Poll: Which Yet-to-Premiere Show Will Save the Season?

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October 4th, 2012

Let's face facts. It was a dismal premiere week for the broadcast networks, with numerous highly promoted new shows flopping. The Cancellation Bear is the only mammal who is happy with the new fall line up. But all is not lost. There are plenty of new shows that have yet to premiere. One of them could be a breakout, game changing hit. One of them could be the show that *cue dramatic music* saves network television. Take your best guess in the poll, then explain your reasoning in the comments.


  • Andy W

    I think Nashville may win the poll by default. The premier will follow a double-episode of Modern Family so if the show get’s enough sampling (which based on MF getting a 5.5 in the demo last week) then it could probably be a decent hit.

    However, I think Arrow will be a decent hit for the CW but only by their standards. Not sure if it’ll match The Vampire Diaries premier a few years ago but it should at least maybe hit a 1.5 for the premier which is almost double what most of their shows got last year so that’ll be considered a hit for them.

  • JD

    Nashville has got great word-of-mouth from critics, a couple of pretty major TV stars, and premiers after Modern Family. No-brainer IMO.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I’m not seeing any of these “saving the season”. For me, the return of Nikita in a couple weeks saves the season…

    So far, no new show has impressed me, although I have a minimal hope for Arrow. The problem with Arrow is the basic problem I have with all the “arrow” superheroes (including Hawkeye in The Avengers): they’re bringing a bow to a gun fight…

    Although I have to say Jeremy Renner did a great job. The guy playing Green Arrow is going to have to go some to beat that performance.

  • JD

    @John_M I think you’re confusing ratings with quality. Friday Night Lights was a great, great show – ratings have nothing to do with Britton’s talent, loser.

  • DryedMangoez

    Well Justin Hartley deserves a hit show. But as for game changing I think Nashville has the biggest opportunity to be a breakout hit. For the dark horse, it’s definitely Chicago Fire. It’ll either be a big hit or just go the way of previous NBC attempts Trauma and Mercy. Or maybe even Dick Wolf’s own “Conviction.” And Reba’s awesome, but Malibu Country looks like a poor rip-off of WB “Reba.”

  • steve

    We need an option of none but if had to pick id say the following which isn’t on the poll either

  • Rooks

    Arrow is on he CW, so it’s not saving s***. Th rest of the shows look pretty bad too. Honestly, I’d vote “None of the above.” I think the best hopes for buzz-worthy TV are Last Resort if it gets moved and picks up some steam or Revolution if the writing improves (Maybe Kripke can get Ben Edlund to come over from Supernatural for a few episodes)

  • bob

    Connie britton needs to stop being called reba not even if she was reincarnated as reba would she even be close

  • rob60990

    I always thought Nashville was ABC’s biggest chance for a solid hit this season since it fits with their audience. Arrow may be a hit by CW’s standards. I can see Malibu Country premiering well then falling fast. The rest are unlikely to resonate.

  • Tom

    @ Jason50 “I’m expecting Secret Circle fans to riot on here the day after B&B premieres….”

    That’s my plan. TSC wasn’t exactly Emmy worthy but it and The Vampire Diaries were about as entertaining as the CW got last season. Expecting Kristin Kreuk to successfully front B&B or anything else is akin to expecting the Titanic to resurface. Arrow may grab some attention for a few episodes but, in the end, I think the CW will flop as badly as last season. I wonder if it will simply go under in a season or two.

  • Dean_W

    Arrow = Big hit for the CW (premiere ratings: 1.7)

    Nashville = An Epic fail (premiere ratings: 2.0)

    Chicago Fire = Will do OK but it won’t be a hit (premiere ratings: 1.9)

    Beauty and the Beast = Will be canceled rapidly. The original show failed after three seasons on CBS (premiere ratings: 0.6)

    Emily Owens M.D. = Will have a 0.7 for its premiere but it will fall

    Malibu Coutry = no idea !

  • Bee

    nashville duh. CANNOT WAIT. the pilot is everywhere online now! about to watch. hope it lives up to the hype.

  • Carrrie

    Where is the “None of the Above” option?? ;)

  • Brandon Rowe

    I expect the Following to do pretty well, but I think Nashville is going to do great. It’s gotten a lot of hype this season and you can’t watch ABC for 5 minutes without seeing a preview for it so the advertising has been great.

  • Nevid

    I think Nashville is gonna surprise a lot of people. I am also looking forward to The Following and Do No Harm.

  • Dan S

    I selected Arrow as the most likely to succeed. This should be the CW’s Revolution hit they’ve been looking for. Hopefully it’ll help bolster the numbers for SPN on Wed. I think Nashville will also succeed & premiere to 3.0 but who knows after that. Waiting to see more on The Following & where it’ll be scheduled. I’m thinking Thur would be a good slot & Glee will probably move back to Tues.

  • Bee

    nashville’s pilot is AWESOME. great blend of drama and music and it’s already getting interesting!

  • James

    Arrow 1.3
    Nashville 3.1
    Chicago Fire 1.8
    Beauty & The Beast 0.5
    Emily Owen M.D. 0.7
    Malibu Country 1.3

  • vikrammangat@yahoo.com

    Arrow will probably do about Supernatural ratings, but i don’t see it challenging Vampire Diaries as hit.
    Nashville same thing, solid show like Revenge.

  • Justin121


    2- Arrow

    3- Emily Owens

    4- Goodwin Games

    5- Cult, Following, Red Widow, Zero Hour, Family Tools, How to Live with Your Parents, Friend Me, Golden Boy, Do No Harm, Dracula, Hannibal, Infamous, 1600 Penn., Carrie Diaries.

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