Poll: Which Yet-to-Premiere Show Will Save the Season?

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October 4th, 2012

Let's face facts. It was a dismal premiere week for the broadcast networks, with numerous highly promoted new shows flopping. The Cancellation Bear is the only mammal who is happy with the new fall line up. But all is not lost. There are plenty of new shows that have yet to premiere. One of them could be a breakout, game changing hit. One of them could be the show that *cue dramatic music* saves network television. Take your best guess in the poll, then explain your reasoning in the comments.


  • danny94

    Have High hopes for arrow, i think it will premire high(for cw standards) Hoping nashville does well, having a modern family lead in should give it a leg up.

  • Dan

    Zero Hour!

  • Chris

    @ Kissan

    It appears all three are on there. Chicago Fire is also on Amazon.

  • Jason50

    I didn’t see the pilot for Emily Owens but it’s not my kind of show so I won’t comment on it. The other CW pilots including Cult are not very good. Arrow was average at best but looks to have the most potential and will probably get good ratings due to promotion. I don’t think that it’s the savior of the CW network. Cult was the worst pilot drama of anything this season and Beauty and the Beast is not much better. I’m expecting Secret Circle fans to riot on here the day after B&B premires. Of the other shows I think Nashville maybe looks the strongest but again not my type of show. The best pilot drama I’ve saw this season IMO is The Following. A risky show to put on broadcast TV(it looks like it would be perfect for FX,AMC, and a few other cable networks) and may not get good ratings.

  • Steph

    IMO, Nashville will do the best out of all of these… it’s a story a lot of people can relate to in some way, I think.
    Arrow hopefully will do great for the CW. I know I can’t wait to see it!
    I’ve seen Emily Owens on CW online. It’s a solid show, but I’m not sure I’ll watch again.
    I don’t have high hopes for Beauty and the Beast based on the previews and clips, but it could end up coming together quite well (crossing fingers).
    Chicago Hope looks good, but not so different from similar shows they’ve tried the last few seasons. Not sure it will last.

  • Jason50

    @Dan- I have not seen a preview of Zero Hour yet but it sounds really good. Also interested to see Red Widow, Hannibal, and Do No Harm when they come out.

  • HGFM

    “Chicago Hope looks good, but not so different from similar shows they’ve tried the last few seasons. Not sure it will last.”

    A bit of a Freudian slip.
    Chicago Hope was a great show. Chicago Fire is not.

  • Wowza

    Chicago FIre will be a hit. Nashville up in the air…. I hope its a hit ish cast and plot wise personally.
    Reabs show… interesting. Maybe. Maybe…. I like the idea. Smart ABC

    Also, The FOllowing on FOX and Mindy Project are the only two that will be renewed.

  • cimmer

    Arrow, I’m thinking that has a decent chance. The B&B show, well, I was a fan of the original, that’s all I’m going to say.

  • SmG

    Arrow may not save the season but may save CW :)

    Nashville will probably be like Revenge, not really a huge hit but moderately successful…

  • Anthony

    Well I voted for Arrow, because I think relative to the networks average it will be a big hit. I don’t have super high hopes for either Nashville, or Chicago Fire (think they will do okay, but not great). Malibu Country is airing on a Friday so it won’t be “hit” status.

  • were123

    Either Arrow or Nashville. Most of the new shows bombed, with expections of Revolution, Go On (2.2, I know, but this is NBC!) and Guys with Kids (Adding this one, because it got up to 1.8, so it might have some hope). ABC new Sunday line up of OUAT and Revenge works great, but 666 Park Avenue drags it down, not to mention Last Resort on Thursdays (unless it gets up) and Scandal (although last season it was really steady). FOX is the one that’s having most troubles, with Mob Doctor, Ben&Kate and The Mindy Project (though the last one isn’t in such a bad position right now), the only cards they really hold are New Girl and a dying Glee. As for CBS, comedies are good, only Partners is bombing, but some of their dramas are fainting.
    So yeah, every network have their issues, but FOX is the one that has the worst of all, and they are left with no new shows until January!
    The CW might probably be saved by Arrow

  • Tony ^_^

    “Emily Owens M.D.” for the win! Lmao… Kidding. ^^^

  • Kissan

    This is really high expectations, but I think the biggest breakout of the season will be Nashville. It has good promotion on ABC since I think mid-July, really good and interesting promos, and the creator is Callie Khouri, one of the writers of Thelma & Louise. I think it’s very promising, it might do better than Revenge.

  • Dre


  • Malamute Dad

    I plan to watch Chicago Fire to give it a chance. No interest in any of the others

    Am looking forward to The Following

  • SJ

    I can see Nashville doing moderately well, but I can also see it bombing. While Connie Britton has garnered some critical buzz in the past few years, her recent shows – Friday Night Lights and American Horror Story – are beloved with critics but never had blockbuster ratings.

    Arrow should do well for The CW, but it’s hardly the “savior” of broadcast television. :P

    In other words, better luck in Fall 2013…


    Nashville to the rescue!!! Can’t wait for the show

  • HB

    Where’s the NONE option? :P

  • John_M

    and the creator is Callie Khouri, one of the writers of Thelma & Louise.
    She wasn’t ‘one of the writers’ of Thelma and Louise – she was ‘the’ writer – she’s not orci, she doesn’t need kurtzman – she’s a talented writer who also wrote a movie called something to talk about which I loved.

    Great movie writers don’t always translate well to TV (and vice versa) they can’t all be joss whedon or aaron sorkin

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