BBC America Scores Best Month and Quarter Ever Powered by 'Dr. Who' and 'Copper'

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October 4th, 2012

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First original series COPPER and hit sci-fi series Doctor Who continue to break records for the channel

New York – October 4, 2012 – BBC AMERICA is celebrating its best month and quarter ever - fueled by the continued success of Supernatural Saturday series Doctor Who and the channel’s first original scripted series COPPER. The channel earned its highest ratings ever in total viewers for September and the third quarter 2012 in both prime and total day. BBC AMERICA also earned its highest ratings ever in A25-54 for September and the third quarter 2012 in prime.*


Perry Simon, General Manager, Channels, BBC Worldwide America commented: “COPPER is on track to be our highest-rated drama ever as it heads into an explosive season finale later this month, while television’s longest running sci-fi series, Doctor Who, continues to set ratings records as we prepare for an epic 50th Anniversary Doctor Who celebration next year. All in all, it's a great time at BBC AMERICA."


The Doctor Who season 7 premiere is BBC AMERICA’s highest rated telecast ever, delivering 2.470 million viewers and 1.48 rating/1.250 million A25-54 in Live+7, ranking #1 in cable in the time period on September 1.** The previous record in total audience was set two weeks earlier by COPPER’s series premiere on August 19, delivering 1.805 million viewers in Live+7. COPPER’s debut was BBC AMERICA’s best series premiere ever. The Doctor Who season premiere marks the first time a BBC AMERICA telecast has delivered over two million viewers. As previously announced, Doctor Who’s season premiere and COPPER’s third episode delivered BBC AMERICA its highest-rated weekend ever.


Note :

* Live+SD. Prime (8:00-11:00pm) Total Day (6:00am-6:00pm)

** Live+7. Rank = Doctor Who premiere 9/1/12 9:00pm ET. Rank vs. ad-supported English language cable, excluding sports.

Source: Nielsen Media Research

  • coolioni

    That is wonderful to see Dr. Who doing so well in the USA. It is doing so much better ever since it changed from the SYFY networtk over to BBC America. What a difference good advertising makes. Over on SyFy I am pretty sure the show usually got under 1 million views.
    So great job BBC !

    I would love to see all 5 episodes viewer figures. They post them the day after it airs on Saturday over in England. The premier over there got around 8.5 million Live +7 and has goteen between 7.5 and 8.5 all season so far.

  • Jason

    So renew Copper already?

  • Bjm

    Both are excellent shows. I’m glad to see them doing so well.

  • Oneeye

    I really like copper!

  • M. Daly

    I love COPPER and I can’t wait for them to announce it’s renewal. And I’m even becoming a fan of Dr. Who so it’s a win/win for me as a viewer. I can’t wait to see what happens in Season 2 of Copper as Season 1 was fantastic. The acting was superb, costumes were fantastic, and the story lines were outrageous good.

  • Sun_ni_day

    Seriously, very happy about the ratings and overall success of the project, which is, U gotta admit, unquestionably well deserved, with all the hard work these wonderful people had put into this amazing show!

  • smartypants

    UGh! Doctor who is a joke compared to the wonderful stories from the 70’s. The stories this last season were as predictable as ever. I found myself laughing more and more at them. Dalek story was insane and filled with errors which REAL FANS do care about. Real fans do not bury their heads in their lower extremity and pretend nothing is wrong. That is NOT a fan, that is a mindless sheep who allows themselves to be led by the nose.
    Dinosaurs on a spaceship was better then the name would suggest but the rest were nothing but a waste of film. And before anyone starts babbling about how wonderful the ratings are, they used to be over 4 million on PBS. so the ratings are still about half of what they used to be.
    The characters are little more then cartoon characters. and the river song character is a psychotic freak! She still thinks they’re married? The woman is insane. And she is no time lord.
    I will definitely skip the so-called 50th anniversary since 80% of it will really be a tribute to Steven Moffat FROM Steven Moffat! The man is out of control and his fans are only too happy to let him get away with any garbage on the show. Makes me wonder if these comments are really from fans or from employees of Doctor Who. lol

  • Jaxon

    Copper is the best new show on television for the season! I cannot wait for season 2!

  • petitepixie61

    I have watched Copper from the beginning and absolutely LOVE it! It’s a great show, and personally, I think Tom Weston Jones ought to be next year’s Sexiest Man Alive!!

  • ocan

    Copper… a show that I tried VERY HARD to like. But found the “storytelling” quality lacking, and finally gave up.

    However, I love the sophisticated THE HOUR… and cannot recommend it highly enough…. THE HOUR is HBO-Showtime quality with wonderful actors we have seen on on top-notch Brit shows before…. Watched all episodes of THE HOUR on-demand in a few days… and am looking forward to their upcoming year.

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