TV Fan Excuse Bingo: Now, Make Your Own Card Instantly!

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October 3rd, 2012

With the start of the 2012-13 broadcast television season, so too starts the 2012-13 Fan Excuse Bingo season where our readers can peruse our comments section and play along!

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll in mid-September. The results of that poll are incorporated in the new bingo card above.

However, this season we have an exciting addition. Thanks to commenter Fred (who found a persistent bingo card generator online), you can generate your very own individual bingo card here with all of the suggested options that were in the poll as potential squares.

I think that opens up the possibility of actually playing Fan Excuse Bingo with an overnight post's comments with every player having their own unique card.

Of course, there is the potential for self dealing for the "over enthusiastic" who'll slip in that one comment needed for a BINGO, so I'm interested in how folks might structure such a game. Leave your ideas in the comments.

Get playing!

  • JakeSnake

    Bill this just looks like another one of you and Robert’s many shameless ways to get page hits (I’ll bite here anyway), but actually the majority of those supposed excuses you listed have some validity in many cases. Yeah shows get canceled all the time and that’s the reality, but really except for the really silly ones [like saying this site killed it, as if this site can even dream of having that much influence ;)] most of those things only qualify as excuses if the show does just genuinely suck and only a very small minority thought it was worthwhile. Actually though more often than not when those “excuses” are used they do apply to shows that probably did deserve better if they were being judged on quality alone, while many that do last really don’t deserve to in terms of quality. Sadly that’s not how the world works.

  • Davis

    I’m missing Bill’s own classic gaffe;
    “-It’s ratings are low because of sports(Sci-Fi)”

    …a myth which later was debunked …hard! ;)

  • Davis

    Also …”Critics love it” …that’s more of a statement, not an excuse. No?

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)


    It is an excuse very often used by those who love cancelled shows.

  • DV

    I’m not using this an excuse, because most shows I like get renewed (except for Awake last year), but the Neilson system is actually outdated.

    I think it’s time to create a system that is up to date with the times.

  • Theoacme

    @Jake Snake – ask Bill Elia about TVBTN’s power, as he did seem to blame TVBTN for causing the decline and cancellation of Harry’s Law

    @DV – we’ve gone around and around on that – and while I do agree with you, the $64 billion question is this: who will pay for a replacement system that the advertisers will like, and the networks can live with, that is more accurate than Nielsen currently is?

  • JakeSnake

    lol well that just sounds like someone needing a scapegoat, which makes me have very little respect for the guy. Believe me this website’s influence is very minimal. I don’t know the exact numbers obviously, but I’d wager no more than a few thousand visit this site frequently, and it’s often a million or two million viewers that stand between renewal and cancellation. Trust me, this website has like never once had much of anything to do with a show’s survival. Yes internet hype may affect things sometimes, but that is created by the fan base, and would continue on with or without this website.

  • lkwdlion

    Hey everyone, have fun with this game..what ever. What flabber-gasts me, now-a-days, is the definition of “HIT” shows how pathetic this industry, & the perception of it has become! When “LAST RESORT” is mentioned the writer explains that it is up against TWO “HITS”! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! As sure as Old Simon has a tight t-shirt over that overrated chest the writer must have something wrapped tightly around his/her brain. When viewers call-out spinners who sell us on these “HITS” then lazy people will work to develope true hits again..its possible. When a show (X-factor) promises 26m & delivers 12m & cant do that this year with Brit..DONT INSULT ME & THE ADVERTISER! FCBTV IS THE PLATFORM, BUT ITS NOT THE THE PROGRAMS TO CARRY IT FORWARD! IF NOT..WHAT COULD IT BE? AS THEY LIKE TO SAY, “STAY TUNED!”

  • Jd

    I really pity anyone who would actually do this to pass time. Anyways, many of those “excuses” are more commonly known as truthful statements. The general viewing public are pretty stupid, as the success of the kardashians, honey boo boo and other programs would suggest.

  • Patrick Gillease

    Bill replied with the following comment back to me when I referenced Fan Excuse Bingo in another post, and I think it’s important for FEB Players to see this comment here from Bill:

    many Fan Excuse Bingo excuses aren’t “wrong” in that they aren’t factually incorrect, they simply are *irrelevant* to the future of individual shows.

    It’s like making the excuse that “Last Resort” is doing poorly because it has 10 letters in the show name. Factually correct as far as you can prove, and yet, irrelevant.

    It’s sad that the ratings and strip syndication potential seem to be the ONLY determining factors that TV networks use when deciding to cancel or renew a show, since some of the FEB excuses are actually correct and should be taken into consideration before a show gets the ax. As the networks continue to lose viewers, hopefully they will realize some of these “excuses” need to be considered. ESPECIALLY that “Nielsen is an antiquated system”!! It certainly is and needs to be replaced to factor in all the other ways viewers watch shows nowadays!!

  • martine

    HAHAHAHHAHA!!! @ “TV By the NUmbers Killed It!”. Oh I think I am getting a side ache.

  • martine

    Well..isn’t there ANY way to monetize recorded and watched later shows? I dunno…product placement? Something? They do try, don’t they??? They better suss it out.

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