Syfy Acquires 'Primeval: New World' from Entertainment One; Spin Off to Premiere in 2013

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October 3rd, 2012

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NEW YORK – October 3, 2012 – Syfy has acquired Primeval: New World, the next generation of the hit Primeval, from Entertainment One.

Scheduled to premiere on the Channel in 2013, Primeval: New World joins Syfy’s growing roster of popular original series acquisitions including Lost Girl, Merlin and the upcoming Sinbad.


The 13-episode series will star Niall Matter (Eureka), Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries) and Danny Rahim (Young James Herriot) as a team of animal experts and scientists investigating paranormal events, while battling both prehistoric and futuristic creatures.


Amanda Tapping, who starred in the Syfy series Sanctuary, is on board to direct several episodes.


Said Chris Regina, Senior Vice President, Programming, Syfy: “This fast-paced entertaining and smart series will delight fans of the original program as well as introduce new viewers to this fascinating world.”


“We’re thrilled to be continuing our relationship with Syfy in securing another action drama with the network, said Jon Ferro, Senior Vice President, Program Sales, eOne. “Primeval: New World has a great cast, solid story-telling and state of the art special effects - all the right elements to make it a success that fits right in with Syfy’s stellar line up.”


Based on the original series from Impossible Pictures, Primeval: New World’s creative team is led by Executive Producers Martin Wood (Sanctuary, Stargate: Atlantis) and Gillian Horvath (Sanctuary, Highlander). The spin-off was created by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (Star Trek: Enterprise, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World) and will be written by Gillian Horvath, Peter Hume (Charmed, Flash Gordon), Jon Cooksey (The Collector, The Outer Limits), Sarah Dodd (Flashpoint, Arctic Air), Katherine Collins (Endgame), and Judith and Garfield Reeve-Stevens.


Primeval: New World is produced by Omnifilm Entertainment. Executive producers for Omnifilm are Gabriela Schonbach and Michael Chechik. The series is produced and developed in association with Bell Media, German free-to-air broadcaster ProSieben, and UKTV channel Watch, with the participation of the Canadian Media Fund, The Province of British Columbia Film Incentive BC, The Canadian Film & Video Production Tax Credit Program, and British Columbia Film.


Syfy is a media destination for imagination-based entertainment. With year round acclaimed original series, events, blockbuster movies, classic science fiction and fantasy programming, a dynamic Web site (, and a portfolio of adjacent business (Syfy Ventures), Syfy is a passport to limitless possibilities. Originally launched in 1992 as SCI FI Channel, and currently in more than 98 million homes, Syfy is a network of NBCUniversal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies. (Syfy. Imagine greater.)


About Entertainment One

Entertainment One Ltd. (LSE:ETO) is a leading international entertainment company that specializes in the acquisition, production and distribution of film and television content. The company’s comprehensive network extends around the globe including Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Benelux, France, Germany, Scandinavia, South Africa and South Korea. Through established Entertainment and Distribution divisions, the company provides extensive expertise in film distribution, television and music production, family programming and merchandising and licensing. Its current rights library is exploited across all media formats and includes more than 24,000 film and television titles, 2,700 hours of television programming and 45,000 music tracks.


  • John_M

    I enjoyed the first few series of Primeval, but I felt it lost it’s way, and when all the main characters were replaced over and over I did give it up. The conspiracy idea from the beginning seemed lost halfway through the series into something else.

    A US version most likely won’t be as good

  • ivan

    does anyone know anything about primeval will there be a new season

  • Rocky89

    What a shame that Syfy is gonna ruin yet another Canadian TV show.

  • Anthony

    Great! I was hoping someone would pick this show up so I could see it.

  • Potato


    They aren’t making their own version. They’re airing the version already made.

  • tv#1

    I may check this out. It sounds decent enough, and it is sci-fi so it has that going for it. It depends how many of my new shows that I am watching get cancelled. But if it airs in the summer I will automatically watch it.

  • Wright

    Great!!! I was wondering when they would pick it up. Now I don’t have to search for it online.

  • Tom

    @ Rocky This may be the exception to the junk that typically filters down here from the 51st State. “Primeval:New World” is based on a pretty entertaining British series named “Primeval”. The latter ran for five seasons of about six or seven episodes per season. So, the premise of the show should be solid. What remains to be seen, however, is if the new series will have that dime store quality we’re all familiar with in too many productions from the Great White North.

  • Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?

    Primeval isnt Canadian, its British.

    Canada produces nothing any normal person wants to watch. It may be a good cheap place to film US TV shows but thata about.

    Candaian TV can be summed by possible the worst series ever made THE STARLOST. Its not even Plan 9 From Outer space kind of bad – its just plain gut wrenching. Amazing they got Walter Koenig – Chekov from Star Trek – to do 2 episodes of that blue screen stinker. Years ago I bought and old set of VHS tapes of it to see if it was as awful as I remember. I burned the tapes afterwards and am scarred for life. LOL!

  • Dan

    Canada produces some very good, violent shows. Does anyone remember Wyvern, Carnie, and Sand Serpents? Those were well done. And Sanctuary is a great show!!!! Don’t dis Canada, they make some good stuff. And the Primeval series already has a huge fan base. I think this is how the show survives.

  • Enrique

    I believe the series Flashpoint was made in Canada too. It was a SWAT like TV show that CBS used to show. It was very entertaining.

  • Nick

    Don’t say shows are bad because they come from Canada. Rookie Blue is a good show, and Saving Hope was entertaining, even if I gave up on it.

    When is SyFy going to officially announce they’ve picked up Continuum? It looks great.

    I might check this out. I’ll have to learn more first.

  • Nick


    I believe the series Flashpoint was made in Canada too. It was a SWAT like TV show that CBS used to show. It was very entertaining.

    Flashpoint is still on TV. The broadcast network Ion picked it up and its 5th season premieres Tue, Oct. 16th at 11pm ET

  • DTravel

    Wait, this is a science fiction show. Syfy doesn’t do anything “too science fictiony”. And its not April.

  • Tom

    @ Nick If you’re going to claim that the Canuks have some television production prowess, please come up with something more convincing as an example than Rookie Blue. That show is so awkwardly scripted it’s embarrassing. It’s almost painful to watch.

  • dave

    almost all shows are made in Canada.. Fringe, Stargate (all of them), Eureka, Alpha’s, Warehouse 13, Smallville, Once upon a time, and the list goes on and on…it’s a cheap place to produce shows and still has enough untainted wilderness to provide great backdrops…

  • bartman2589

    While I like the idea of a new Primeval series, I have to say I’m more than just a little concerned with the fact that it’s going to be done by Syfy, lately they have had a reputation for running a series long enough to get a decent following only to turn around and kill the series off! Let’s hope the idiots at Syfy don’t do that with this one, like they’ve done with a number of their other shows that people actually enjoyed!

  • bartman2589

    @Potato, read near the very top of this page where it says “SPIN-OFF OF HIT SERIES SLATED TO PREMIERE IN 2013″, they are not re-airing “the version already made”, this is going to be a “SPIN-OFF” of the original series, much the same way that the Stargate series had several spin-offs. It’s going to feature new characters (as stated in the article), and is likely to be set in a different location too I’d imagine since it’s not being produced by the company that produced the original Primeval series.

  • jessica

    @ Tom
    Americans tend to have this preëmptive hate for anything Canadian. If it sucks then it sucks because it is Canadian. If it is good then it means someone other than Americans did something ‘better’ and that notion is fundamentally anti-American. The ‘dime store quality’ you loathe is something we call not-relying-on-special-effects-to-get-viewers (see CSI Miami) but offering actually realistic and usually interesting stories that don’t have an ending that is obvious by the third minute of the episode. Since this is a scifi show there are special effects but those same people who do/did them for Smallville, Fringe, Once Upon A Time, Sanctuary, and Eureka are the same folk who would be working on this show. Do most Canadians really care what people down there in the 4th territory think about their shows? No.

    @ Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?
    Seriously, you sum up Canadian tv by a show that is 39 years old???? Have you seen what was on US tv 39 years ago? Star Trek looks almost as bad as The Starlost. I will agree that The Starlost is not one of CTV’s better original series but in the nearly 4 decades since then things got a lot better, just like they did in the US. The main difference being US tv went toward 18 year olds while Canadian tv skews more toward the 25-34 year old. The Starlost is for those who love retro cheese.

    @ bartman2589
    I notice this press release is sorely lacking in any actual information so here is some. Primeval New World is a SPACE original series that premieres on 29 October 2012. It will be on Watch in the UK with i think a few days delay. The show was filmed in Vancouver, much like Smallville, Once Upon A Time, Fringe, etc. Unlike all of those the show is actually set in Vancouver. Syfy has not a thing to do with production; Syfy simply bought US basic cable rights to the show. Just like Lost Girl and Merlin Syfy is claiming it is a “Syfy Original Series” when really it is am import. As production on the first season is complete Syfy will indeed be showing “the version already made” when they get around to showing it in 2013. As it isn’t an original production for Syfy like Warehouse 13 and Alphas are there is the chance the show could continue without a US broadcaster if it is popular enough in Canada, UK, Germany, and France (four places it will be shown, all probably before Syfy gets around to it).

  • jessica

    And FYI

    The Starlost was produced by 20th Century-Fox who had failed to get a joint production with BBC but did sell it in first-run syndication to a few dozen NBC stations and to CTV. For the sake of the tax credits offered it was made in Canada but the money wasn’t there to do it as intended and re-writes and creative differences lead to it being a horrible show compared to what it was supposed to be. While it is most often labelled a CTV show it was 20th Century-Fox who insisted upon doing it as it was done rather than investing sufficiently to produce the desired product. Why? In the previous years 20th Century-Fox had taken some pretty big losses and was still trying to break even and doing a show as cheap as possible in Canada seemed like a good idea. The Starlost is a classic “Blame Canada” circumstance.

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