'Strike Back' Renewed for Season 3 by Cinemax

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October 3rd, 2012

via press release:

NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2012 – The Emmy®-nominated series STRIKE BACK will return to CINEMAX in 2013 for a third season of ten new episodes, which will shoot in South Africa and Hungary. CINEMAX/HBO will again produce the series with partners Left Bank and Sky, who will air the series in the U.K. Returning for season three will be Left Bank’s Andy Harries as executive producer, series producer Michael Casey and head of production Marigo Kehoe. Sky’s Huw Kennair-Jones will executive produce.

Others returning for season three include director Michael Bassett (“Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”) and writers Simon Burke (“Persuasion”), James Dormer (“MI-5”) and Richard Zajdlic (“EastEnders”). Additional directors and writers will be announced as they are confirmed. Due to plot spoilers in upcoming episodes of season two, the cast of season three will be announced at a later date as well.

Also returning to the drama series for next season are the show’s confidential consultants, who work in the field of counterterrorism. Their expertise is a resource for story, lingo, procedure, accuracy, character development and regional issues, providing a look inside the highly secretive black ops world. They also train the cast in battle tactics, weapons and fighting, as the lead actors do most of their own stunts.

Debuting in 2011, STRIKE BACK was the first collaboration between CINEMAX/HBO and Sky. The first season introduced an unlikely pair of operatives in the stealth counterterrorism unit Section 20: Sgt. Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester), an exceptional British Special Forces (SBS) soldier, and the less-conventional Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton), a former U.S. Delta Force member. In the second season, currently debuting new episodes Fridays at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT) and concluding its run Oct. 12, the team tracks nuclear triggers stolen by a powerful businessman with dangerous geo-political ambitions, while the two lead characters face personal challenges and contend with the pressures of their high-stress work.

In addition to Philip Winchester (“Crusoe,” “Camelot”) and Sullivan Stapleton (“Animal Kingdom,” the upcoming “Gangster Squad,” “300: The Battle for Artemesia”), season two stars of STRIKE BACK include Rhashan Stone (“Episodes”) and Michelle Lukes (“Alexander”). Season two guest stars include Rhona Mitra (“Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”), Charles Dance (HBO’s “Game of Thrones”), Vincent Regan (“Snow White and the Huntsman”), Liam Garrigan (“Pillars of the Earth”) and Shane Taylor (“Band of Brothers”).

The Los Angeles Times said the show “shoots high with plenty of action and thrills and a simmering bromance that’s fun to watch,” while New York’s Daily News hailed STRIKE BACK as “appointment television for the next 10 weeks” and the Washington Post described it as a “stylish and addictive new counterterrorism series.”

Recently nominated for an Emmy® in the category of Outstanding Main Title Design, STRIKE BACK was the first original primetime series on CINEMAX in more than 15 years. The next series to debut will be “Hunted,” launching Oct. 19, starring Golden Globe nominee Melissa George (“In Treatment,” “30 Days of Night”) and created and executive produced by Frank Spotnitz (“The X-Files”), followed in Jan. 2013 by “Banshee,” executive produced by Alan Ball (HBO’s “True Blood”) and Greg Yaitanes (“House”).

For more on the series, please visit facebook.com/cinemax, twitter.com @Cinemax #StrikeBack and youtube.com/Cinemax.

STRIKE BACK is a CINEMAX Presentation in association with British Sky Broadcasting Limited; a Left Bank Pictures Production; executive producers, Andy Harries for Left Bank and Huw Kennair-Jones for Sky; series producer, Michael Casey.

  • Colin


    If you want to see good dramas, networks are completely dead. Fortunately there are other options.

  • Dave

    Brilliant news, love this show

  • Simon


    Technically it’ll be the FOURTH season since it originally aired in the UK first.

  • Matthew Dunn


  • Mon

    Love this awesome show! It’s the only show that always keeps me on the edge of my seat every episode! It’s like my heart would jump out of my chest every time there’s a shooting scene because I want everyone on Section 20 to be safe and returning on season 3 especially Rhona Mitra’s Maj. Dalton. I think it’s safe to say Scott and Stonebridge (great partnership and brotherhood) will also be on season 3 but who knows? I also want Baxter and Richmond back.

  • Jason50

    Best news I’ve had today! Great show! I think Cinemax is going to be the go to network for action series in the future.

  • DonJ1973

    Great news. Cinemax has become a major player now with scripted shows with this, and Hunted and Banshee coming up. Plus there is also The Transporter.

    As long as Philip Winchester, Sullivan Stapleton and Michelle Lukes returns for the next season, I’ll be happy.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Simon – “…will return to CINEMAX in 2013 for a third season…”

    This is the third season on Cinemax. As the press release states.

  • Riff Rafferty

    Can’t wait to see who they blow up this season!

  • Smoke That Sherm-Palladino

    If nothing else, the production values on this show are amazing. Caught a few episodes and they were visually stunning. Good on Cinemax.

  • gary

    Someone explain something to me. I thought there was already a third season called, strike back vengeance

  • Tom

    @ Gary Strike Back Vengeance is the British title for the show’s second season.

  • steve

    @Gary its the one cinemax are currently airing. Technically you are right itll be season 4 but cinemax like to forget the first season.

  • Matthew Dunn

    @r0ckmypants, yes but according to the UK, it is season four

  • ogla sungutay

    great news before closing shop today.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    This is arguably THE best action show on any network anywhere – possibly even better than Nikita (although it’s not really a “spy” show per se.) They certainly blast more squibs off every episode than any other show – possibly any show in TV history! :-)

    The acting is pretty good, too. The two leads are very believable, and the supporting cast are solid British professionals. The guest stars are good actors. Currently the main villain of this season is Charles Dance, who’s also on Game of Thrones.

    The “consultants” they refer to in the press release are doing a great job. The combat scenes are usually believable and intense.

    The one amusing part of the show is Scott’s ability to get laid in the most harrowing of circumstances. :-) The sex scenes are well done, too, and the women are pretty hot (even the women in the intelligence organization portrayed.)

    If you don’t like profanity, however, this is a show to avoid – because the guys use it constantly during the battle scenes and arguments with other characters. It just makes it more realistic, because this is the way military people talk.

  • Enrique

    Excellent news!, this is the best action series (not named Spartacus) on TV.

  • Dom132

    Yeah, for those who don’t know, Sky in the UK broadcast a season starring Richard Armitage. It was then renewed for a second season and Cinemax came on board to help fund it. This was what the US call “Season 1″ and what the UK call “Strike Back: Project Dawn” or “Season 2.” This season airing at the moment is technically season 3 with this announced season, season 4. Since the US haven’t aired the true first season, their numbers are behind.

    But I do urge you to check out the Richard Armitage season. It’s excellent TV.

  • brandojames

    I can’t wait for season 3/4. I have loved every episode I have seen so far. Thank you HBOGo that I’m able to watch this awesome tv show.

  • Atmos

    Best news of the week right here. This season has been amazing – better than last season (which was also awesome), and as good or better than the original season with Armitage. It keeps getting better and better.

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