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October 1st, 2012

A show's popularity on social media means a lot more to the social media companies than it does to the networks. In fact, social media has little bearing on whether a show gets renewed or canceled. Nonetheless, we are happy to pass on Get Glue's stats about Sunday night television.

via press release:

If GetGlue stats are any indication, you were probably sitting in front of your TV last night. We saw a huge amount of activity across the large number of premieres, with a record-breaking season two opener for ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

In the chart above, total activity accounts for all GetGlue activities, including check-ins, comments, likes, and more. The percentage change marks growth from last season’s premiere.

Once Upon a Time

ABC was the night’s big winner with three huge premieres. After Forbes documented the show’s domination in its first season, GetGlue chart topper Once Upon a Time had a fairy-tale victory with almost 94,000 activities yesterday according to Trendrr.tv. This is a 30% jump over the first season finale’s stats and more than three times its season one premiere numbers. In just the hours surrounding its 8/7c air time, the show got more than 86,000 in activity, a GetGlue record for a broadcast premiere!


At 9/8c, juicy drama Revenge also had you talking with more than 50,000 activities on GetGlue, and it didn’t lose any steam in its move from Wednesday night to Sunday night between seasons. It had 50% more activity than its May finale and almost five times what we saw for its series premiere a year ago. Spooky newcomer 666 Park Avenue also scared up 48,000 check-ins, comments, and more.


After racking up multiple wins at the Emmys last week, Showtime also reigned over the cable world yesterday. Dexter was tops with almost 71,000 activities with GetGlue users excited for the season seven premiere and tuning in to see what would happen after Deb’s dramatic discovery. This represents a huge bump from its season six premiere, bringing in more than three times the activity.


Meanwhile, Emmy-winning drama Homeland started its sophomore season off strong with 35,000 activities, bringing in huge year-over-year growth with four times the numbers of its season one premiere. The buzz continues to build. Are you watching yet?


It wasn’t all serious fare racking up the numbers on GetGlue last night. FOX’s slate of Animation Domination premieres had you checking-in and chatting (and quoting the lines that had you laughing). The Simpsons gathered over 34,000 check-ins, comments, etc. on their return trip to NYC, and Family Guy wasn’t far behind with almost 31,000 in GetGlue activity. These numbers are six times what the shows saw for their premieres last year. American Dad had 22,000 activities yesterday, while Bob’s Burgers stacked up 18,000 in check-ins and more.

What shows did you watch last night? What remaining premieres have you counting down to air time? Be sure to like GetGlue on Facebook and follow GetGlue on Twitter for all our big news.

  • James

    Get Glue sucks now. But at least the old site is still up with more check in options.

  • EatMorePez

    And when 666 Park Avenue get canceled, fans will complain, “But 48,385 people checked in for the premiere on Get Glue. That’s more than Homeland and the Simpsons. How could ABC cancel it!”

  • César

    Get Glue sucks now. But at least the old site is still up with more check in options. (2)

  • ABCFanatic2012

    Yeah ABC!

  • Demonstrable

    @James Use o.getglue.com

  • GeekinTexas

    GetGlue is *not* any indication. 30 minutes after the new shows started airing, their servers were throwing 501 errors and puking all over themselves.

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