If There Was a "Bubble Watch" Today, Would 'Revolution' Be On It?

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September 30th, 2012

Update: Live+3 ratings for Revolution's second episode are in.

Some version of the weekly Sunday table of shows called Bubble Watch will show up within the next few weeks, I haven’t seen Sunday’s ratings yet (because the show’s haven’t aired yet!) and I’m not worried about not formally having a table up with Mob Doctor, Made in Jersey and Partners listed just so I can say I didn't miss out on predicting them. It's already obvious that none of them will be back next season, and the Renew/Cancel Index will handle that well enough.

But enough about those shows, what about Revolution? If there was a Bubble Watch this week how would I designate Revolution? The obvious reasonable choices are likely renewal or that it’s “on the bubble” because it’s too soon to say.  Of those two options I’d have gone with “likely renewal.”

Some fans might say it should be certain renewal already. Those fans certainly can  feel good about the show’s ratings performance so far. I don’t think it’s reasonable to call it an absolute lock yet with only two data points, but I might feel differently with another week or two.

  • Alex

    I go with “likely” based on its 2nd week performance and the DVR ratings which people are finally starting to pay attention to. A lot depends on how it does tonight. Third time’s the charm and if it continues to do well, an/or hold its own at least, it should be safe for now. A show like this pretty well needs lots of notice for a full season pick-up.

  • bk109

    I’ll go with ‘too early to tell’,because frankly – this show is bound to start losing viewers due to people dropkicking their TV’s when Charlie does the umpteenth ‘But we’re familyyyyyy’/’Lookie at my moral high horse’ speech of the week ;)

  • Hillary

    NBC just picked Revolution up for a full season. New Normal and Go On, too.

  • E

    Save scifi shows

    the only shows that should be cancelled are glee, x factor, american idol, worst shows ever!!!!

  • geo pf

    Franklin & Bash on for season 3!!!!! Great news. Great cast, smart wit, unique story lines and mindless fun. Ratings were up…..

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