Report: 'The Insider' to be Renamed 'omg! NOW'

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October 3rd, 2012

The headline may seem like it comes from The Onion,  but Broadcasting & Cable has learned that Yahoo and CBS digital are in negotiations for deal that would rebrand the entertainment news show  The Insider as omg! NOW after a Yahoo owned gossip site. If the deal goes through, the show would likely be renamed in January, to what would surely be the delight of every late night talk show host.


  • TVBold

    I’ve got a new slogan for them…

    “The Insider” – soon to be “omg! NOW”: For those who find Entertainment Tonight too intellectually challenging.

    Other considered titles:

    wtf! HUH?
    lmao! WHY
    brb! WHEN
    :):(:P KA-BLINGEY

  • Ben

    The Insider will soon be the Outsider with that new name. Outsider as in off the air because it’s so stupid. This is sure to lauch quite a few internet articles on ‘pick the worst name ever given to a TV show.’

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