"Revolution" Breaks Its NBC Record for Biggest Jump From L+SD to L+3, Finishes Within 5% of Premiere Rating

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September 30th, 2012

via press notes:

L+3 Results for Mon-Tues 9/24-25/12:

  • “Revolution” grew from last Monday’s “live plus same day” rating (3.45) to “live plus three day” (5.19) by 1.74 points, breaking the show’s record from the previous week for the largest increase from L+SD to L+3 ever for an NBC telecast.
  • In L+3, Week 2 of “Revolution” finished within 5 percent of its premiere rating (5.19 vs. 5.45), and that’s despite the arrival in Week 2 of time-period competition from the season premieres of “Hawaii Five-0” and “Castle.”
  • Revolution (+1.74) had the biggest increase among any ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox program on Mon/Tue (2nd highest is New Girl, up +1.05 at both 8p and 9p Tuesday)
  • Revolution (5.19) and Voice (5.18) are the top 2 shows on the broadcast nets for Mon/Tue


  • James

    The networks use the Live+3 days to determine ad revenue, don’t they?

    If so, I’m sure NBC are delighted with the numbers that Revolution is picking up in the first 3 days.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @James: not quite, L+anything = *program* ratings which are ratings for the whole period (show and commercials). The ads are sold based on ratings that non-subscribers don’t see called C3 ratings (live commercial viewing, plus 3 days of DVR). Those are just the average ratings for the commercial viewing of the show rather than the program & the ads.

  • MattM

    Even without DVR pimping, the show’s pretty much a hit. NBC was smart to premier their shows before everyone else, almost all of their new shows are up compared to last year.

  • James

    Thanks for the reply Robert.

    Would you say that Live+3 provide a more accurate look towards the C3 data than Live+Same day?

    Not seen Revolution, so I’m not looking to have an excuse to say it is doing well, I’m just interested in the ratings system.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    James: no, I wouldn’t say that at all since C3 ratings can be lower than L+SD program rating, but I haven’t seen much C3 data so take that with a grain of salt. Remember, lots of people still watch live, and lots of people still change the channel during commercials. The L+SD program ratings (that contain the same night DVR) already have a big DVR component built in (eg Revolutions live adults 18-49 program rating was a 2.8 vs. 3.4 Live+SD). Especially since it’s relative ratings that matter, I think the L+SD are an excellent proxy despite what the network folks say. But their bias is selling ads and ours is figuring out which shows will be renewed or canceled.

    That said, in L+SD The Voice was NBC’s top show in A18-49 Monday, and in L+3 Revolution edged it out by a one hundred of a ratings point (though they’ll show as tied in the standard ratings which round to one tenth). From an ad salesman spin perspective, that might be significant. From our perspective its not significant — both are getting renewed at the current levels, be it L+SD, L+3 or L+7.

  • Tested

    I’ve concluded the networks use the +3 numbers just for promotional purposes to get non-viewers to think they’re missing out on a very popular show. It does also generate more free media for the show. Would love to see the c3 numbers sometime.

  • CrimTV

    Wooo this is great for Revolution!

  • j

    Yes, yes, you have the biggest new hit of the season…based on 2 episodes. Now maintain that, and…maybe try to have more than 1 scripted show w/good ratings?

  • dee

    Two words “Flash Forward” How quickly people forget that series started out big, 12.4 million viewers then 10.7, then 9 and kept going down until it ended with 4.96 million. Revolution first episode had 11.6 million (4.1), second at 9.2 million (3.5). Let’s see what the rating are for the third episode but I’m already seeing a pattern here.

  • DryedMangoez

    That’s great. Hopefully Kripke and Co. can keep people hooked for 13-22 episodes

  • Tony

    Are the C3 numbers based solely on the written diaries? That’s the only way they could be accurate. If its based on electronic monitoring, then there’s no way to distinguish between someone leaving the room during a commercial break and someone sitting there watching the ads.

    In any case, the C3 numbers that we have seen over the years haven’t shown any significant difference from the 18-49 numbers that we see every day in terms of which shows get renewed and which ones get canceled.

  • Martine

    I can easily see this show losing viewers little by little. Like Flash Forward. For one thing I actually watched just to see what the heck “electricity is gone” could possibly mean. Like no more static cling? No lightning? No brain activity? But all i saw was people in Amish clothing and conspiracy theories and some annoying rebellious daughter. So I didn’t watch this week although I sort of meant to. We will see.

  • Martine

    However, I do believe that NBC is getting stronger and stronger over all.

  • senor chang

    I know that these ratings have no effect on renewal/cancellation, but WOW. that is still a huge number for Revolution. and it beat the Voice in the demo with those numbers factored in. is it possible that some of those DVR viewers might start sticking around live or move with the show when it goes to a new timeslot?

    in any case, this is a very encouraging result.

  • Michael

    @Dee…I don’t think that it’s fair to compare the Flash Forward plummet to Revolution. There is always a week one to week two drop-off. Those no longer curious quit the show(and the live+ ratings indicate that very few people actually left). Flash Foward was a great concept that was poorly executed. I couldn’t tolerate it after the episode. Revolution is much stronger.

    Most importantly, this in NBC that we are talking about. 4.95 million viewers with a 2.0 rating could easily survive into a second season.

  • Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?

    That was just for the Pilot episode. It could follow the path of Terra Nova – its has the same feel to it. If it can mainting something 3.0 in the demo through the first half of Season 1 then it definitely could last multiple seasons. If it plows down past 3.0 an hits 2.0 – then its Terra Nova revisited.

    Liked the pilot but Im not crazy about the characters. Many are annoying – not as annoying as the poorly cast Terra Nova, but close. Seems like a bunch of kids mostly running around playing Hunger Games or something.

    Since guns still work its hard to imagine the regular militaries of the world wouldnt be running military dicatorships. Not some militia guy resembling the General guy from The Postman with a motley crew of cutthroats.

    Hard to imagine after 15 years people wouldnt have build vehicles like huge trucks running like old steam locomotives using wood/coal for fuel.

    It would have been better to use a massive solar flare/EMP to fry all the electronics so only engines/vehicles with no computer controls would still work and set the series a few years after the event.

    Despite its flaws I will continue watching Revolution to see where they go with it. I punished myself week after week with Terra Nova and Revolution so far isnt as bad – yet – unless it gets really dull by delvolving into episodes with opera like melodrama plots about “relationships” and crossbow girl “hooking up” with various guys.

  • rehabber

    I watched both Terra Nova and Flash Forward and did not connect with any of the characters, in fact I was pulling for the dinos in TN. Revolution is so much better, for me at least, and am hoping that Kripke has another series that goes many years..Supernatural is starting its 8th season Oct 3.

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