Updated: Which New Fall Broadcast TV Show Will Get The NEXT Full Season Order? (Poll)

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October 2nd, 2012

Update October 8 : The Mindy Project ranked third among those polled, far behind a couple of CBS shows, and Ben & Kate was even further behind, nonetheless...

With today's news that NBC has ordered full seasons of rookie's Revolution, Go On and The New Normal, our "who'll be the first to a full season" poll has come to an end (with very good results I might add), and it's time for another!

Which new Fall broadcast TV show will get the NEXT order for a full season?

For the uninitiated, rookie shows are usually given an order for 13 episodes as an initial commitment, and after a certain level of early success, are typically given an order for an additional 9 episodes to complete a "full" season of 22 episodes (although slight variations from the magic 22 are not uncommon).

These orders typically happen anytime from the start of the broadcast season until about Thanksgiving, but could conceivably go even later than that, for shows that don't premiere next week. The busiest period for these announcements is typically mid to late October.

What's your NEXT guess for this season?

While this poll allows just one answer per person, feel free to expand your choices in the comments.

  • Cat

    Why wasn’t Revolution an option…. with the numbers they have been getting I would have picked that show.

  • Cat

    OOPS….never mind. Guess I need to read the whole message

  • Sebastian

    I voted Elementary, it’s just the obvious one.

    Some of the shows that I do think that have potential (namely Arrow and Chicago Fire), but without hard numbers on the table to see how they are actually received it’d be more than bold to make a call like that.

    Vegas maybe, but thats more “on the bubble” than a winner really.

  • ron


  • Jan

    I would have thought Revolution, but it wasn’t on the list.

  • MZR786

    Just wanted to say: Hope everyones had a chance to watch Last Resort, the show is awesome(despite ratings). Everyone should watch atleast the pilot!! Was gonna say revolution too, but Thats already been picked up! :D

  • Tim

    If The Neighbors pulls what it did last week (not sure of the rating, but 9.28 prelim viewers) it will probably be picked up for a full season. Hey, ABC is already calling it a ‘break out whit’s in its commercials. Or something like that.

    As for the others, Elementary, and possibly Last Resort.

  • Tim

    I meant ‘break out hit’ that annoying autocorrect.

  • simsalabim

    Vegas, please!

  • v

    CBS is slow with renewals.
    I’d guess Mindy, since FOX needs the comedy block to work.

  • elmississip

    The biggest disappointment this season, numbers-wise, is Animal Practice. It’s a solid and funny show. The pilot sucked, but since then it’s been great. Too bad the numbers aren’t reflecting that. Be interesting to see if NBC will be willing to let viewers come to it, or cancel it too soon…

  • chris

    I am so happy that unforgettable is coming back next summer…love Poppy MOntgomery…wish they would bring back Without a Trace. Still can’t believe that CSI Miami was cancelled & CSI New York is still on the air. CSI Miami was the best of the 3 Ted Danson is not a good replacement and I have never bought Gary Sinise in this roll…his lines are so unnatural. I wish CBS would bring back a number of shows cancelled in recent years and get rid of all of their reality shows. Bring back Crossing Jordan,Turks (w/William Devane), Judging Amy, Shark and so many more…give me a good drama with people who can actually act or a good comedy…get rid of the reality shows…the only ones worth watching are the Singing, Dancing & Biggest Loser because it actually helps to change peoples lives. Survivor, Big Brother, The Bachelor are all rediculous.

  • Brian

    I’ve got some money on Vegas. Elementary wouldn’t surprise me either though.

  • Josh

    I wish it was The Mob Doctor… but from the ratings, i’ll be lucky to get 2 more episodes.

    Elementary is a probably the best bet at this stage. If it continues to be a steady ratings performer, it could be the new POI.

  • Matthew

    I hope 666 and Last Resort are picked up.I finally got around to watching it with my Christian mom last night suffice it to say that was an interesting experience considering she covered her eyes half the time lol Definitely a well written creepy and suspenseful show I hope it lasts but I am also realistic in that regard considering The Gates and Happy Town both were axed Happy Town before it ended and The Gates only made it through 1 season.

    I guess the future will tell and Last Resort is a really gripping show ABC needs a show like that to anchor Thursdays nights period.

  • UMGuy423

    The Neighbors seems to be holding its audience from The Middle. So as long as the Middle does well, The Neighbors will too.

  • Jonniepoodles

    I’m in love with 666 Park Avenue! ABC Rocks when it comes to new dramas. This show is suspenseful, scandalous, vivid, and extraordinary! If you haven’t watched the Pilot I suggest you do!

  • JJF

    I think Elementary. It’s too soon to tell if it’ll erode enough to be cancelled in May, but I don’t see it slipping fast enough for CBS to not give it the full season pickup.

  • TeeVeeViewer

    A pretty lackluster group IMHO, with The Mindy Project, Partners, and Ben and Kate being the worst.

  • Joe

    I think The Mindy Project will get one soon. Its ratings aren’t great but FOX really wants this 2-hour comedy thing to work and they’re probably going to have a little faith in Mindy Kaling.

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