Poll: Will the 'Supernatural' Premiere be Perfect Debate Counterprogramming?

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October 3rd, 2012

Supernatural returns tonight. The CW has made the interesting choice to premiere it while the big four are airing the first Presidential Debate making it the only broadcast counterprogramming. The last time that happened -- when the CW aired America's Next Top Model opposite the Stand Up to Cancer telethon, the network actually won its time period in the fast nationals. While there is, to put it mildly, a lot more interest in the debate, it's not going to be as tough as competing head-to-head with its usual Wednesday night at 9PM adversary,  Modern Family.

Last season, when it aired Friday's at 9PM, Supernatural premiered to a 0.8 adults 18-49 rating on September 23,2011. The season finale on May 19 got a 0.7 in adults 18-49. So how will the brothers fare tonight?

  • KS

    I still wonder why CW has decided not to premiere Arrow on a perfectly good day like this one!!

  • Brittney


    I don’t think anyone cares that much about The CW to go out and get an antenna. I know I don’t.

  • Fake Me Out

    I don’t think this is a fair question without letting us know if there will be someway on screen we can tell the difference between the debates and Supernatural … people may be watching one thinking it’s the other.


  • merraanga

    supernatural isn’t good ‘weasels chewing on my face’ counterprogramming.

  • Barbara Turner

    I am totally disappointed with supernatural season premier airing tonight have some respect an air the show at a different time damn!

  • Tessa

    @Barbara Turner

    Why should we in Canada and the rest of the world respect your elections and miss our show? Do we ask you to do the same when our federal and provincial elections are happening?

  • Kavyn

    I don’t think it will exceed a 0.9.

  • Katherine

    @ Barbara Turner You’re joking right? Watch the debates if you want to. Some people aren’t interested.

  • KS


    Because Supernatural is an American show.

  • BobbyDazzler9876


    Just a little joke. Expect nothing and if you get more than expected you’re looking good! That’s all.

  • Freyja

    @Barbara Turner

    Seriously? Why would I want to watch a one sided debate, to make the President look good and the media fawn all over him like usual, also the fact that Gary Johnson wasn’t invited is good enough for me to skip it. ;)

    Sorry but I’ll stick with SPN

  • ABC hater


  • Lois

    I am a American in rather skip the election talk because it’s always the same blah blah blah. Here you have one guy that don’t care about 47% of middle class population, and the other giving all our money to the middle east when the poverty level in the U.S has risen.

    I would just like to escape all that that for one hour without hearing the Democrats in Republicans going at it.

  • Josh

    Tough to say 0.8-0.9 maybe.

    I’m voting undecided.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    The question is: which monsters does the public want to see more of? Those on the debate or those on Supernatural? I know which ones will do more damage… :-)

    As for the ratings, as usual, it’s probably pointless to guess. But what the hell… I’ll guess a .7. Show might go up to .8 or higher later once people get used to the new night.

    Since the odds are Romney is done for, it’s possible the debate won’t be as interesting to the public as it might be if the race were closer. In that case, Supernatural might do a .8 or higher.

  • robin

    isn’t TVD premiering on a debate night too

  • Joseph

    Instead of counter-programming, I think Sam should debate Dean in this episode.

  • Professor Doctor Count Victor Von FakeMeOut

    @Richard Steven Hack “The question is: which monsters does the public want to see more of? Those on the debate or those on Supernatural? I know which ones will do more damage…

    Well, it is Hallowe’en season so maybe people want to go with the Über Scary and watch the debates? Who knows, perhaps we’ll have a surprise crossover event and the brothers will charge the stage, fill Mittens mouth with salt and sew it up then drive a stake through his chest cavity … you know, that spot where normal humans have a heart.


  • rob60990


  • Tessa


    From what the spoilers are saying that’s exactly what the first episode is going to be like.

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