Monday Final Ratings: 'The Voice', 'How I Met Your Mother', 'Dancing With the Stars', '2 Broke Girls' & 'Hawaii Five-0' Adjusted Up; 'iHeartRadio Music Festival' Adjusted Down

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October 2nd, 2012


The Voice, How I Met Your Mother, Dancing With the Stars, 2 Broke Girls  and Hawaii Five-0 were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49, while the iHeartRadio Music Festival was adjusted down a tenth versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, October 1, 2012

Time Net Show 18-49 Rtg/Shr Viewers (millions)
8:00 NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 4.6/12 12.55
CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.3/9 8.17
ABC Dancing With the Stars (8-10PM) 2.1/5 12.38
FOX Bones 2.1/6 6.99
CW IHeartRadio Music Festival (8-10PM) Special 0.6/1 1.21
8:30 CBS Partners 2.1/5 5.76
9:00 CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.5/8 9.22
FOX The Mob Doctor 1.0/2 3.46
9:30 CBS Mike & Molly 2.9/7 8.52
10:00 NBC Revolution 3.2/8 8.32
CBS Hawaii Five-0 2.0/5 7.95
ABC Castle 1.9/5 10.35

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  • omabin


    I totally agree that DWTS is the Tuesday problem. It has always been. That’s why that night is so problematic because whatever they try there just doesn’t sit right with DWTS and none of that stuff was self starter. I think the results show should be canceled at midseason (I would say immediately but there is nothing to put there without promotion out of nowhere):

    8pm Happy Endings
    8h30: Apartment 23

    New Girl did just fine there last week even oposite to the voice, so i think happy endings would be okay there. At least better than what it would do facing new girl and go on, because, especially in new girl’s case, I think the cross audience will be higher than it will be with the voice. ABC would be smart by doing this.

    9h I say put the results show there for now because, seriously, there is nothing else to put at this moment. At least it will serve as a better lead in for PP at 10. As soon as the cycle ends, which will be by the time PP also ends, put Red Widow here. It won’t likely share much audience with the comedies and it may be able to hold off NCSI La. It’s a gamble, but they have to gamble at this point.

    10h After PP ends its 13 episode run, put Bop back in here. It won’t do brilliantly, but it might be compatible with Red Widow.

    Alternatively, if Red Widow is not a show they feel could do it:

    8h Happy Endings
    8h30 Apartmetn 23
    9h Zero Hour
    10h Scandal

    With Red Widow taking the post Grey’s slot on Thursdays. I think Scandal would flow nicely with Zero Hour, both conspiracy thrillers sort of shows.

    What do you think?

  • silvit


    Last year Castle fans were mocking Body of Proof numbers, rightfully so, because it used to get high 1′-low 2′ in the demo, despite decent (2.5 or so) DWTS lead-in.

    Now that Castle gets this kind of numbers they are good for a 10 pm show? Double standard much?

  • KeithAR2002

    If Castle was getting below a 2.0 last season, with the ratings DWTS was getting last year, then, yes, it’d be bad…. But with DWTS in dire straits this season so far, Castle is doing OK, especially considering the major drops both CBS and ABC are experiencing on the night. If BoP was on with the lead in DWTS provides now, it would be in the mid 1’s I’m afraid. I’m a fan of both BoP and Castle, but this doesn’t bode we’ll for BoP’s return. So, in conclusion, I don’t call it double standard at all…. just like 1 dollar was worth more back in the day, the decline of ratings for all networks make a 2.0 that would look like a disaster last year at this time, suddenly not look too bad when you’re faced with the kind of declines were seeing this season, so far.

  • Stella

    @ Elena

    that’s because old people watch castle, viewers doesn’t matter.

  • methix


    i was relieved it beat castle into second slot , But it is still a worry that they are only pulling 8m viewers per episode they where pulling 10`s and 11`s in there first 2 seasons.

    I just hope revolution keeps dropping in the ratings cause if it can win its slot with low 2`s and keep around 8m+ viewers it should be ok.

  • eridapo


    The might be a possibility — Castle Sundays or Castle Wednesdays. Heck it might do well with Greys as a lead in, but ABC needs that spot to launch something.


    I don’t take this personally. In my prof. life I deal with Stats all the time, and Ratings are one of those things that are stats base and people like to talk about.

    The fact is that from a statistics perspective, you can’t tell if there was an actual drop from week to week because of measurement error. Yet people like you, see a drop of a tenth and you want to write off a whole show.

    One thing I know when looking at statistical process variations is to look at trends and specific causes to explain changes.

    For H50 and Castle, you look at the trend this year and compare it to what it was immediately before. The trend is 3 to 4 weeks. What happen to change the results from previous observations? The premiere of Revolution with a strong Voice as a lead in.

    Once you know what the cause is you see if the trend will hold before making any decisions. Will revolution weaken in time, and if it does do my shows recover. If it does not weaken, you ask can my show do better in another spot or do I have anything better to replace it.

    Jumping on a show when the difference between this week and last is so small makes no sense because all of it could be due to measurement error.

  • Rich

    Revolution keeps moving down, will be canceled before seasons end…..and I like the show, but the characters are too 2d and the girl is just plain annoying!

  • Stella

    Competition doesn’t matter, and the ‘weak lead in’ is a classic fan excuse bingo

    Castle has been dying since last season, it was dropping, it didn’t go under 2.0 but it was still dropping. The only reason it got renewed was for syndication purposes, it will reach 88 episodes this season, so there will be no more reason to keep it around.
    maybe they’ll give it a final 13 eps on a friday, but no more than that.

  • silvit


    How low an established show can go in a year? It seems to me people are reading the numbers just the way they want to make their show look good. It reminds me of last year Community/Fringe comments.

    Castle put the leads together, it’s a show that had a huge lead-in for 3(4?) years and it still relies on it to have good ratings? Yikes.

    All the shows I mentioned should be canceled, because their ratings are laughable (and I like Fringe, especially the female character, a breath of fresh air). As much as I despise Grey’s Anatomy, that show proves that if people like a show, they will watch it no matter its dreadful lead-in (the same is happening for the in my opinion horrid Two Broke Girls, but numbers are numbers).

  • Derick

    Bye, bye Partners!

  • Linda E.

    I’m so glad HF-0 went up.

  • methix

    H50 Had a much stronger lead it last 2 seasons , Now it stuck with mike and molly , which is why H50 is down , if it had a lead in like the voice it would be outperforming revolution. They need top shift there Monday nights back to what it was last season . CBS is dumb.

  • eridapo


    True… The difference betweeen BofP and Castle is that it had no real competition on that night other than unforgettable. Both H50 and Castle finally have some real competition. DTWS, like Castle, benefit from DWTS lead in. Given how weak DWTS is any show following it will tank….

    With stronger competition at 10 PM, I’m betting we will see something similar to Monday and Tuesday on Wednesday. CSI, Nashville, and Chicago Fire will all be up against one another, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all shows were either at a 2 or below.

    For me this is the nature of the 10PM slot. Unless you have a solid comparable lead in (a la Voice and POI), most 10PM shows will be betwen 1.8 or 2.2.

  • eridapo

    Meant to say

    BofP, like Castle isntead of “DTWS, like Castle”

  • eridapo


    I agree… Numbers are numbers.

  • Petar Ivanov

    @eridapo who just said:
    For me this is the nature of the 10PM slot. Unless you have a solid comparable lead in (a la Voice and POI), most 10PM shows will be betwen 1.8 or 2.2.

    I agree. TM from sunday confirm your words. Agter PoI was ok but after tgw drop a lot. But Elementary is crap so doubt that even PoI will save is. although is with weakest possible competition.

  • Petar Ivanov

    edit: csi was 2.5 and with litle competition last week.

  • Albert

    Good for the voice. Number 1 in 18-49 and total viewers

  • Remo

    woo hooo H50 did not drop, adjusted up and is up from last week! Still not great ratings, but better. And a great ep!

  • Ultima

    RVN rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    NBC are BIG winner!!!
    I think that ONLY NBC take gamble and risk with some new shows not name cops, legal or soapy. They still have even dracula and pirates some kind of shows. Also Hannibal. That is why they are winning. All other networks are afraid for taking these gambels. CBS even in friday go with legal drama come on.

    You’ve posted this several times already. What happened to Person of Interest being the next NCIS?

    Do you even watch any of these shows or do you just enjoy rooting for whatever you think the next big hit will be?

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