Report: 'The Insider' to be Renamed 'omg! NOW'

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October 3rd, 2012

The headline may seem like it comes from The Onion,  but Broadcasting & Cable has learned that Yahoo and CBS digital are in negotiations for deal that would rebrand the entertainment news show  The Insider as omg! NOW after a Yahoo owned gossip site. If the deal goes through, the show would likely be renamed in January, to what would surely be the delight of every late night talk show host.


  • Gamma626

    Uh… what…

  • Androme

    And I’m like “WTF? Now”.

  • iggy

    omg WHY?

  • Fake Me Out

    Like omg, gag me on a spoon

  • kyle

    For a second I thought this was an April Fools joke but realized its October and this is very stupid

  • brandy

    why the face

  • RJ

    That has to be the WORST name I’ve EVER heard. No one would take that show seriously. Yikes.

  • Matt

    thats really dumb

  • Ralph Hahn

    Just thought of an idea for a new game show on basic cable:

    “WTF R U Doing?” It’s a couples show. The more-domesticated member of the twosome (we can’t just use man & woman these days) hears a buzz saw running downstairs and he or she must guess what the more mechanical member of the couple is working on on the tool bench. Then, the mechanical person hears something like a vacuum cleaner upstairs and he/she has to guess what their partner is doing upstairs.

    If Mark Goodson & Bill Todman were still alive, this would be a sure-fire hit and I would be sitting pretty in Fat City. lol

  • Nick

    Is this a joke?

  • CrimTV

    Could you imagine when the voiceover in the commercials said “omg, now!” lol

  • Luke

    Joel McHale, Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas!

  • rob60990

    Isn’t it early for April Fools Day jokes?

  • david

    Now i know why that show airs at 3 AM where i live. They dont want to be taken seriously. Extra must be a slite step up from that.

  • ManiacalZebra

    OMG! I avoid that site like the plague. It looks like the plague has spread!

  • Dan T

    Every segment should start with the anchor saying “OMG!”

  • Kenny

    That would so suit the hosts Kevin Frazier can`t be happier to say that Sarah Jessica Parker bought a coffee and a scone and he seen Tom Cruise..He`s soo happy all the time!!…YUCK!!!

  • DenverDean

    Glad to see TI is about 10 years late on that one…but for soccer moms, I guess that really COOL!

  • Walker

    Is this real? omg…anyway, I actually like the name “The Insider.” It makes it sound cool and trustworthy.
    But seriously, I can imagine every promo being a valley girl yelling “omg! NOW!”

  • Brian

    They at least should have capitalized the “o”.

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