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October 1st, 2012

So far, Revolution is the biggest hit of the new television season. It premiered to a huge 4.1 adults 18-49 rating. It held up well in its second week, beating the season premieres of Castle and Hawaii Five-0 head-to h-head with a 3.4 adults 18-49 rating. NBC is touting how well the second episode did in Live +3 ratings. In theory, this could be a strong week for Revolution since interest in its competitors might have peaked with their season premieres and the odds that this week's Monday Night Football Game will be an insane as last week's are very slim. On the other hand, The Event premiered big on NBC  then declined steadily. The question remains: is Revolution the next Once Upon a Time or the next Fast Forward? Take your best guess.


  • thesnowleopard

    @King William
    I’m sure it just has to be haters. It can’t possibly be fans for the show (and the showrunners) jumping the gun, ignoring TV history, ignoring the fact that this is not a fan site, and insisting that the show is practically renewed for the next five seasons. As if anybody’s opinions on here will have the least bearing on the show’s actual fate.

  • hardline_pro

    Hopefully it scores in the 3.0 range. NBC deserves a hit.

  • Emily

    I’m going for 3.2, bit of a dip, but still strong

  • Matt

    I pegged this show as the next FlashForward well before it aired. I’m no expert, but I pegged The Event, Terra Nova, The Finder, and FlashForward as well. (Sigh, FlashForward was a great show though…) I could be wrong! But I see this show steadily declining. Could it get a season 2? Possibly. It’s too early to tell. Season 3? Doubtful. I don’t think the premise holds up. I found the pilot uninteresting.

  • sarah nz


    If it does better or same as last week, maybe I should stop flogging a dead horse and accept that my dislike for the show is clouding my judgement.

  • Frank H.

    What’s the big deal with this show?? It’s a bad knock-off/mishmash of The Event, Flash Forward and Jericho…How original! Besides Giancarlo Esposito’s performance, the rest of cast is terrible. What a let down!

  • Dan S

    I’m going with 3.5 & don’t see it dropping blow 2.9 anytime soon. The show is a success so anyone letting the episodes pile on their DVR might as well catchup, it’s not going anywhere. I’ll be curious to see if H50 improves over last weeks dismal 1.8. If it doesn’t move up I can easily seeing it shuffled to Fri by the new year.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I expect it to go down and to keep going down. However, it may not go down fast.

    It depends on how the writers handle the “conspiracy” aspect of the premise as opposed to the “apocalyptic” or “personal conflict” (between Burke and Lyons characters) aspects of the premise. I think the latter two components are fairly weak while the former could be engrossing if it’s done right.

  • King William


    Having watched a lot of that recent tv history that is being “ignored” I disagree. FF, The Event, suffered from a lot of complexity and some really bad main characters. Terra nova suffered from a case of “Westleycrushermustdie” level kids characters. Serialized scifi dramas like OUAT, Fringe, Grimm etc have succeeded. I agree the main girl in the pilot was weak but her performance in episode two was much better and she brings in a lot of younger viewers that probably are poorly represented on these message boards (certainly not represented by me).

    If the writing doesn’t hold up, sure, it will fade, but right now NBC has the makings of a hit if they can keep it loosely serialized and find that right mix of accessibility and enough questions explained “well enough.”

    Mostly, I wanted to point out that the intense hatred for this show is laughable since it is way too intense for people without a vested interest.

  • J.G.

    2.9, adjusted up to a 3.0 in the finals

  • Meej

    2.9. This will fall week after week until it is doing cable-level numbers.

  • Ashley

    Wow… look @ all the haters…lol…

    It will stabilize around 3.2.

    Love Uncle Miles, Nora, Captain Tom Neville and Grace! :)

  • NCJeff

    @King William

    What vested interest for the haters? It’s not like we’re gonna win some prize for voicing our dislike for the show. If anything, the folks who hate the show are probably the folks who would have been big fans if it had been done well.

  • Jordan

    I like Revoultion and I watch it on demand. But it takes viewers away from my favorite show H50!! Hope 5-0 moves nights!

  • King William


    >it’s not like we’re gonna win some prize for voicing our dislike for the show.

    I guess that’s kind of my point, the show is popular, it may not be for you, but why predict failure so intensely unless you are
    1) trying to protect your own show as the castle/hfo Tuesday morning wars of last season showed
    2) bitter about your fav shows ratings failings (my condolences to anyone in that state)
    3) banking on a string of failure to be able to say “I was right”
    4) trying to get others not to try it for some other reason

    There has been a recent trend on this site to try to tear down shows which are succeeding, it’s as if people actually think their opinions on this site about ratings might actually effect the outcome. Maybe that can be a new fan excuse bingo square:

    “it was cancelled because of the negative reviews in comments under tvbythenumbers posts”

  • The End


    Haters aren’t people with an opinion different to your own buddy. Learn to tell the difference.

  • Hugh


  • thesnowleopard

    @King William
    But the show *isn’t* popular, not yet. It’s well-sampled. There’s a difference. People are currently trying it out because it’s new and heavily promoted. Possibly, they may also like some of the ideas in it. If it continues to get good ratings, that will indicate it’s found an audience and is genuinely popular (at least in the sense that eight or ten million people watch it). But many shows have started out well-sampled and have not caught an audience. In fact, it’s far more likely for a show to fail than for it to survive.

  • KS

    @Richard Steven Hack

    Last time you told me, you don’t enjoy brotherly love on Supernatural. Based on that, I don’t really think, this is the right show for you. Because you are expecting a full-fledged action-packed Sci-Fi show and this show is gonna be based mainly on Human Emotions rather than on Electricity or your conspiracy theories. Haven’t you watched The Walking Dead and Firefly and their top most priority has been the survivors rather than how to end the apocalypse. If people can watch such slow-paced(2nd season) shows like TWD, I am sure they can watch Revolution. Yeah, I do agree that the lead is bad, but I have hopes she can improve and I am confident Eric Kripke would take us on an emotional journey just like he did on Supernatural. This doesn’t mean I want emotions on all the shows. I like lot other shows for other reasons just like Fringe, etc.

    Also, don’t expect this show to be LOST, where entire show is mystery-driven by a bunch of baseless characters. I personally think, LOST has adopted the cheapest way to attract viewers. And how on earth is LOST even a Sci-fi/Fantasy show? Just because there is a ball of smoke running through the island? Revolution is NOT going to be like “what happens next” or mysterious. The story is going to straight forward with a few revelations every week. I remember Kripke telling in an interview that “Revolution” can be caught up any week. It is NOT heavily serialized.

    Believe it or not, there are lot of people in my own family, who feels happy when the power is turned off. They believe that human relations are dwindling and morals are falling because of electricity and communication and they want to live in those good ole’ days, when everything was given by nature.

  • KS


    Why are you comparing a two year old show with a show of 2012, in every comment? Just have a look, how pathetic condition of NBC is. Other than ‘The Voice’ there is not a single sound performer. You may be right in saying, the show will decline rapidly. But I think pathetic state of NBC is going to save this show.

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