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October 1st, 2012

So far, Revolution is the biggest hit of the new television season. It premiered to a huge 4.1 adults 18-49 rating. It held up well in its second week, beating the season premieres of Castle and Hawaii Five-0 head-to h-head with a 3.4 adults 18-49 rating. NBC is touting how well the second episode did in Live +3 ratings. In theory, this could be a strong week for Revolution since interest in its competitors might have peaked with their season premieres and the odds that this week's Monday Night Football Game will be an insane as last week's are very slim. On the other hand, The Event premiered big on NBC  then declined steadily. The question remains: is Revolution the next Once Upon a Time or the next Fast Forward? Take your best guess.


  • Eric_Philly

    I hope it’s the 3.0-3.4 range…

  • ABC hater


  • sarah nz

    Picked Revolution to be 2.8 earlier in the thread

    My other picks are
    Bones – 2.2
    Mob Doctor – 1.1 probably being too kind
    Castle – 2.4
    H50 – 1.9

  • King William

    @ thesnowleopard

    I can respect the difference of well sampled and truly popular. I think I made my main point about seeming over the top dislike and the lengths some have gone to to express it. However I can definitely agree that the jury is out on literally everything new so far this season except maybe TMD and MIJ.

    Cheers and happy viewing.

  • Kerry

    I watched the first two of Revolution and I can’t watch a third. At first I was interested in the premise of the show even though it was stupid and assaulted my sense of reality. Then in the end I realized what turd it really was; lousy acting, crummy editing, and too much of the heroine being an reject from The Hunger Games.

    I predict that Revolution will sink fast.

    On the flip side I was leary of The Last Resort due to some reviews stating how stupid the premise of that show is. I just watched the pilot and it was intense, engaging and did not insult my sensibilities (well not too much). The Last Resort will hold a place on my DVR but Revolution is gone.

  • Californiadgd

    The Voice – 4.2
    Revolution – 2.8/2.9

    Dancing with the Stars – 2.4
    Castle – 2.1

    Bones – 2.1
    The Mob Doctor – 1.1

    How I Met Your Mother – 3.5
    Partners – 2.1
    2 Broke Girls – 3.6
    Mike and Molly – 3.0
    Hawaii Five 0 – 2.0

  • Krandor

    Episode 2 of revolution was not that good and I think is going to be reflected in the ratings this week. I think around 2.8-2.9.

  • Tim

    I really, really, want to like this show. But the formula of “Walk. Argue. Swordfight! Repeat.” is wearing thin. It has one more episode to get interesting, or it’s banished from the DVR.

    At this point, I’m guessing “Fast Forward”.

  • Skeets

    People are probably still going to tune into Revolution this week in the hopes that it’ll get better. I haven’t watched it because its on the same slot as H50 but people I know who have watched it have said that they’re giving it one more chance (most of them are also only watching because of Eric Kripke). The main complaint that I’m hearing is that the main girl just sucks.

  • bk109

    Don’t forget the cringetastic ‘But we’re familyyyyyy’/’Look at me on my high moral horse’ speeches from Charlie that’re going to hurt this show in the long run.The somewhat grating performance by Tracy Spiridakos + some odd statements(more like plotholes)like ‘bullets are rare like diamonds’,when you can make ’em even in a electricity-free environment might indeed turn this otherwise interesting show into this season’s FlashForward

  • Baaa!

    bk109-Thought the same thing about the bullets/guns in the first episode, but the second showed guns are outlawed to all besides the militia.(so of course showing a gun ban will resonate with the NRA crowd)So it explains that logic hole a tad.

  • Tim

    @bk – That’s funny… when he said that last night I was thinking, “Hmmmm, I could swear I saw soldiers making bullets around a fire in one of those Revolutionary War documentaries I’ve seen”. But perhaps this show isn’t aimed at people who watch Revolutionary War documentaries. :-/

    It probably isn’t helping that I’m watching “Revolution” right after “Major Crimes”, a show with well-developed characters, good acting, and reasonably solid plot lines.

  • bk109

    To be honest,if the issue was that guns are simply outlawed to non-militia,then why would the militia itself be armed with Civil War-era weapons,aside from the CO’s and whatnot? Ammo scarcity again shouldn’t be too much of an issue not just because of the insane amount of ordnance stockpiled everywhere,but the simple truth that ammo for modern-day weapons can be manufactured without electricity. Of course,that’d be more manpower intensive,but with free labour (aka the penal gangs they’ve got going in the Republic) that’d hardly be an issue. Of course,such post-blackout ammo would be less effective(and will require more weapon maintenance due to a higher rate of fowling the barrel),but it’ll still be more than enough to kill.
    IMHO,the writers just thought it’d be cooler to get the weekly swordfight and the occasional musket volley than see people shooting each other with Glocks or AK’s ;)

  • Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?

    The next Terra Nova.

    Has promise but the problem is shows of this type do poorly on broadcast networks. They do better on networks like TNT, AMC, USA, SYFY (well not so much any more as SYFY has morped in the paranormal unscripted silly network with people running around playing Ghostbuster only without the cool plasma guns and ghost traps).

    The key issue, as it was with Terra Nova, Alcatraz, Fast Forward, The Event is cost vs revenues. Fringe only stayed alive for 5 years because they moved production to Canada years ago and stuck with a small core cast –

  • Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?

    Prediction 3.1 Declining to 2.5 by November.

  • Samunto

    In the overnight household ratings, Revolution dropped again by 14% from last week to average 5.4/9. It needs to settle now! I bet it’ll average around a 3-3.1 in the demo.

  • Tim

    @bk: I guess we’ll have to accept the immortal words of “The Big Chill”:

    “Sometimes, you just have to let art flow over you.” :-P

  • bk109 cont’d

    @Tim – well,to be honest the stuff you saw being made was probably black gunpowder the minnie ball-projectiles,but the same principles still stand with more modern weapons. The only difference is that instead of ^ people can make cordite or another form of smokeless powder,which has in fact been mass-produced in a pre-electrical industrial society (ie the british .303 round). Again,this leads me to think that the muskets are there because they look cool and not because the technology and know-how isn’t there.

  • mike

    1.5-2.0 terrible

  • Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?

    The point about weapons is a good one. There are huge volumes of ammo around and even when it would run now – the empty shells could be reloaded and new bullets made. Even civilians in the US have stockpiled such equipment and supplies for reloading. Not counting the massive amounts in civilian hands.

    Every time there is a mass shooting like Colorado and politicians start talking more gun control – sales of guns, ammo and accessories soars. I wonder if politicians own large amounts of stock or other financial interests in gun and ammo companies? LOL.

    The idea, like in The Postman, that some two bit militias would be the dominant force rather than military based feudal lords is not realistic. In revolution – there is a total absence of the regular military and their weaponry – other than the militia dragging a helicopter thru the woods. If this really happened martial law would be declared and military dictators would be the dominant forces and militias would be the resistance.

    On the bright sie, I guess nobody has to worry about standing outside in a storm as lightning has presumabl been banished as well. Or does the mystery dampening field only work up to a certain altitutde?

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