Tuesday Final Ratings: 'NCIS', 'The Voice', & 'Dancing With the Stars' Special Adjusted Up; 'Go On', 'Vegas' & 'Parenthood' Adjusted Down

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October 3rd, 2012

NCIS, The Voice and the Dancing With the Stars clip show were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49  while Go On, Vegas and Parenthood were each adjusted down a tenth versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.


Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS NCIS 3.7/11 18.87
NBC The Voice (Clip Show) 3.0/9 8.48
FOX Raising Hope (Season Premiere) 1.7/5 3.90
ABC Dancing With The Stars (SpecialClip Show) 1.4/4 8.29
CW Hart of Dixie (Season Premiere) 0.7/2 1.53
8:30 FOX Ben and Kate 1.6/5 3.32
9:00 CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 3.1/8 14.91
FOX New Girl 2.8/7 4.99
ABC Dancing With The Stars 2.1/5 12.03
NBC Go On 2.1/6 5.82
CW The Next 0.3/1 0.63
9:30 FOX The Mindy Project 1.9/5 3,68
NBC The New Normal 1.7/5 4.50
10:00 CBS Vegas 2.0/6 12.11
ABC Private Practice 1.6/4 6.01
NBC Parenthood 1.6/5 4.45


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  • RyanCanada

    parenthood is going to ba cancelled

  • SPM

    @ John

    I am over both of those shows getting cancelled as sadly their end ratings justified it. HOD however should have been cancelled aswell and it will be when it falls to 0.5s by 2013.

    1 preview? whatever whatever, casual fans aswell as fans would watch an opening episode of a new season just based on it being a new season. ASnd 0.7 is crap for that.

  • eridapo

    @ Bill Gorman

    I acknowledge that ratings for returning shows on broadcast go down almost every year, but since I been following your site (approx 4 years) the levels at which shows are dropping are higher than normal.

    When I see a general drop at the 10PM slot and when only two shows are above a 3.0 and the rest around a 2.0, I see a problem that is getting worst every year.

    The drop, however, is not just concentrated at the 10PM hour. Outside the Voice, Idol, and a select few shows nothing seems to be resonating at 3.0 or above at any hour.

  • Vance

    eridapo, where are you getting the A25-54 numbers from?

  • rob60990

    HOD did solid for a new night & time.

    If anyone thinks ABC is a hot mess now on Tuesday, wait until those flop comedies join this lineup. Next year they should try multi-cam comedies on this night. LMS was well sampled but the audience didn’t stick. ABC should take advantage of the opportunity.

    I’m completely shocked New Girl was steady vs its premiere. Ben & Kate seems compatible with Raising Hope though both pulled pretty bad ratings.

    Go On is a flop. How much money is NBC paying Matthew Perry for his show to be so lead-in dependent? It tied The Office which is in its final season.

    Bye bye Vegas.

  • Tyler

    Parenthood :(

  • eridapo

    @ Vance

    Should have included a link…(tv media insights. com ).

    The info. is provided by


  • teamo

    If NBC only ordered full season of shows over a 2.0 they’d have nothing to air. Go On and The New Normal are doing well enough to warrant at least a full season order.

  • sam

    I enjoyed Vegas very much last night. I think that it was better than the first episode. Would like to see Dennis Quaid smile a bit more. The constant scowl is getting a little old.

  • Nick

    Wow. A terrible night for all the networks.

    DWTS- It’s cheap. It’s fine as long as it doesn’t go under 2.0
    Private Practice- Dead. Terrible ratings + Quitting lead = no hope.

    NCIS- A freakin’ powerhouse
    NCIS:LA- Still great
    Vegas- Gone by November

    HOD- OK. It survived at .6 last year, and could do it again.
    The Next- It can’t get over 0.3 after HOD and its the finale. Not coming back

    Raising Hope- syndication, remember?
    Ben & Kate- Sorry. Not coming back.
    New Girl- Steady. Nice.
    TMP- Will stick around a full season, but will only be renewed if The Goodwin Games does worse

    Go On- still better than any else
    The New Normal- 1.7 is still good for NBC
    Parenthood- 1 last season for syndication

  • s0303

    nbc should have had the biggest loser on this fall…it did better than what go on/the new normal is doing and didn’t need the voice as a lead in to do it :(

  • halloween

    does not look like the cw deal with netflix will help any of their shows increase ratings

  • Paulo PT

    Only The Voice, New Girl, NCIS and NCIS: LA with good ratings. ABC terrible with a 1.7 average, this is Friday ratings not Tuesday ratings!!!
    Vegas next week below a 2.0 is a fact! The Mentalist was the best option!
    Yellow light for Go On!

  • Jared

    NBC is just a mess..without The Voice lead in which they seem to use ANY chance they can NOBODY would be watching the network period. Its all good for now..since The Voice is still popular..but by NBC overexposing it to death..that show will be burnt out by next Fall and won’t be able to be used as a crutch.

    Put Go On or ANY other sitcom without The Voice and watch how they fall.

  • POI

    ouch at fox its really down from last year

  • nikki

    i really hope parenthood stays steady or increases.. its a very good show and i hope it gets a 5th season. it deserves it. Most of the cw shows will be terrible and flop with ratings.. none of the new ones look good and all the ones they renewed last year except supernatural and vampire diares is a hit on that network. and even those will dip.. noone likes the cw anymore its a crap network. ive probably said that before. lol

  • POI

    i think the hight thing a show got for fox this year till now is 3. something which is not good and personally they deserve this for canceling many good shows all at once you dont cancel favorite shows and get away with it fox.

  • Freyja

    Surprised HOD held up well, maybe this bodes well for the other shows when they return…

  • David

    How can anyone say what the CW will cancel when you have no idea how their other shows will do this year. 90210 could do worse, Gossip Girl is done, Emily Owens could flop, SPN could do worse, and too many other scenarios. It is an expectation game and if HoD is doing good enough paired with Emily Owens, it will come back because it is a very cheap show so it could beat out other shows with the same rating. None of know anything yet so we have to just wait because TVD and Nikita are pretty much the only shows that are safe.

  • Jared

    HoD NEVER had huge support from The CW..last season it was all about Ringer and Secret Circle. HoD was the last new series to debut in the Fall. That being said and the CWs lack of promotion generally for this show even this season I’d say 0.7 is pretty respectable.

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