilding, meandering storyline) don’t bode very well. This is the honeymoon period for the show. People are not likely to ever be any more willing to try it than now.

    And I disagree about the quality of the first two Supernatural episodes. I thought the SPN pilot was quite effective, especially Dean’s initial entrance. It set up everything it needed to set up and still told an MOTW story. The second was nothing to write home about in the general history of the show, but it wasn’t terrible, either, and it didn’t make anybody question why they’d want to continue to watch.

    Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and all that, but if you look at Grimm, you can also see why it survived an initial run of horrible episodes–it had some interesting characters and the worldbuilding had potential without being nonsensical from the outset. Admittedly, the lead wasn’t initially one of those interesting features, but the ones that were appeared every week. It gave the writing time to improve.

    Revolution doesn’t have those advantages. What it really has at the moment are two data points of strong audience sampling, but it’s going to have to offer them a reason to stick around if it wants to keep that demo.

  • cheryl m

    I watched episode 1 and 2 of revolution on demand yesterday.The first episode seemed promising by the end of the second it had lost me, i was having serious deja vu from watching Alcatraz.Ive just seen it all before i can dream up better stuff than this every night shame im not a writer is all i can say.Oh and it was hilarious that C.Thomas Howell the supposed guest star was killed off in the 2nd episode before his acting credit went up on the opening of the show.Dewey go back to Southland

  • Tom

    I’d only rank it as a Likely Renewal.

    1) This genre has a terrible history of collapsing over time.
    2) We have no idea where it will be scheduled in Spring – though spots like Thu@10 seem doable.

    That said, given NBC’s recent average, it could lose an entire point and still be a lock for renewal.

  • Pepper

    Too soon to tell. Sometimes shows that look okay in the first few weeks tumble down to the jaws of the cancellation bear.

  • Melanie

    The renewal is within Revolution’s grasp — depends on the next few critical episodes.
    I watched Revolution live instead of H5O and will continue to do so. I actually DVR’d both H50 and Castle (Have always DVR’d Castle to watch later). H5O disappointed me – I don’t know if other people felt the same, but I don’t feel the need to go back to watching live.

  • The End


    Realistically they should of paired the lead female with whats his name, from the militia. Except they should of just had him be a random dude that she encounters along her travels.

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