ABC's 'Last Resort' Leapfrogs Over Fox's 'X Factor' Thursday to Lead in Early DVR Playback

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October 2nd, 2012

via press release:

With the release of Live + 3 Day program ratings for Thursday, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy picked up an additional 1.3 Adult 18-49 rating points in its first 3 days of DVR playback, growing to a 5.7 rating in the L+3 data from a 4.4 rating in the initially reported L+SD data. The ABC drama solidified its rank as TV’s #1 drama of premiere week.


  • · From the Live + Same Day Program Ratings to the Live + 3 Day Program Ratings, the series debut of ABC’s Last Resort gained 2.2 million viewers to move ahead of FOX’s The X Factor-Thursday by a margin of 6% head-to-head in the 8pm hour (11.5 million vs. 10.9 million). Initially in the Live + Same Day statistics, Last Resort ran in a near tie with the Fox series, trailing by less than 100k Total Viewers. Among Adults 18-49, the new ABC drama shot up 35% in the L+3 numbers, climbing from a 2.2 to a 3.0 (+0.7 rating points).


  • · Based on Nielsen’s L+3 playback data, ABC’s Scandal added on 35% to its originally reported L+SD number, soaring from a 2.1 rating to a 2.8 rating.


  • · In Total Viewers during the first 4 days of available DVR playback, each of ABC’s dramas tacked on at least 2.0 million viewers from their initially reported totals: Grey’s Anatomy (2.7 million), Castle (2.5 million), Last Resort (2.2 million), Scandal (2.1 million) and Private Practice (2.0 million).


  • Cass rowlwland

    Llast resort was good

  • Lisa

    Last Resort had me on the edge of my seat!! I’m recording all!!

  • Tyson

    Great, so Last Resort attracts people who skip past commercials. That data will encourage advertisers to help keep the new show going.

  • John_M

    I watched it last night
    It was good
    It’s got some weak points (seriously – are there remote pacific islands run by warlords WITH NATO outposts in the world?)
    And as much as I love Autumn Reeser – that was a casting mistake – sorry – nebbish museum curator on H50 – yes – slutty defense contractor sleeping with seantors aide to get vote – not so much

    Also – Scott Speedman just needs to learn to talk louder

  • don juan

    So does this significantly help the last resort? I’m unsure how dvr factors in. I sure hope so because I enjoyed the pilot episode

  • Max Vrany

    PR pandering from ABC. Absolutely meaningless.

  • CJ

    I don’t quite know where it’s going, but Last Resort was actually pretty good. Probably the best I’ve seen so far this season.

  • DW

    i like the positive spin but its meaningless. i do think advertisers and networks need to work this out so these L+ numbers work to a shows advantage.

  • j

    I’m only even slightly impressed if a show gets over a 1.0 from DVR alone. You may leave, Last Resort.

  • halloween

    great, now order a full season

  • ChuckieChk

    Isn’t this one of the shows on the bubble to get cancelled?

  • killthashi

    Uh hello….. Tyson that is the whole reason for having a dvr’ duhhhhh. Oh and great sho lol

  • Johnny G

    I seriously love ABC’s PR releases. Love the network, but they are kings of spin, even though it is so transparent.

  • PreciousCat

    This a good sign for Last Resort … don’t count it out so fast

  • Martin

    I love the show but the ratings are bad for its first episode.

    I slightly agree with the statements about DVR being meaningless by if if continues to get low ratings l+sd it will likely be cancelled but also think they are important in that the potential for a show to grow (in the important l+sd demographic) is shown in what the l+3 ratings are. People might think i’ll watch “a” show instead of “b” live but then end up watching “b” and liking it more so decide to tune in to that instead.

    I’ll admit that doesn’t usually happen but doesn’t disprove my point that it shows the show has potential.

  • Richard

    Good show.mandre braugher is a great actor.

  • Doug

    Remember – these are L+3, so L+7 will be even higher. Not that it matters.

  • Matt H.

    I TiVo’d Last resort and watched it a couple days later. I liked it enough that this week I will be watching it the same night it is broadcast.

  • Doug

    Just another observation – GA will likely be over a 6 when the L+7D is tallied. From its peak, that’s down about from about a 10 back in season 2. Not bad for a 9-year-old show. How has GA been able to retain an audience that Desperate Housewives never could?

  • Rooks

    These numbers only matter since it’s a premiere, and people may have watched it later to see if they liked it enough to watch it at broadcast time. If enough of that happens to stabilize or even raise the live numbers, then good. If not then it doesn’t really help at all.

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