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October 1st, 2012

So far, Revolution is the biggest hit of the new television season. It premiered to a huge 4.1 adults 18-49 rating. It held up well in its second week, beating the season premieres of Castle and Hawaii Five-0 head-to h-head with a 3.4 adults 18-49 rating. NBC is touting how well the second episode did in Live +3 ratings. In theory, this could be a strong week for Revolution since interest in its competitors might have peaked with their season premieres and the odds that this week's Monday Night Football Game will be an insane as last week's are very slim. On the other hand, The Event premiered big on NBC  then declined steadily. The question remains: is Revolution the next Once Upon a Time or the next Fast Forward? Take your best guess.


  • Victor Hugo

    Well i say

    8.5 – 9 million and 3.0 ratings

  • Lane

    The voice – 4.4
    Revolution – 3.2

    Bones – 2.1
    Mob Doctor – 1.1

    HIMYM – 3.4
    Partners – 1.9
    2BG – 3.6
    M&M – 3.0

    CW – .3

  • velouria00

    3.0 drip, drip, drip.

  • TVDude

    It would be awesome for it to stay above a 3.0 and I think that’s realistic.

    Still, I think NBC will be happy as long as it ultimately stays above a 2.0. Of course they want it higher, but sometimes you gotta take what you get. The fact is Revolution’s numbers would look good on any of the other broadcast networks and, hey, this is NBC.

  • s0303

    i’ve seen both episodes and this show is not very good…i’m guessing 2.7 and it will continue to drop…

  • Nick

    DWTS- 2.4
    Castle- 2.3

    HIMYM- 3.4
    Partners- 1.9
    2BG- 3.6
    Mike & Molly- 3.0
    Hawaii 5-0- 1.7

    iHeartRadio Music Special- 0.4

    Bones- 2.1
    The Mob Doctor- 1.0

    The Voice- 4.4
    Revolution- 3.1

  • Samunto

    3.6. I Seem to be alone on this but I honestly think it’ll go up 2 tenths. Not the greatest show but easy to watch & digest. Worst case scenario a 3.3.

    H5-O & Castle will be lower than a 2.0. I expect around 1.8 for these two lazy cats of shows!

  • luisl


  • Matt

    2.5. The show will be a flop overall, though it might hit enough of a demo with the Twilight crowd to hang on for a bit. Personally, I took Apocalpyse: 90210 offmy DVR after last week’s disappointing follow-up to an even more disappointing pilot.

  • Baaa!

    It is better than I thought it would be as I expected the worst. The 2nd episode was better than the 1st. I like it now. It will decline to a 3.2 or 3.1 this week. I guess this Monday will set my opinion on it and H5O and Castles prospects for the season.

  • hoki

    HIMYM – 3.7
    Partners – 2.1
    TBG – 3.6
    M & M – 2.9
    Hawaii – 1.6

    DWTS – 2.1
    Castle – 1.9

    Bones – 1.9
    The Mob Doctor – 0.9

    The Voice – 4.1
    Revolution – 2.8

  • Survivor Fan

    HIMYM- 3.6
    Partners- 1.9
    2BG- 3.7
    M&M- 2.9
    H 5-0- 1.6

    DWTS- 2.4
    Castle- 1.9

    Voice- 4.3
    Revolution- 3.5

    Bones- 2.2
    Mob Doc- 1.0

    Cw- 0.1

  • Dan C.

    I think that Revolution is actually a good adventure series, and I think it’ll retain that for the remainder of the season.

    My prediction is that it’ll hit in the low 3’s for the third episode, and that the rating floor for the season will be the mid-2’s. Still very good for NBC, considering now all the other shows are crashing and burning for them (especially their comedies on Wednesday, Thursday, and potentially Friday).

    Tomorrow’s results will tell the tale, and may begin to set up our predictions for the ratings floor for this season. But, as of right now, this is what I believe for now to be what the result might be.

  • matthew

    HIMYM- 3.6
    Partners- 1.8
    2BG- 3.7
    M&M- 2.9
    H 5-0- 2.0

    DWTS- 2.5
    Castle- 2.0

    Voice- 4.3
    Revolution- 3.2

    Bones- 2.3
    Mob Doc- 1.0

    Cw- 0.3

  • ethan



    Mob Doctor…1.2


  • Anthony

    I’d say it will get a 3.2 it had a pretty good hold last week all things considered and it looked even better with the week to week DVR drop (so it shows even though less watched live, they kept up with the show).

  • j

    Shows like this have in the past done well for a few weeks, then after returning from a break viewers apparently decided they didn’t care enough to keep up watching it (like V). So where this is after a break could be a good test of where it’s going.

  • King William

    I’m gonna guess 3.2 and stay fairly steady at that level for the fall.

    love to see the haters on this show, it’s fun knowing that 40 percent are castle and HFO fans that are desperate their shows are in trouble and 59 percent people who are pissed their favorite serialized drama (event, flash forward, V, last resort etc.) wasn’t popular enough to succeed.

  • DW

    im going 2.5 due to bears cowboys and castle wins the hour between the nets.

  • Jon23812

    I think a 3.3

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