Poll: Which Yet-to-Premiere Show Will Save the Season?

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October 4th, 2012

Let's face facts. It was a dismal premiere week for the broadcast networks, with numerous highly promoted new shows flopping. The Cancellation Bear is the only mammal who is happy with the new fall line up. But all is not lost. There are plenty of new shows that have yet to premiere. One of them could be a breakout, game changing hit. One of them could be the show that *cue dramatic music* saves network television. Take your best guess in the poll, then explain your reasoning in the comments.


  • Ryann

    Arrow will be an instant hit for the cw, cracking a 1.5, big things for arrow me thinks
    Beauty and the Beast will pull a ringer/secretcircle big premire but slowly fall, but i reckon it’ll have a second season
    Nashville premiring in the 11 – 12 mil mark with a 3.5 maybe, and at its lowest a 2.6, 8mil?
    Chicago fire will do okay for NBC but i dont think itll be as strong as revolution
    Emily Owens = cancelled lucky to get 13 episodes i think, just dont really see a spark in it
    Malibu county, not to sure
    I voted Arrow by the way

  • FOX.

    FOX’s THE FOLLOWING will be a hit!!!!!!! :D

  • Starship

    I can see Emily Owens pulling a Hart of Dixie, as in surprising everyone with stable ratings that are just about average for the network and getting a second season. Arrow has virtually no competition at 8 pm on Wednesday, seeing as it’s more male-targeted and genre show, so that should get a >1.0 for the premiere. Chicago Fire will flop, Malibu Country is on a Friday so no chance of that setting the rating chart on fire. Nashville will get it’s back 9 order and it’s got some big names, so should be a hit for ABC. At the moment I feel like everyone’s underestimating BATB, it premieres after the Vampire Diaries and is up against the vice-presidential debate, so I can easily see it retaining 100% of the Vampire Diaries demo or doing slightly better for it’s premiere, whether those people will stick with it is a different question altogether.

  • Andrea

    I watched the Pilot of Nasvhille yesterday, and it’s very good. I think it will do well, epsically compared to ABC’s others shows, but I’m not sure a “big hit” is the right term for it. It’s one of those show types that many people don’t like (the singing and all that). But I really liked it.

  • Kissan

    Watched the pilot of Nashville and I LOVED it.

  • melanie

    I think Nashville will be Abc’s new Desperate Housewives.

  • Hooliganxx14

    What Red Widow? Midseason series.

  • Alan

    I really enjoyed the Emily Owens pilot, but I sadly see it getting cancelled on May. I think Arrow will be the next hit for The CW because it hasn’t even started and the social networks talk about it everyday. I don’t know what will happen with Beauty and the Beast, but maybe it will be a hit.

  • Kevin

    Toss up between ARROW and NASHVILLE

  • MoHasanie

    Nashville. ABC has given it toooooo much promotion and a very huge lead in.

  • Bern

    Arrow for The CW and Nashville for ABC (Hopefully to move it to Wed. after they pull the plug on The Neighbors.)

  • the_troubke_with_the_truth

    I’m going with Malibu Country. I think as the season goes on it will maintain its 18-49 ratings better than any of the new comedies. I’m also going out on a limb and predicting at least a 2:5 in that demo for the premiere. I think if abc Is smart they would move it to the slot after modern family and it would be a perfect lead in to Nashville!

  • tv fan 1986

    It’s Nashville all the way! It looks cool to watch!

  • JJA

    Nashville will be a real hit.

    Arrow will be a “hit” by CW standards, and it will probably do well online and overseas too (like Nikita is supposedly doing).

    I saw the pilot for Emily Owens, and I predict it will NOT get a second season (maybe not a back 9).

    I have no idea how Beauty & The Beast will do, but my guess is that it will at least premier respectably.

  • a

    nashville AND arrow seem to be hitss! at least arrow will be like the new vampire diaries on cw most likely, over 3.5 m viewers for the premiere

  • Kris

    I voted Nashville. Not because of Connie Britten, but because of the same Modern Family lead in that was responsible for “Revenge’s” success. Early reviews seem generally positive for Nashville, so I expect the show to do well in the long run as well.

  • Manda

    You need a none of the above with that list.

  • Percysowner

    Well those who voted Arrow seemed to hit it at least for the premier. If keeps in the area of those ratings the CW will have a chance of crawling out of its ratings hole.

  • a p garcia

    I don’t think any one show can save a network, but I like REBA-the real one!

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