TV Fan Excuse Bingo: Now, Make Your Own Card Instantly!

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October 3rd, 2012

With the start of the 2012-13 broadcast television season, so too starts the 2012-13 Fan Excuse Bingo season where our readers can peruse our comments section and play along!

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll in mid-September. The results of that poll are incorporated in the new bingo card above.

However, this season we have an exciting addition. Thanks to commenter Fred (who found a persistent bingo card generator online), you can generate your very own individual bingo card here with all of the suggested options that were in the poll as potential squares.

I think that opens up the possibility of actually playing Fan Excuse Bingo with an overnight post's comments with every player having their own unique card.

Of course, there is the potential for self dealing for the "over enthusiastic" who'll slip in that one comment needed for a BINGO, so I'm interested in how folks might structure such a game. Leave your ideas in the comments.

Get playing!

  • KJ Styles

    LMAO @ Riff Rafferty. Writer Excuse Bingo should be stickied!!

  • KJ Styles

    How bout the one about “If you don’t have a Nielsen box, your viewership is irrelevant”!

  • Sebastian

    Well the issue with “Last Resort” from my point of view isn’t the slot entirely. It’s material for a movie not for a series I think. 2 or 3 hours maybe, but You’ll be hard pressed to run 20, 40 or even a 100 hours with that material.
    Unless you branch out into love soap opera, racial tensions and the already inevitable mob-crew power struggle, with betrayal and some catch22’s.

    All of THAT being done brilliantly by currently well established shows, so they will be hard pressed to find the necessary audience, whether they are stuck on a good or a bad time slot.

  • mitchell from ucla

    It would require a bigger card, but personally I’ve always loved “I did the math with some numbers I guessed at and the network turns a profit of ten dollars on the time slot so it’s against the law for the network to try anything else even though anything else would make more money for them.”

  • iggy

    All these political ads are driving people away from primetime!!!


    Well I’m impressed with all the high tech stuff! Crass commercialism at its best!

  • Trunks2kawaii

    How about ‘Cablevision has WPIX (CW) blocked, so people physically can’t watch live!’

  • Androme

    Three letters: N. B. C.

  • Luis

    I prefer People are stupid. Poor Fringe!

  • sacii

    @Bill Gorman

    “After relative ratings, and potential syndication economics, we’ve seen that nothing else matters very much to the future of a show.”

    Whiners beware, above is the point you consistently miss.

    Thank you Bill, the crux of this site expressed in a single, beautiful sentence!

  • TheBam711

    “It would have done better on a different network.”
    “Fans didn’t send enough peanut butter to the TV executives”

  • The End

    @Riff Rafferty

    I’ve heard the excuse that viewers watch their show online, the whole appealing to a more tech savvy audience.

    And another in regards to lots of people download their show which should count for something.

    And another that their show does well internationally.

    And another that their show was on a poor day/time and that the Nielsen system is outdated.

    Rewording these 4 points to fit in an excuse bingo board would cover Writers/Producers well. Won’t name names.

  • Temis

    It’s true that the excuses don’t matter, but some of these are true and can be instructive in predicting the fate of shows in the future, especially when it comes to shows that are good matches for the network (hurt Last Resort, but will help Arrow for instance) snd in the case of “it’s on Friday,” that’s actually a benefit for a low-rated show.

  • Meej

    “Not everyone, especially young people tend to watch the shows online. I am 19, and it’s been months I switched on my television for any purpose. I depend on internet for almost everything.”

    You are in the minority. And “everyone watches online” doesn’t explain how some shows get great live ratings and others don’t. If no one watches live tv then EVERYTHING will be getting poor ratings. Noting would be doing well.

  • Tessa

    This is Bondoel/Mikey’s card for Nikita right? ;)

  • Justin121

    SO, who wants to play?

    This is way more fun than the Guess tha Ratings game (that gets lost before mid-season).

    TV Fan Excuse Bingo can be played every week!

  • Nadine

    You forgot the new one that cropped up lately: people are too lazy to change the channel.

  • Ray

    This is great. And provides another excuse.

    “Our show lost/won at TVBTN Bingo.”

  • Temis

    Everything is getting poor ratings compared with how it used to be, and yeah, that is because of the internet. A majority of people don’t need to be switching to online viewing to depress the ratings.

  • pal

    There are quite a few cards up there about the internet – and have to say that it’s completely true for me. My TV has become more a monitor for my computer/ps3 lately more than anything. A lot of my peers don’t even have a TV or know that you can watch ota channels for free. Good luck counting me Nielsen.

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