'Dexter' & 'Homeland' Premieres Rise, Give Showtime Its Best Sunday Night Ever

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October 1st, 2012


SHOWTIME® delivers largest sunday audience ever with 3.04 million for DEXTER®

and 2.07 million for homeland

Homeland Returns Up 60 Percent Versus Season One, Poised To Be The Network’s No. 2 Series

DEXTER Season 7Debuts With Its Highest-Rated Premiere Ever

With the one-two punch of DEXTER and HOMELAND, last night, SHOWTIME delivered its largest Sunday night audience ever with 3.04 million viewers for DEXTER and 2.07 million viewers for HOMELAND.


On the heels of sweeping the major drama categories at the Emmys, HOMELAND returned for its second season up a giant 60 percent from its season one premiere. With 1.73 million viewers at 10 p.m. and 2.07 million viewers for the night , the season two premiere of HOMELAND:

  • · Delivered the largest season two premiere audience ever for Showtime, outperforming Shameless season two (vs. 1.58 million) by nine percent.
  • · Attracted the largest audience for HOMELAND yet, outperforming the S1 premiere by 60% at 10 p.m. (vs. 1.08 million) and up versus last year’s finale (1.7 million).
  • · For the night, HOMELAND was up 50% versus the season one premiere night (vs. 1.38 million) and up vs. the S1 finale (2.03 million), across three plays.
  • · Drew the ­­largest premiere audience for a returning Showtime series (behind only DEXTER).
  • · Is now poised to be SHOWTIME’s No. 2 rated series.
  • · Season one of HOMELAND ranks as the network’s highest-rated freshman series ever, averaging 4.4 million weekly viewers across platforms in its first season. Its season one finale was the highest-rated finale for a freshman series in SHOWTIME history, with five million viewers across platforms.
  • · Roughly 3.1 million viewers, or 71 percent of the series’ weekly audience, watched HOMELAND S1 on a time-shifted basis (after its Sun 10 p.m. airing) — viewing replays, on their DVR, and on-demand.
  • · Homeland saw unprecedented On Demand usage in season one – and delivered over one million new viewers On Demand every week.


With 3.04 million viewers for the night and 2.4 million viewers at 9 p.m., DEXTER delivered its highest-rated premiere ever.

  • · Dexter continues unprecedented growth in its premieres, up every year since its prior cycle for the sixth consecutive year.
  • · The premiere now ranks as the top telecast of the year for SHOWTIME, outperforming the Shameless (1.6 million, 3/4/12) by 50 percent.
  • · With 3.04 million viewers for the night, the season seven premiere night was up 10 percent versus season six premiere (vs. 2.76 million) and up versus the S6 finale (vs. 2.71 million).
  • · At 9 p.m., the seventh season debut was up 10 percent versus the S6 premiere (3.04 million vs. 2.19 million) and up versus the S6 finale (vs. 2.23 million).
  • · Dexter is the No. 1 rated series on Showtime, watched by nearly 5.5 million weekly viewers across platforms in its sixth season, the series' highest rated season ever.
  • · Roughly 3.5 million viewers, or 65 percent of the series’ weekly audience, watched DEXTER S6 on a time-shifted basis (after its Sun 10 p.m. airing) — viewing replays, on their DVR, and On Demand.

*Final series ratings including all platforms (On Demand, Live+7) will be available in a few weeks.

  • RPD

    Homeland was incredible. Dexter wasn’t bad, either…

  • brentpo

    I was excepting two million for Homeland with all this Emmys. Still a series high.

  • DRP

    Dexter was incredible. Homeland wasn’t bad, either…

  • Rodrigo


  • Mike B.

    I just love Homeland and I am a Canuck! Anyone else see the look on Carrie’s face while running away after she nailed the guy in the nuts :)

    I will have to watch Dexter later today. About 80& of all TV shows I watch now are on cable. Network shows are dead.

    Are these cable shows worth more or less compared to network shows??? I mean value to the production compaines when selling them. Thanks.

  • SmG

    Dexter started out great !


    Yay for Homeland, my favorite new show in a while

  • John A

    I sort of expected more from Homeland i at least thought it would beat Dexter.

  • alexis

    Dexter rockssssss!

  • Rooks

    Dexter had an awesome night, and it’s going to happen again and again.

  • Andy

    Showtime will reign Sundays for me! Screw you ABC! At least I’ll watch the Revenge repeats

  • Mike B.

    @John A

    I agree. I thought all the good press and multi-Emmy wins would have it at least 2.5 million.

  • Karin

    Switch them Showtime, Homeland is the hit,best drama ,Dexter is boring as hell,Homeland trnding all the night

  • SarahL

    Yay, Dexter! It was a great season premiere. This season is going to be wild.

  • Polar Bear

    I was thoroughly shocked at how good Dexter’s premiere was.

  • @Mike B
    Imo, Network shows today are also very good and extremely underrated. Each network has at least one good show. Some of these also could end up in a Top 20-30 list.
    ABC: Last Resort, Happy Endings, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt.23 (Hear great stuff about Suburgatory and The Middle but have not watched them. Modern Family is good when its good but it’s mostly decent or meh.)
    CBS: The Good Wife, Person of Interest, How I Met Your Mother (The Big Bang Theory is sometimes good..and Vegas can get better after a couple of episodes)
    Fox: Fringe, Raising Hope, New Girl (The Mindy Project, Ben & Kate are also good. I also watch Glee but that’s only mostly fun. Touch is sort of good)
    NBC: Parks & Recreation, Community, and Parenthood (Revolution can get better. Go On & Animal Practice are so far so good. Have not checked out The Office or 30 Rock but at least heard great things about the earlier seasons and some current episodes)
    CW: Nikita (This show is really underrated. Not a lot of blogs cover this show..and it consistently delivers good episodes.) The Vampire Diaries (Title/genre scares people away…but the show is really good.), Supernatural (I have high hopes for Arrow)

  • Mike B.

    For those who might have an interest.

    On the torrent scene, as of now: 70,532 for Dexter and 57,348 for Homeland, included for the top files.

    …watching Dexter right now :)

  • Johnny G

    The issue is that even with Emmy wins, people aren’t likely to up and change their cable subscriptions. However, I expected maybe a little more due to previous subscribers realizing they were already paying for a great show. Homeland is pretty amazing and season 2 started off better than I could imagine story-wise.

  • Brandon

    This makes me so happy! Dexter was amazing last night, finally something to shut up the Dexter haters. Homeland was good, but not the best, it was more of a setup episode though.

  • Hello

    Dexter was great last night; better than Homeland.

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